And Here’s to 50 More!

Now that the 50th anniversary gala has come and gone, I have thoughts. Many of them. Almost as many as glasses of bourbon that Eric snatched from passing waiters and immediately slammed.

Screen Shot 2015-11-07 at 9.28.01 AM

I’m not too surprised that the wedding actually took place, because otherwise Aiden would never have gotten to enact his (idiotic) wedding-night plan to pose as the Necktie Killer and off Hope. I’m still struggling to comprehend how he thinks he would ever get away with this. What the hell is his alibi supposed to be? “I, uh, ran out for milk, and while I was gone, a guy broke in and killed my wife, and then I came home, conveniently missing him. BRB, gotta go cash this life insurance check.” That aside, I appreciated the way it was paced and the suspense they created over several episodes. It’s been a while since we saw an event play out over several days this way, and it really does make the viewing so enjoyable in a maddening sort of way, even if the underlying story kind of makes no sense. I’ve also been dying at Caroline running around with that insane, huge dress over her hospital gown.

Screen Shot 2015-11-07 at 9.23.45 AM

She and Steve sure are assholes, though. Bo was clearly on the verge of passing out, but neither of them could help him get to Hope’s house? This dithering dementia patient has been deemed fit to drive herself all over town solo, but now she’s just going to hang out at the mansion while Bo gets himself to Hope’s? Okay, sure. Don’t even get me started on the fact that barging in on Hope on her wedding night probably wouldn’t gain Bo any favor with her — he doesn’t know that Aiden is plotting to kill her! — and it would’ve made more sense to go to the hospital and have someone call Hope to tell her. It isn’t like she’s a virgin and if Aiden deflowers her, she will be his property forever. She’ll still be married to him in the morning, either way. We know that Hope is fighting for her life — and boy, were those fight scenes brutal and well done — but Bo, Caroline, and Steve don’t!

Screen Shot 2015-11-07 at 9.27.51 AM

There was a lot of other little stuff going on, much of which I enjoyed. Thursday, the 5th, was the actual 50th anniversary of the airing of the very first episode of Days of Our Lives, and there were a number of references to history. Some of them worked well. It was clever to have Julie overhear Ciara’s plan to shoplift and relay her own tale of shoplifting from exactly 50 years earlier — though, given how Julie mentioned that she was Ciara’s age then, that means Julie is 65-66, which feels a bit… low? I’m surprised  that, since that made it into the script, they weren’t contractually obligated to give Marlena a line like, “Fifty years ago this week, my mother had an ultrasound and learned I’d be a girl when I was born!” But the reference itself worked both as a nod to history and a way of establishing Teen Ciara, though it felt way too fast to have her get vulnerable and admit that the jacket made her think of Bo. Let her be hell on wheels. The actress seems stiff but not terrible so far, and at least the writing is keeping the old version alive in things like her cockiness about shoplifting, the mention of the earrings from Sami, etc.

In general, it feels like we’re in So Far, So Good territory with the teens. Joey continues to loosen up, and the new Theo seemed to play the innocence of the character well without making him a cartoon.

Screen Shot 2015-11-07 at 9.32.44 AM

There’s also a slight dorkiness to Teen Chase that I like. I was a little perplexed as to why he wasn’t Aiden’s best man instead of Rafe, but I guess he was only 10 years old when Aiden got engaged, sooooo…

Joey’s mysterious passing-out feels like the start of a new thread for Steve and Kayla. Anyone who’s up on casting news probably has an idea where this is going.

Screen Shot 2015-11-07 at 9.23.23 AM

I don’t mind the setup, though it does feel like Round 2 of “Steve’s right with his out-there ideas, while Kayla’s wrong by being grounded in logic and reality.” Since Joey is involved, it should bond them, or at least advance the relationship in some interesting way. I’m hoping the writing surprises me here.

Oh, and as for other stuff that happened this week:

  • Abe and Lani discovered that they’re father and daughter. Cool, I guess? I’ve made more surprising grocery lists.
  • Drunk Eric grabbing Jennifer and kissing her was a fun surprise, though we got zero follow-up. I hope they pick up that thread. I’m still not clear on whether Eric is supposed to be upset that Nicole is with Daniel or just about his life in general.
  • Did anyone notice Shawn and Kate pairing off to kiss during that insane “Gotta kiss at midnight” to-do?
  • How nice of Marie to skip the wedding but send a text from out-of-town reminding everyone that, 50 years ago this week, she and Alice were planning her wedding! She neglected to mention that the wedding never happened because her fiancé walked out on her, and then she married his dad, and then said fiancé returned and they got together but he died, and then she fell in love with her own amnesiac brother… but I guess that’s a lot of typing.
  • Why did Shawn step back when the other Hortons gathered to take that family photo? And where was Ciara?
  • How batshit crazy was that scene of Theresa and Brady standing around yapping with John and Marlena? “Good luck finding out about your past!” “Sorry I tried to kill you, LOL!” Of course Marlena’s self-centered ass had to pause to relay the time she wore a pink sweatsuit to reunite with John on the docks, apropos of nothing.
  • I did love that little scene in which Nicole, Daniel, Eric, and a few others stood around talking about all the weddings they’ve fucked up over the years. Own it, people!
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21 Comments on “And Here’s to 50 More!”

