A Pair of Casting Adjustments

You’ll see what I mean behind the cut…


Wally Kurth (Justin Kiriakis) and Judi Evans (Adrienne Johnson Kiriakis) have been taken off-contract, according to this (slightly melodramatic) write-up from About.com.

The pair received the news on Monday, November 30, and were understandably surprised. After all, both actors had only been put back on contract with the soap earlier this year.

I hate to think of not seeing them anymore, because they’ve both been such solid supporting players and wonderful presences since their returns in 2009-10, but I also can’t say I’m surprised. They don’t have a child on the canvas, Adrienne’s breast cancer scare seems to have gone nowhere, and their semi-quadrangle with Eve and Lucas is D-level fodder — though I’m enjoying elements of it a lot. I’m hopeful that they will still be used the same amount (seriously, was their contract guarantee one episode every other week, or what?), or that they’ll have flashes of heavy story and then fade away for periods, as they have over the past few years.

Honestly, this quick reversal makes it seem as though the show never had any plan beyond “Let’s put some vets on contract!” as they were upping Kayla, re-signing Steve and Bo, planning to use Julie, Doug, and Caroline more, etc. I don’t know if the “new” writers were overly ambitious or what, but their show seems very narrowly focused, and I’m starting to miss the sense of community that came with a small main cast and a whole bunch of recurring or supporting characters floating in and out of story.

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8 Comments on “A Pair of Casting Adjustments”

  1. Dan Says:

    I expected this. Higley used Adrienne and Justin effective during Higley 2.0. The build of the break up (offscreen on Adrienne’s part), the onscreen reunion, and the introduction of Sonny was probably the best build of an onscreen family in several years. A close second would be the development of the Devereauxs over the past five years. Adrienne and Justin are strong supporting players as you mentioned and its a shame that so much of their story is being skipped over so we can watch Andre Dimera playing “Driving Miss Daisy” and Hope losing every man she’s ever loved in a 48 hour period. Doug’s lucky he didn’t have a heart attack. Same for Shawn D.

    Anyway, I’m curious to see whether or not they’ll return to recurrring or be written off. I don’t get the sense that Higley is at the wheel much. The show is clearly back to the days of telling A story with only certain stories and playing B and C stories with the rest of the cast. It’s a shame because the show’s success in the last five years has been when they shook up the show’s stale, dead structure.

    I imagine we’ll see Judi and Wally through the summer , but then suddenly they will disappear again. I hate watching this show self destruct.

    • mykleraus Says:

      I suspect they’ll just be used as recurring again. We’ll see Adrienne once a month, and then she’ll randomly be relevant to an arc for two weeks, and then she’ll vanish again (sort of like 2010-2015 Kayla). There are still a lot of rumors that Sonny is being or already has been recast, so that should have some effect on things.

      • Shea Says:

        Is Sonny their youngest son? I was trying to figure out the age of their other sons because I think I would have preferred bringing one of them on instead of bringing Phillip back if the ages could work to put them in the range with Belle and Shawn.

        There are a few other characters out there that could be explored. I often wonder what kind of man Andrew Donovan would be. With the way Eve and Teresa turned out it makes me wonder what Kim and Shane’s son would be like.

      • mykleraus Says:

        Yeah, Sonny’s the youngest. Alexander (Justin’s son with Anjelica Deveraux) could be anywhere from 28-40, depending on how they wanted to play him. He or Andrew would absolutely fit right in with Shawn and Belle.

  2. Jamie Says:

    I’m still wishing for a return of Bonnie. Shelle is back with Claire, Phillip is coming…could a Lockhart be THAT far behind??

    • mykleraus Says:

      Based on who’s playing Philip, I don’t think we’ll see Mimi anytime soon — but I wouldn’t mind her visiting just to bump into Adrienne and have a “You seem familiar…” moment.

      • ADW Says:

        At some point in the next four months or so, we will start seeing material which was filmed after Higley went on an indefinite LOA.

        I’m rather upset that they “tease” is like that with bringing WK and JE back on contract where they are both terribly underutilized; Adrienne is still hardly on and has stupid filler material, who knows what’s up with her and Lucas while Justin is basically Mad Dog, crow eating DA who has some sort of fling with Eve.

        There was a s/l a while back where Justin was impotent bc of Victor so, Adrienne and Justin had a tough time getting pregnant. Meanwhile JJ Bagwood (yes another JJ and a woman) who was Alexander Kirakis’s nanny was impreganted by her married lover and had two twin boys asked Adrienne and Justin to adopt them so they have a good home. Joey (yes another Joey) and Victor Kirakis II are a year or two older than Sonny but, we haven’t been on screen since the early ’90s. Sonny “the miracle baby” who was born off screen soon after Justin and his family relocated to Texas. I agree if they bring back Alex or the twins they can do anything they want with them bc it’s been 20+ years since we’ve seen them.

      • mykleraus Says:

        I really don’t get why they were put on contract if there weren’t any plans. Adrienne’s cancer scare hasn’t been mentioned in like two months, we never see her and Lucas, and outside of being the DA, Justin has been on about once (Thanksgiving) with Eve.

        I think it would be smart to bring on one of their other boys. They could plausibly be anywhere from 25-35 and, in terms of current females, are only related to Abigail (and that isn’t even biologically, but no thanks).

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