In Which I Attend a Salem Gala

Like a pair of random extras who showed up for the bicentennial party at the Martin mansion and then apparently had to leave because two egomaniacs decided to turn a town-wide event into their wedding ceremony, my friend Ira and I were fortunate enough to score invites to the Days of Our Lives 50th anniversary party that took place this past Saturday night. Held at the Hollywood Palladium, this was the cast and crew’s celebration, and they really went all-out to make it an incredible evening.

There was a ship theme, which I’m still not entirely clear on the why of, but it was cute, and the staff all had on nautical garb.


I briefly got excited that we were in for some Cruise of Deception craziness, but then I realized I’d forgotten my diaphragm at home, so maybe it was for the best that this was just a normal party.

Go behind the cut for more — if you’re a no-spoiler purist, there will probably be references to upcoming casting news, so consider yourself warned.


The cake was perfect! As was this addition to the dessert table:


I tried one just to be sure they weren’t laced with pot.

They also had all sorts of historical photos and script pages on display, which was a lot of fun.


Also, I’m pretty sure my blazer from TopShop was the same “vintage” jacket that Theresa found and did design work on for Brady to wear to the bicentennial.

It was a giant cocktail party, with buffet tables spread all over the place (and too many open bars, going by the way my head felt the following morning). Later in the night, Ken Corday got onstage to speak, and he introduced the night’s entertainment, which was a concert performed by all sorts of Days stars, past and present. Eventually the whole thing devolved into a dance party; being out there on the dance floor with the actors will go down as one of the most surreal experiences of my life.

Since this was the show’s party and not a fan event, I was pretty conscious of not bothering people, although between the two of us, we’d met enough of the actors previously that we were able to chat with people without coming off as unhinged. (I think.) I wish I had some really juicy gossip to share, but the truth is that it was just a fun night. What really struck me was how much everyone seemed to be enjoying themselves — and one another’s company. Deidre Hall (Marlena Evans) stopped my friend to ask him to take a photo on her phone, of her with Wayne Northrup (Roman Brady #1; Dr. Alex North) and his wife, Lynn Herring (Lisanne Gardner). We talked with the second Jan Spears, Heather Lindell, who was incredibly sweet, and with Christopher Sean (Paul Narita) and Jen Lilley (Theresa Donovan), both of whom Ira had interviewed for Buzzfeed several months ago and were so friendly. We stood in line for the photo booth behind Mary Beth Evans (Kayla Brady), Stephen Nichols (Steve Johnson), and their spouses, and they all looked like they were having a great time together. Casey Moss (JJ Deveraux) and True O’Brien (Paige Larson, RIP) are definitely still dating, and she is really stunning in person. Melissa Reeves (Jennifer Horton) appeared to be wearing the actual dress that she wore to the bicentennial on the show, but she looked great. Honestly, just about everyone looked fantastic, which is… uh, not always the case on the show, as we’ve all seen. What also impressed me was how many long-ago actors showed up and seemed genuinely thrilled to be a part of this. Brody Hutzler (Patrick Lockhart), Matt Cedeno (Brandon Walker), Jaime Lyn Bauer (90s Laura Horton), and many, many others were there. It was actually so sprawling that I saw red carpet photos of a bunch of people whom I never actually saw inside the party.

We met and spoke with Joe Mascolo (Stefano DiMera), and he was the one person I let myself ask for a photo because he’s Stefano DiMera. He was so gracious, and also, Austin Peck (Austin Reed #2) somehow wound up taking this photo for us, and he seems smarter than his character in that he knew how to work an iPhone.


Once the music got going, I allowed myself to take more photos of everyone onstage. The two Brady Blacks (Kyle Lowder and Eric Martsolf) shared a lot of stage time, which sort of made my head explode.


I thought fans of the original “Phloe” would enjoy this one.


Bill Hayes (Doug Williams) and Susan Seaforth Hayes (Julie Williams) were living it up. No way do I believe that man is 90 years old, looking at the way he was moving around onstage. Arianne Zucker (Nicole Walker) was up there to help them out, too — and her hair looked nice (!!!).


Olivia Rose Keegan (who debuts as Claire Brady later this month) got up to sing, and that girl has a voice. Super-impressive. All the new teens seem to be pals, and it was funny seeing Kid Theo and Teen Theo standing next to one another. Philip Kiriakises #2 and #3 (or I guess #3 and #4, if you count the guy who played Philip for like a month in 1999) — Kyle Brandt and John-Paul Lavoisier, who takes on the role in the next few months — were both there, as were both Shawn Douglas Bradys (Jason Cook and Brandon Beemer), and Ashley Benson (who played Abigail Deveraux from 2004-07 and is now on Pretty Little Liars) even came.

There were definitely some notable no-shows, though of course people get busy and have families and outside work and all kinds of things. But it was really striking how many people from the entire 50-year run were in attendance and how happy they were to be there. I might never understand why the party had a vague cruise ship theme, but it was a night that reminded me of how special this show is and, ups and downs aside, how much love has gone into the making of it for half a century.