  1. Cyn Says:

    I think it would have played better for Steve to make some snarky comment about Caroline’s outfit, and then insist on personally escorting her back to University Hospital, which must be across the street from the Martin Mansion. That way he could arrive with her, delivering her to Sweetness and then the scene with Victor and Maggie could have happened at the hospital instead of awkwardly at the deserted mansion. How any of them got through their scenes without cracking up when looking at Caroline escapes me!

    Sure – clearly Bo needed to go to the Hospital, too – but if he had gone there, then how could he struggled to get to Hope? Clearly the writers didn’t want to have Steve around to help Bo out in this particular situation. For one thing, Steve would have caught a cab or uber instead of running and passing out in the park for a while.

    The attack was truely epic, riveting to watch. Hope’s horror when she has unmasked her attacker only to find the man she has just married and eagerly made love to was painful and heartbreaking. The physicality of the scene was raw, and so well done. KA and DC were awesome. How long has it been since DAYS was so much fun to watch?

    The thing that bothers me the most is Kayla’s disbelief of both her son and Steve at every turn. It does not ring true with her fundamental character, and is damaging to the relationships around her. Her disbelief and general disapproval of Joey is especially troubling at this particular time of his life. Even if he was only 6 or 7 years old (which he would be before he caught SORAS) it would be painfull for him. I know we are supposed to see Kayla as hurt and defensive, but it is hard to buy Kayla as being this cold to her son.

    Steve, on the other hand, is going to have to earn his way back to her good graces, and I look forward to watching Steve back in hopeless romantic mode once again. That maybe hard to do with that bitch Ava sending notes again….and how is Andre involved? Tune in on Monday!

    • mykleraus Says:

      It definitely seems like they sacrificed logic for the sake of thrills, which I understand to a degree, but a lot of it was glaring. All the suggestions in these comments would’ve made things so much more plausible.

      I agree with you on Kayla. I like that she’s not an idiot, but her faith in Steve was always such a touchstone of their original story, and it doesn’t seem like this is being played as a counterpoint to that, or like the “other side” of it. Her sort of ho-hum attitude regarding Bo’s absence is weird, too, though I THINK they can shore that up by having her confess that she was regarding Bo’s abandonment of Hope the same way she has Steve’s abandonment of her.

  2. marypickford Says:

    Hee! I love your summary of Aiden’s thought process. Makes perfect sense!

    I felt like they didn’t think it through all the way, how to get Bo over to Hope’s without anyone else going. But it wouldn’t be hard! What they should have done is have Steve and Caroline insisting on bringing him to the hospital, because he’s not well and there’s nothing he can do tonight but cause grief for Hope, and he takes off anyway on the bike. And then Caroline feels dizzy or something, so Steve takes her to the hospital instead of going after Bo.

    I agree about the conversation between John/Marlena and Theresa/Brady. Very awkward. I am glad they are not just forgetting it and having John be all “bygones!” which this show does do sometimes. But having Brady just say “she’s changed” is a little too forgiving. I think she should have to earn it a little more.

    I was having the same thoughts about Eric, wondering what he was really upset about, because they weren’t really showing him upset about Nicole and Daniel specifically. But it looked like they finally had a moment at the gala where he saw them dancing or hugging, and he turned away and took a big slug off of his drink. So that was a positive(for me as an Ericole fan, if not for him!).

    • mykleraus Says:

      I feel like they’re trying to have it both ways with Theresa. They don’t want to rewrite or forget what she did, but people’s reactions don’t quite jive, either. I haven’t really seen her DO anything to indicate that she’s changed aside from having some drive and not being drunk all the time. Victor is getting a lot of hatred for the way he railed at her, but IMO, he’s the only one whose treatment of her makes consistent sense. He doesn’t hate her because she’s a female; he hates her because she attempted to kill his grandson’s father and used the baby to weasel her way into living in his home, and he’s seen how Brady gets duped by manipulative women in the past. Victor is definitely a chauvinist (but I think that’s true to the character) — but we never hear him calling Hope or Jen or whoever a tramp or a bitch. He generally does that to women who have literally killed or attempted to kill him or members of his family.

      I caught that Eric reaction to Nicole/Daniel. You were spot-on in your post when you said that we needed that moment of eye contact. It’s almost like they’re trying to bury that story for the time being.

  3. Gavin Says:

    “People in LA are crazy, but I don’t know anyone who’s come back from the dead!” Except, um, your dad!

  4. Shea Says:

    Bo had visions of Hope being in trouble back when he was being held captive in the monastery so I think he does on some level believe that she is in danger but once again the writing has been lacking and we never got him voicing those concerns to Steve or Caroline.

    Steve wanted to go with Bo and Bo said no and sent him to find Kayla so I am not going to call Steve an asshole for not going with him. I agree that they should have worked all of that out differently than they did.

    I definitely noticed Shawn D and Kate kissing and thought they should have had Roman and Kate kissing instead. Why do that to poor Shawn Douglas?

