What Happened in Salem: Week of Nov. 9th

As the parade of gloom, destruction, and misery continued…

Bo busted in to save Hope from being killed by Aiden. While Hope lay unconscious, Bo and Aiden had a mighty struggled, which claimed several casualties: a coffee table, several hundred vases, and Aiden himself. Hope was rushed to the hospital and was shocked to see Bo, who explained that he had gone off in search of a cure for Caroline’s condition and was then kidnapped; he never intended to leave his family. Hope was released from the hospital the next day and was plagued by the trauma of what had happened to her and the guilt of having not seen past Aiden’s charming exterior. Chase was devastated to learn the circumstances of his father’s death, and for some reason, no one suggested that he talk to any of the other Salem children — most of whom have, at one time or another, learned that their parents were murderers, rapists, and the like.

Read the full recap to find out the rest of What Happened in Salem this week!

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