You Snooze or You Lose

Here’s a selfie I took while trying to get through Tuesday and Wednesday’s episodes.


So much of what’s going on is either unbearably dull, or stupidly flat, or some hellish combination of the two. The dynamics with Jennifer, Eric, and Lucas are interesting, but it struck me as completely moronic that Lucas drew all that attention to Eric the minute the meeting began. Way to earn his trust and let him ease into things! I almost vomited at the advent of DJ Wear, a new line of cheaply made t-shirts bearing Daniel’s likeness (or whatever bollocks this is going to be). Eve’s exit was lazy and terrible — she’s just going to take Claire to New York and never come back? — especially because she didn’t get a goodbye with Theresa and because it was apparent in that final scene between her and Eduardo that they’re tossing away the chance to pursue a really interesting, organic coupling. And Belle, as always, sucks.

Screen Shot 2016-02-03 at 10.41.42 AM

Claire is basically me every time Belle shows up onscreen. Everything she says and does is odious. I did get a brief moment of pleasure out of Philip reminding her that not everything is about her.

I never thought I would say this, but the one consistent bright spot for me is Ava. She’s delightfully deranged, in a way that reminds me of Kristen’s 2012-13 run. I wish the story felt a little… bigger somehow (it’s really isolated to her, Steve, Kayla, and Joey), but I’m enjoying the twists and turns, and in addition to Ava’s lunacy (which Tamara Braun is clearly relishing), it’s been a fun showcase for some character-based material for Steve and Kayla that hasn’t required either to be a total dum-dum.

So there’s that. Hope remains a terrible mother. Ciara remains a not-very-good actress. The reveal of Chase bullying Theo made for approximately two good scenes as they raced to wrap it up. I did appreciate when Chad said to Harold, “[Andre]’s crazy. You know that?” and Harold just nodded and went, “Yes, sir.” Why in the world is this poor guy still hanging around that house of horrors in a suit and tie if they don’t even have the money to pay him? Get out before you get shot, man! Just don’t go spend your free time in the park.

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29 Comments on “You Snooze or You Lose”

  1. Shea Says:

    I enjoyed Wednesday’s show, It’s Monday and Tuesday that were a choppy mess with a re-run of the Ava, Steve and Kayla conflict of 2008 thrown in. I have said from the beginning I hate the Ava storyline but I had been enjoying the scenes until it once again became about Steve and Ava sleeping together to save Kayla. Oh I guess it is a variation in that this time it’s closer to Steve seducing Ava than Ava seducing Steve but it’s still the same conflict from 2008. I understand recycling soap plots but not with the same characters and actors!

    Eve probably got the worst exit I have seen since Don Craig. They could have at least made it clear she is leaving and had her tell her sister goodbye. I have never been a big Kassie De Paiva fan…a lot of that has to do with her inability to disguise her southern accent in emotionally charged scenes. It has always just annoyed me. I also never thought she was a good choice for the role of Eve but it feels like just when they had the character positioned for some compelling story they just cut her loose. It doesn’t make sense.

    I don’t really like Belle but I don’t despise her the way you do…I reserve that level of hatred for Sami. Is your issue a Belle issue or just a general dis like of glittery hoohahs?

    When I watch Ciara on screen she just seems frustrated. Maybe it’s me projecting my frustration but I don’t get a sense that she is scared or that she is angry or whatever…she just seems frustrated. Maybe it’s the clinched jaw thing but it is annoying. She does seem to lighten up and brighten up a tiny bit when she is in scenes with Theo but that is about it. Everything else seems one note. I do like Theo and I think Chase and Claire are going to be fine. Joey is still loosening up and some scenes have definitely been better than others but I think overall he is doing ok.

    • mykleraus Says:

      It seems super-lazy to me that they basically brought Ava back to rehash the 2008 storyline, but somehow, that isn’t killing it for me. Maybe just because it’s the least idiotic thing going on, and at least I understand people’s motivations and how/why we get from Point A to Point B.

