What Happened in Salem: Week of December 14th

I made a list of all the dumbass, illogical things people in Salem did, and it turned out to be a pretty thorough recap of the week!

Andre, exhibiting the same atrocious resource-management skills he displayed when he built an island replica of Salem to house a bunch of people whose deaths he had faked instead of just killing them in the first place, decided that the most effective way to get info out of Belle regarding where Sami stashed the DiMeras’ money would be to brainwash Chad into wanting to be with Belle so that he could pry her for information. To that end, Andre snuck into Marlena’s office while she had Chad under hypnosis, chloroformed her, stole Chad, showed him a bunch of weird screensaver images to make him hate Abigail and love Belle, and then turned him loose.

For the full rundown of idiocy, check out What Happened in Salem!

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