    I wonder why they threw out the Lani reveal so soon? I definitely think that could have waited.

    It is odd that Ciera is suddenly missing her Dad and Hope is suddenly dreaming of Bo AFTER she has married Aiden. Those are little things they could have shown earlier and they would have felt more real.

    The Horton family photo without Hope’s children was weird. Especially when Julie called Maggie over and Shawn D practically had to move out of her way for her to get over there.

    Maybe in a couple of months when we finally get the morning after the gala/Hopefest 🙂 we will discover the Jennifer and Eric went home together…LOL

    • Cyn Says:

      Now that would be an interesting development – I keep hoping for Jennifer to find a handsome man to pester. And Eric is certainly a handsome man that dearly needs a storyline.

    • mykleraus Says:

      You’re right about Bo’s visions, but yeah, what exactly does he fear? It feels lopsided. To any outsider, Hope is fine and Aiden is a normal guy.

      The Lani thing is odd. It’s like they just wanted to give Abe another kid, and this was the easiest way to do it. I still am not clear what her purpose on the show is. Usually it’s incredibly obvious who a new character’s love interest is going to be, but they don’t seem to be legitimately pairing her and Rafe (nor should they). Unless she’s up to something re: Abe, it doesn’t feel like there’s any kind of story there.

  5. Jayme Says:

    I was starting to get a little annoyed with all the visions Aiden was having about killing Hope because I thought it would take away from the actual attack, but holy shit that was scary. The lady sure likes her vases!

    I know the Abe/Lani story was pretty obvious, but i was pleasantly surprised at their scenes together, particularly Lani since she’s been pretty painful to watch. Maybe i’m just not buying her as a cop, but she was much better when she had some emotional material to work with. I’m into it. What i’m not into is having her hook up with Rafe. Doesn’t she seem really young?

    My favourite part had to be the deputy reading a ‘PLAYPEN’ that looked like it was from 1987. Have you heard of this thing called the internet?

    • mykleraus Says:

      I texted my friend during the show — why did Hope just happen to have 40 vases sitting by her front door?!

      Lani was better this week. I just don’t think the actress has really known what to play until these scenes. Her dialogue has been really expository and strangely unfocused. I also can’t tell if she’s supposed to be, like, Chad’s age or if they want us to think she’s in her 30s.

      The PLAYPEN thing killed me.

  6. Dan Says:

    The directing during the gala was off. That is why you have scenes like Shawn D watching a Horton family picture or Hope brushing passed Ciara to say hello to Shawn D and then go back to say hello to Ciara. The staging was poorly done.

    I didn’t see the kissing. I imagine we will learn that Kate is out to seduce Shawn in order to ruin his marriage to Belle and leave Belle free for her son, Phillip. Of course, I’ve just added more thought than any of the writers did.

    Overall, I’m still highly disenchanted with the show. This Aiden/Hope story has been lame. We’ve seen this tale with Hope and Franco and Hope and Patrick. Wouldn’t it have been fascinating if Aiden and Hope had worked together to trick the Dimeras and only Bo came and screwed things up? The show is so predictable in its plotting.

    Imagine that scenario, Bo arrives home to learn Aiden is plannign to kill Hope, he steals Hope on his bike, and Bo reveals he knows Aiden’s plan to kill her. Tearfully, Hope tells Bo she knows, she and Aiden were working together to get Andre. Bo then returns Hope to the chapel where Hope and Aiden marry, and Bo is forced to deal with the fact that Hope has moved on. Of course, Bo is now helping Aiden and Hope. Aiden stages Hope’s death and Bo immediately blames Aiden.

    And then, once Hope is revealed to be alive, let people be pissed. Ciara and Shawn for suffering, and let Shawn discuss losing his mother all those years ago. Also, with a serial killer going on, have someone call them out on the insensitivity of letting everyone grieve for Hope.

    Anyway, Andre would be arrested, and Justin would prepare to prosecute when critically evidence disappears. Everyone wonders who stole it when Andre returns to thank his secret partner… Lani, who may or may not actually be Abe’s daughter in my version.

    Anyway, still keeps the same story, limited sets, and gives you much longer story than what is currently playing.

    • underyourwing Says:

      you took the words right out of my fingertips Dan: So Predictable… why watch when you know what is going to happen more than not….something’s has to change…..maybe it is time for a change in viewing habits.

      • mykleraus Says:

        There’s good-predictable — like, you know what’s coming but anticipate it because it’ll be so good — and bad-predictable, which they seem to be falling into with this Bo/Hope/Aiden thing.

    • mykleraus Says:

      Your scenario makes a lot of sense. I’m not NOT enjoying what’s onscreen — I think a lot of it is fun and thrilling from day-to-day — but I share your concern about lack of long-range story. I do think we’ll be able to judge better once this Bo/Hope and Steve/Kayla nostalgia trip for the 50th is over and the show settles down.

      I guess things like the directing are what get sacrificed when they try to do events on this scale on the new budget and schedule. There were also some editing gaffes, like Lani being in the background of scenes chatting away while she was supposed to be off talking with Abe.

  7. underyourwing Says:

    jeez! you REALLY pay attention. i never notice a lot of this stuff….

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