All the Day of Our Lives

Hey, look! It’s January 18th, the day that comes after New Year’s Eve.

Screen Shot 2016-01-19 at 11.43.11 AM

And would you look at that? Hope is making the exact same expression I made when they said it was January 18th!

Look, I don’t expect a laborious documentation of every single day passing in Salem, nor do I want every episode to be its own day so that we stay perfectly lined up with the real world’s calendar. But this is some absolute fuckery. It is the damn day after New Year’s Eve! We’ve basically seen every single one of Hope’s movements since early, early in the morning. Would it have killed them to let a day pass while Hope and Rafe tried to figure out how to play this? Or not state the specific date for her confession? Roman said on Friday that Eric is “getting better every day,” which seems like it would be tough to gauge considering that it hasn’t even been 24 hours since the accident, but this is a whole new level.

And don’t even get me started on how they specified that it’s 10:40 a.m.! The kids have already been to school — and left — today. Abe and Lani went to see a movie! Clearly we are supposed to think it’s another day, but Hope went to Stefano’s early on the morning of New Year’s Day, shot him, called Rafe, went to dispose of the body, discussed strategy with Rafe, and came to the police station. GAHHHHHHHH.

I also thought it was super-weird how Friday’s final act featured three pretty dramatic cliffhangers that weren’t even addressed in Monday’s episode. Will we next see Jennifer lying on the couch, bemoaning that it’s March 7th? Will Kayla be yelling at Ava to release her after three months in captivity? Will Steve be dropping Joey off at Salem U, telling him what a relief it is that Joey got over Ava? All as Hope is arriving home from giving her confession, I presume.

Screen Shot 2016-01-16 at 11.40.38 AM

I’ll stop bitching for a moment — just a moment — to say that I’m (surprisingly) really enjoying all the drama surrounding Ava. You can tell that Tamara Braun is relishing the opportunity to play up the crazy manipulating (as opposed to when she played Taylor and had to attempt to make similarly vile actions likable), and it’s creating a really organic conflict between Steve and Kayla. I appreciate that they aren’t bothering with the false jeopardy of “Will Ava win Steve away from Kayla?” — instead, Ava has hit Steve where she knew it would get him, and both Kayla and Steve know that. I even think James Lastovic is selling Joey’s anguish pretty well. I feel bad for the kid, because I buy that he thinks he loves Ava, even though he has no idea what real love is. And I gasped both when Kayla caught him with Ava and when Ava bopped her with the candlestick. See? I’m enjoying something!

Deimos also has some potential.

Screen Shot 2016-01-19 at 7.32.58 AM.png

I like Vincent Irizarry, and anyone who can get under Victor’s skin could be interesting. I was also pleasantly surprised by the reveal at the end of Monday that Philip is privy to at least some of what Deimos has been up to. I do have to wonder, though: what in the hell did Deimos do to earn thirty years in prison? Gabi kills a man and spends a year behind bars, Hope is picking people off left and right, Marlena and Sami are both still out in society, and yet this guy gets locked up for three decades? He must’ve called Daniel a jerk or something.

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14 Comments on “All the Day of Our Lives”

  1. underyourwing Says:

    oh nay nay!! listening to ol victor telling maggie about this guy was kinda zzzzzzzzzz: he went to prison 30 years ago. he was 20. he stole victors 1st love helena from him, (and they were to be married)…..later helena was found at the bottom of a mountain below a cliff… which i assume his fiance stealing brother had something to do with even tho maggs asked him “Was it suicide?” As of today I am also officially WTFlock over the new and not improved Philip……there is something about this dude that is so off…….. cheers! oh, a belle is a close 2nd to kate for dipping toes into the PDish of Salem…..

    • mykleraus Says:

      I was giving this Philip a chance, but he’s doing the same facial tics and random shouting that he did on One Life To Live. Between him and Belle, those scenes are intolerable.