      IMO, Belle is one of the worst characters ever to be a lead on this show. Worse than Jordan! I get that Sami was divisive, but at least I understood what she was doing and why. And Sami’s history of feeling like a second-class daughter/love interest was pretty well documented, so I got why she was always such a scheming idiot. (I personally really liked her, though I get why people didn’t — the one time she was too damn much for me was in 2010-11, when they made her into a sniveling Marlena-lite.) I’m not a fan of the Glittery Hoo-hah characters to begin with, but Belle was such a limp noodle post-high school. She had no ambition, she married Philip because Shawn went away for like six weeks, she was actively carrying on an emotional affair with Shawn while married to Philip (which Philip wasn’t forcing her to do!), then she committed to undergoing IVF with Philip even though she didn’t want his kid, and then she finally got with Shawn and turned around on cheated on him with Philip! I just find her relentlessly unsympathetic, and this weird bitchiness this go-round hasn’t helped other than to make me laugh occasionally. She’s SO rude and dismissive to Claire and Marlena, and I have no idea why Shawn or Philip would want her at this point. She isn’t even nice to them. If they would delve into WHY she’s acting this way, I could get into it (and I don’t dislike Martha Madison)… but it’s like they just brought her back, said, “Let’s Sami her up a little!”, and didn’t bother to create any kind of throughline. I still have no idea what she wants besides everyone’s attention and sympathy, without having to commit to them or give anything back.

      I hear you about Ciara. She seems TENSE. I think the rest of the teens are either already decent or have shown marked improvement, but she seems the same as when she began.

      • Shea Says:

        Sami may have been the second-class daughter but so was Kayla and she didn’t turn into a manipulative bitch. The thing I can’t stand about Sami is that she never owned it. She just always envisioned herself as a victim. And then they went and wrote Will the same way…which is why I was glad to see him go. My other issue is more an issue of the writing but I resent the fact that it truly became the Sami show and I was forced to watch her steamroll over other actors in scene after scene. I know my opinions probably aren’t too popular but she made the show un-watchable for me.

        I haven’t seen near as much of Belle on the show so I haven’t had the chance to form much of an opinion. But unless they flesh her out and give us some insight into her behavior she will never be likable.

      • mykleraus Says:

        I hated how they tried to make Will become Sami, Jr., with almost no motivation. It’s interesting to contrast Kayla and Sami, though — I’ve never thought of it that way, but Kayla is a much stronger person who handled that feeling in a much more productive way.

        I don’t think you’re alone in feeling that way about Sami, for sure.

        Belle was absolutely horrifying from about 2003-08. People would literally just stop their own storylines to wonder how Belle would react to things that had NOTHING to do with her. She was the Daniel before Daniel!

      • Shea Says:

        I forgot to mention Sami is also a rapist. Drugging your sister’s boyfriend so that he will sleep with you is rape. If that had not been a part of her early story I might have been more willing to accept a lot of the other character flaws but after that I was done.

      • mykleraus Says:

        I wasn’t watching when she did that, so I’ve always felt oddly removed from it (also because the show treated it with zero weight, as they always do when a man is raped). It’s such a gross plot device. And they really NEVER addressed it.

  2. Robin Says:

    I’m a week behind (due to a 50 wrk week & a 4 yr old grandson) but I absolutely LOVE your blog! Spoilers & All!!! You are absolutely hilarious!

  3. marypickford Says:

    Ha ha, nice Clockwork Orange reference. I admit I have felt like that before watching this show!

    I don’t hate Belle (anymore), but I will start to again if this keeps up. Nothing she is doing right now is remotely sympathetic. She’s being a terrible mom. I kind of like Belle being a bitch, but the show needs to own that by showing us a) why she is being a bitch, and b) have people call her out about it. And please, please no repeat of The Worst Triangle Ever.

    I’m going to miss Eve. Kassie sparked with both A and Wally and I would have loved to see her with either. Her possibly using Claire as a replacement for Paige would have been a lovely organic conflict. So of course they are shipping her off.

    • mykleraus Says:

      That’s my thing with Belle — I was all set to accept her with fresh characterization, but all they’ve changed is to make her bitchy on top of being entitled, rude, and limp. If they delved into the idea that she realizes she married too young and had a child too young, I think I’d be interested. But it seems like she just wants the world to revolve around her without expecting anything from her.

      I’m flabbergasted that they decided to cut Eve loose given all the potential of her interactions since Paige’s death. Huge waste. Did she ever even have a scene with Caroline or Kayla about her history with Kim? They threw us that mini-bone of Shawn commenting that Eve always drove Kim crazy, as if that was supposed to justify Belle’s behavior. “My ex-hooker aunt with a history of severe mental illness can’t get along with her, so you shouldn’t either!”

  4. Dylan Says:

    Ugh, the show is a mess right now. I completely agree, the Ava storyline is the only thing remotely interesting going on right now.

