What Happened in Salem: Week of February 1st

More murder cover-ups, more rape, and more nauseating Daniel worship — a true week of family-friendly television (if you hate your family and want to make them suffer)!

The “master” from Winterthorne, an academy where Eduardo and John were trained to deliver all their lines in a comically husky whisper, tried to ambush Eduardo in his hotel room, but Eduardo turned the tables and got the best of him. Kate dropped by and was upset that he wouldn’t let her into his room and explain why he was involved in a lame suburban redux of The Bourne Identity. Later, she informed him that she can’t be with another man who keeps secrets, so she welcomed the attention of Deimos, who was quite open about the sexy fact that he was just released from a three-decade prison sentence for murder.

Check out the full recap to find out What Happened in Salem this week.


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12 Comments on “What Happened in Salem: Week of February 1st”

  1. Simon Parris Says:

    Looks like Deimos was a fan of the show while he was inside. He wrote to his favourite actors and they sent him those fan cards with their headshots.

    ps Abigail’s wedding dress was gorgeous and she looked so lovely wearing it

    • mykleraus Says:

      That’s probably what he was really doing lurking around Victor’s living room — picking up the headshots that are framed and placed throughout the house for quick reference whenever someone is hospitalized.

      The fact that we saw Abigail in the dress means this wedding isn’t going to happen, huh?

      • Simon Parris Says:

        Hah! Yes! That is a golden rule about wedding dresses. Unless Theresa designs Abi a brand new dress, or she and Chad elope, the wedding will not happen.
        ps poor effort by Andre in trying to playing Stefano’s kind of music to scare Hope. The most romantic duet from the most romantic opera (La Boheme) hardly screams Super-villain

      • mykleraus Says:

        Hahahahaha. Andre is NO Stefano!

  2. marypickford Says:

    Ha ha at the “sexy” fact that Deimos was just released from 30 years in prison. I too noticed Kate’s “Mmm, tell me more” look when he said that.

    Great summary!

  3. Dylan Says:

    Did JJ finish his police academy studies in one month/two months? This is worse than Belle’s Semester at Sea law degree.

    The show is terrible right now. It’s beyond me how it is possible that the show is so boring even though so many things are happening.

    • mykleraus Says:

      I think it was about two months, so he’s on par with how long medical school in Salem takes.

      I’m finding it really difficult to watch. I’m just bored senseless and everything seems to be flitting by.

  4. ADW Says:

    OK I must be taking crazy pills bc didn’t Chad already propose to Abigail while they were in bed, naked a few weeks ago? Chad just finally bought the very big solitaire rock likely funded with some of the cash he’s been stuffing under the mattress.
    I’m glad Andre removed that bloody maxi pad looking bandage from his mangled face, that was so gross looking 😝

    • mykleraus Says:

      Yeah, they were already engaged. I guess it was a big deal that he got the ring? Who knows. I feel like they’re just having the same conversation over and over now…

      Andre is RIDICULOUS.

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