If you’re interested in a full look at the red carpet arrivals, this video is a pretty thorough summation of everything:

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25 Comments on “In Which I Attend a Salem Gala”

  1. DD Says:

    What a fantastic night!!! I am seething with jealousy but so happy for you!! I’m dying to know which stars look better in person and which were, let’s just say, not as spectacular up close. Either way, I’d kill to rub shoulders with all of them. Thanks for the lovely, detailed account. 🙂

    • mykleraus Says:

      Glad you enjoyed! Honestly, just about everyone looked great. Some of the older ones who haven’t been on TV in a while look more like “normal people,” but still GOOD. It was pretty impressive.

  2. Robbiemac420 Says:

    Thank you so very much for sharing this special night with all of our fellow DOOL fans! Without you, we would just be looking through Soap Digest for the latest news!

  3. underyourwing Says:

    what a fun night! joe rocks! cool pics!! how’d you get in there?? 🙂

    • mykleraus Says:

      By the grace of God. Hahaha. I’ve been to the set to do interviews before, and my friend wrote for Buzzfeed and had worked with the Days PR people, so it was kind of a perfect storm (and some amazing luck).

  4. kathy Says:

    What a great evening!! It is nice to hear that everyone could just enjoy and celebrate such a milestone. Everyone looked great in the pictures. I would love to see Bill, Susan and Suzanne in person.

  5. marypickford Says:

    Awwww, thanks so much for sharing! I’m so jealous, too, but I am going to Day of Days so I’ll console myself with that. 🙂

    I’m so glad that everyone was having a good time and it makes me feel all warm and fuzzy how many people have been a part of this show and love it as much as we do.

    I think you have it backwards – you should say that your blazer is a Theresa Donovan original!

  6. Cyn Says:

    Wow – thanks for sharing your evening with us – it sounds like quite a wonderful evening!

  7. Shea Says:

    It occurred to me while watching some of the videos that this what the show should have done for it’s gala! It would be fun to see some of the musical performances on the show.

    When I saw the nautical theme I immediately thought of Cruise of Deception and was trying to figure out how they could tie all of that together. All I could think was some creepy magician was going to show up and make one of our beloved stars disappear.

    It seems odd that Melissa Reeves was wearing the same dress we just watched her wear for a week on the show. i never saw a red carpet arrival for her so for a bit I wondered if she was even there.

    • mykleraus Says:

      I was expecting some kind of overt Cruise of Deception tie-in. Truly no clue why the party had that theme, though it was cute.

      I think Melissa and her husband showed up a bit later. I didn’t get a good look at the bottom of the dress on the show, but this was definitely the bodice of it, maybe with another skirt. I guess she must’ve loved it (when she wore it for filming six months ago, LOL), or maybe it was hers to begin with. Looking at some of the stuff they’ve put her in over the years, I wouldn’t blame her for bringing her own clothes!

  8. fluffysmom Says:

    It’s so cool that you were able to attend the celebration! Thanks for sharing the photos and the red carpet video.

  9. ADW Says:

    I’m pretty sure Jennifer’s floral skirt at the Bicentennial was once a Laura Ashley duvet cover and her top was part of a costume worn by Tara Lipinski.

    Cruise of Deception was one of my all time favorite storylines.

    Thanks for sharing, that’s so awesome especially seeing the actors who portrayed the same character(s) side by side. You look great btw, love the jacket. 😀

    • mykleraus Says:

      She was wearing the floral skirt at the bicentennial? Then I bet it was the same one from the party. Totally agree on the figure skating dress thing, but she somehow pulled it off!

      And thank you!

  10. Jen27 Says:

    Thank you so much for sharing this! You are a lucky one! I would love to know why Kyle Lowder was wearing jeans and a tank top by the end of the night. And did any of the real life exs (Lindsay & Justin, Arianne & Kyle, Nadia & Brandon Beemer) interact with each other? James Scott definitely wasn’t there right? 😦 Last one…are Shawn & Arianne definitely dating??

    • mykleraus Says:

      Kyle was moving around the party in his dress clothes and then was in the tank and jeans when he went onstage. Probably just more comfortable, I guess.

      I had my eye out for exes interacting! I saw Arianne and Kyle interact onstage, but nothing for the other two pairs, though it isn’t like I noticed any outright hostility, either.

      No James Scott, for sure. And yeah, Ari and Shawn are DEFINITELY together.

  11. Jamie Says:

    This is sooooooo awesome!! I’m so jealous, yet so happy for you at the same time!! So cool that you were there to have that experience! 🙂

  12. Simon Parris Says:

    I’m insanely jealous but thrilled for you that you had the chance to be there. Thanks so much for sharing such a fun and thorough report with all of your readers!

  13. […] friend Ira and I had the honor of meeting Mascolo last year at the 50th anniversary party. He could not have been kinder or more gracious, even though it was odd to hear him speak without […]

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