Another (Brief?) Return

We have word of another former cast member paying a visit to Salem soon…


According to Jason47’s Facebook page, Molly Burnett (Melanie Jonas) will be back onscreen in January. It isn’t clear yet if this is a quick pop-in or a longer-term return, but given the fact that Shawn Christian is exiting, my money is on a visit to be with Maggie and Parker after Daniel bites the big one.

What are the odds that Matthew Ashford’s five-day appearance as Jack Deveraux will be to usher Daniel into Heaven and make sure that God relinquishes his throne to the true Lord?

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4 Comments on “Another (Brief?) Return”

  1. marypickford Says:

    Bite your tongue, LOL.

    I don’t dislike Melanie like some do, but the only pairing I thought worked for her is the one with Nick.

    She’s got a mannered acting style which some find grating, and I can understand why, though it doesn’t bother me. What bugs me more is the whole Daniel/Carly/Maggie forced connection.

    • mykleraus Says:

      I actually really like her, but yeah, I get why her acting style bugs people. I do think that if MB had been introduced as Abigail or Jeannie or Stephanie, people wouldn’t have been nearly as annoyed by her. The writing really played to her tics during her 2014-15 run, which was unfortunate.

      I actually liked the Daniel/Carly/Melanie family unit when they started that. It got ridiculous when they also tied Daniel to Maggie, and what I hated most is that it sort of cheapened what was already a lovely, interesting bond between Maggie and Melanie.

  2. ADW Says:

    I’m assuming she will get be back for Daddy’s FUNeral? I heard Molly Burnett was on CSI and involved in many other projects. She works for some skincare line, Nerium too. I found
    Melanie’s behavior rather cutesy/klutzy, child-like, and annoying like howler monkey. One thing about Melanie I enjoyed about her last tenure was I would laugh about the number that makeup (her eyes looked bruised), hair (rusty birds nest) and wardrobe (country bumpkin meets boho chic) did on her. She looks great in this photo though as her hair and make up were un-phucked.

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