      Also, Victor’s “first love” was when he was like 50?! His grandson Brady is way older than 30…

      • underyourwing Says:

        am i confusing?? 🙂 i meant this about his so called brother…he said he had been in prison 30 years and he went in when he was 20…..yah?

      • mykleraus Says:

        No, no, I got you. I meant that Victor is at least 25-30 years older than this guy, so he had to be 45-50 when Deimos was 20 for all this to happen. And he already had a grandson by then! Just wonky timelines again.

      • Mo Says:

        I totally agreed with your assessment of Phillip until he took his shirt off today… He’s starting to warm up to me! I wonder if they will hope we forgot he only has 1 leg? All the talk of wearing his socks (plural) makes me think we’re supposed to have forgotten. Or maybe he wears a sock over his prosthetic? Not trying to be insensitive! If they scrapped that entire “War Zone” story I would be happy.

  2. Shea Says:

    I actually haven’t been bothered by the timeline for the last week or so but I was surprised when they gave the date yesterday.

    Like I posted over on Spoiler Free Days, I hate the idea of this Ava storyline but the execution is working and I am somehow enjoying it. Then there is the Hope storyline which I think works in theory but the execution is so horrible that I can hardly start to watch.

    I have suspected that Phillip knew something or was involved in what went down with Bo since he first came back so seeing that he is working with Deimos (or being blackmailed by Deimos or whatever the reality is) was not surprising to me at all.

    I have been so excited about Vincent Irizarry coming to Salem. I just hope they do not waste his talent.

    • mykleraus Says:

      Agreed about both the Ava and Hope stories. It’s weird how much the execution is affecting them. Hope just seems SO deranged that it’s hard to watch, and she’s been acting like this for 3+ weeks, allegedly?

      I’m hoping Irizarry will be a shot in the arm. We need some non-Andre villain energy.

  3. Erin L Says:

    While watching Tuesdays episode I had to stop and think…did I miss an episode? They skipped from Ava hitting her with the candlestick to an episode without a mention of it to Ava standing alone in her hotel. Then I realized…nope just shitty editing.

    And Nicole telling herself WWDD. What would Daniel do? I laughed so hard my husband thought I was insane.

    • Erin L Says:

      Oh and I thought the same thing about the January 18th thing lol

      • Shea Says:

        So Tuesday’s episode was very choppy and disjointed. I felt like they took 2 episodes and cut out a bunch of stuff and just smushed the left over clips back together. I am wondering if they realized the storylines were bad so they went back and reedited a bunch of shows to get them over with faster.

      • mykleraus Says:

        It was really odd. People kept popping up randomly and then disappearing.

    • mykleraus Says:

      I had the same feeling, though I hadn’t thought it through that way. Tuesday’s felt super herky-jerky. John had two random scenes, and one of them was meeting his alleged mother? So weird.

      I burst out laughing at the “WWDD” thing, too. I wanted Nicole to answer, “I don’t know, not wash his hair and then berate someone?!”

      • Shea Says:

        I’ve been trying to stay spoiler free with a lot of the folks over at Spoiler Free Days. But this week I went over to Daytime Royalty to see what others were saying about these episodes and apparently a lot of the spoilers that have been released are getting cut and never making it to air and there are things mentioned in the episode recaps that never made it onscreen. They now have a thread just dedicated to trying to track what has been cut out.

        So apparently on Tuesday there was supposed to be a scene with Steve and John where Steve tells John about Ava and her story about the baby and John tells Steve that he is going to find his mother. That certainly didn’t make it to air but it would explain why Steve was in two scenes about a half hour apart on Thursday. I believe someone said John had another scene that was cut.

        It certainly looks like they went back and re-edited a lot of stuff after releasing the preview and spoiler info. This seems bizarre to me. I say Dena got canned and someone went back to try to minimize the damage.

      • mykleraus Says:

        I’m the same way about trying to avoid spoilers (aside from casting stuff). When I start wanting to read spoilers, it generally means the show feels boring and/or confusing to me. So thanks for the heads-up — I’ll have to check out that thread. It’s become pretty apparent that things are being cut or skipped or something.

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