    What on earth was up with Eve’s “exit”? Did they even say where she is going, or is she just going to be in Salem offscreen from now on? Kassie has been great as Eve and I’m sad to see her go, especially since she spent most of her time in that odious JJ/Paige storyline. Now that things are getting interesting with her of course she had to leave. What are they going to do with Eduardo now? Of course Kate is continuing her repetitive behavior of flirting with whatever “bad man” decides to enter Salem this month.

    Nothing seems thought through – characters just keep on entering and mostly leaving (Eric, Eve, Daniel, Will, etc) with (from my perspective) no clear plan of the effect on the show. The re-introduction of Belle has been particularly awful, I can’t stand the character. And they’ve insisted on having both Shawn and Philip obsess over her.

    • mykleraus Says:

      I guess they’re going to say that Eve got some opportunity in New York and decided to stay there. Really sloppy and lazy. It isn’t like they didn’t know she was leaving. I guess we’re lucky they didn’t have her murdered…

      The entire show feels like sleight-of-hand rather than storytelling. They just flash a glimpse of a setup, then someone does something dramatic, then it’s quickly resolved. People come in and out of Salem while hitting a minimum of the necessary beats. The show is overcrowded and yet too slim on story, which is strange.

  5. fluffysmom Says:

    ROTFLMAO at what the hell is Harold doing. Run before you get shot but don’t hang out at the park.

  6. princessgina Says:

    Is anyone expecting Eve to return later this year, but played by Charlotte Ross? (if tptb can cut a deal to get her, which we know they wanted all along.)

    • mykleraus Says:

      There was a time when I expected that, but given how Paige is dead and these writers didn’t have a ton of interest in using KdP’s Eve even in dynamics where she worked well, I doubt they’ll even bother. After all, her name isn’t Hope or Abigail…

  7. ADW Says:

    I had the same reaction to D.J. (Daniel Jonas) Wear *yuck* 😝 A St. Daniel shrine in THS, a wing of the hospital named after him, a company named after him, pieces of his life played out, what’s next??? As if that wasn’t bad enough, Theresa thinking DJ=Disc Jockey had to say something about appealing to people outside the “techno crowd.” First of all, hardly anyone has spun or produced techno in about 20 years AND techno does not denote all facets of electronic music, it’s just one genre.
    I’m wondering who told Belle about Eve’s affair with JJ? Even though I haven’t heard any noticeable difference in Claire’s singing which I find to be marginal at best, Eve was a good vocal coach especially since it seemed Claire was going folk or country route. I feel like I missed something as Eve’s exit was rather quiet. I’m sad to see her go after Eve finally has a real purpose; I’ve enjoyed scenes with Justin, Eduardo, and other grown folks closer to her age. It was funny how Belle was rather jealous of Eve’s and Claire’s relationship.

    • mykleraus Says:

      I was wondering when the news of JJ and Eve’s affair went public. I guess everyone at Paige’s birthday party (R.I.P. that cake) found out, huh? I always sort of felt like most people didn’t know, but clearly they’ve rewritten history so that it came out.

      I think writing out Eve is a huge waste. She could be a valuable player who isn’t related to everyone but has relationships — sort of another Nicole. They blew it almost start-to-finish with KdP’s stint.

  8. underyourwing Says:

    belle was jealous because she’s a shitty mom……but i also thought claire wasn’t as amazing as eve thought, sitting there, moving her head around with this look of freaking awe on her face,,,,,,it’s a kid who needs lessons not the next karen carpenter for god’s sake.

    • mykleraus Says:

      Claire seemed… fine? Like an okay singer. Not like someone Julliard would be scrambling for. Though I guess it fits on a show where sending a couple of Kmart originals down the runway makes you a sensation in the fashion world…

      • ADW Says:

        I think when Claire was cast they were more pre-occupied with a girl who looks like Belle’s mini-me over any other attributes. Claire is as much of a virtuoso as Will was the next Jack London. 😂

      • mykleraus Says:

        Hahahaha. I don’t think she’s a bad singer, by any means, and I actually think she’s a decent actress, but I’m not sure she would make it to the Hollywood round on American Idol, let alone have Julliard chomping at the bit to take her in.

  9. underyourwing Says:

    no shit!! i was gonna say they lowered their standards butt………

  10. fluffysmom Says:

    I’m disappointed that KdP is gone. Eve has been really interesting the last several months since she began interacting with other adults.

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