Basic Blech

So, after 30 years of not having a damn clue who he is, John meets a random old woman who’s supposed to be his biological mother in a single scene shoved into the back half of a Tuesday episode?

Screen Shot 2016-01-20 at 11.56.23 AM

Does Victor know that this woman has apparently taken up residence in his living room?! Because that is the same bay window and the same walls and literally the same sofa. I would’ve bet that she lived in an empty corner of a soundstage, but I’m no expert.

I also assume that the reason this was so anticlimactic is because John will learn that he’s been led astray and this is a decoy of some kind. I couldn’t tell if the woman was shocked that John had been drugged and passed out, or if she was faking or what. I guess we’ll find out, or at least we’ll hear in six weeks that someone sent Marlena a text about it. Given the way time has been moving in Salem, I also expect a reveal that Claire is John’s biological mother, but who the hell knows anymore?

Meanwhile, if you asked me my personal idea of Hell, “a 78-minute video of Daniel Jonas sleeping” would probably be in my top 5.

Screen Shot 2016-01-20 at 10.36.30 AM

Yikes. I actually enjoyed the interplay between Nicole and her personified subconscious, but by the time Imaginary Nicole was screaming, “What Would Daniel Do?”, I wanted to reach through the screen and grab Nicole’s glass of booze.

And if that weren’t enough…

Screen Shot 2016-01-20 at 10.47.37 AM.png

I like Brandon Beemer fine. I think Shawn Douglas has a place in Salem. But if they are actually going forward with round 856 of a Shawn/Belle/Philip triangle, I am gonna march myself down to the hospital and demand that they rip out my heart and donate it to anyone who might need or want it.

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11 Comments on “Basic Blech”

  1. underyourwing Says:

    Y E S yes a thousand times YES.

  2. fluffysmom Says:

    Considering the old lady’s story makes sense and involves absolutely no craziness I doubt a word of it is true. Neither of them seemed excited to meet either.

    Very good point about the video of Daniel sleeping. It looked like it was going to turn into a sex video.

    Philip and Belle even mentioned high school when they were chatting in bed so I suspect the love triangle is inevitable. For a few months anyway until it turns into a quadrangle.

    • mykleraus Says:

      Good point about the lady’s story. Hahaha. Way too rational to be the actual truth!

      I am groaning at all this Belle/Philip stuff. The conversation they had in bed about whether this was the life Belle saw for herself was sort of interesting, and if they’d dig into that, I could engage with her more. But this insta-triangle-redo is NOT interesting to me at all.

    • ADW Says:

      If Nicole and Daniel made a porn, it would be as good as Ipecac to me and it would be called: “GORILLA IN THE MISTy circle.”

      I just can’t with Belle and Phillip. She’s behaving more of a slutty 18 year old sorority girl than a Mother and a lawyer in her 30s and Phillip is milking it.

  3. Shea Says:

    I still just need to see something more from Belle. Right now she seems like a crappy mom and a complete tramp who will fall into bed with anyone…Kate Jr? I know some of her history but that isn’t enough to explain anything about why she is behaving the way she is now. I can’t even imagine what someone who is completely unfamiliar with the character is thinking. Phillip’s character still needs to be developed more too but I get the idea with Deimos around we are going to get some insights into him.

    Let me say that I loved Brandon Beemer’s scene with Claire. We’ll see where it goes from here but so far so good. I’m interested to see what kind of career they have planned for Shawn D. I think when they left he was heading toward being a cop but Belle was supposed to be in nursing school and now she is a lawyer so I guess anything is possible.

    • mykleraus Says:

      That’s my thing with Belle — she’s just SO unlikable. Her behavior toward Claire is really off. And if you’re going to be slutty (and you’re single/allowed to), go for it, but don’t play coy and make men chase you and then be all dismissive with them. I literally don’t understand what she wants or why she’s doing what she’s doing.

      I thought BB played the dad stuff well. I really hope they have non-Belle plans for him. I was expecting him to be a cop, too, but he said something about “school”…

  4. Mo Says:

    Well, we know where John got his bad acting skills from finally! It runs in the family! That old lady going “Oh! Oh!” as her “son” lay dying on her rug was hilarious. Is that the same woman who played Tate’s nanny BTW? She looks like her?

    With Nicole “Misty Circles” Walkers past who knows, maybe that video on her laptop WAS a porno? But only 8 minutes?! If Daniel was involved it was probably the GREATEST HOMEMADE SEX TAPE OF ALL TIME!

    Where is Maxine BTW? Did she decide to end it all when her personal hero Daniel passed away? Did she steal his heart to put in her Daniel shrine and replace Brady’s with a pigs heart? Point is Saint Daniel isn’t going to go away even when he’s gone…

    • mykleraus Says:

      I was thinking the same thing about Maxine. Now that Daniel and Jennifer will never be married, what’s the point in living? That crappy pizza party was the high point of her life!

      That old lady’s “shock” at John’s collapse was killing me. It was almost as bad as when Marlena watches, like, a brutal murder and then gasps, “Oh my!”

  5. ADW Says:

    There was something “off” about that kooky lady and that whole encounter; John walked right into a bear trap.
    Speaking of furry creatures, I rolled my eyes at the home movies of Daniel and was like “seriously you are dead, please get off my screen!” Filming somebody sleeping? That’s not creepy. 😜
    Did you know there is a massive Winter Storm named “Jonas” pummeling the most east coast as we speak? Coincidence?

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