It’s Party Time

As contrived as this entire Hope/Aiden debacle is, I really loved that montage at the end of Friday’s episode. But you guys, I don’t think Caroline is doing well at all.

Screen Shot 2015-10-31 at 11.14.44 AM

She seems to have gotten herself ready for the bicentennial celebration by wrapping herself in some old drapes she found in the attic of the Martin mansion.

The energy of this whole thing coming together is a lot of fun. Bo and Steve putting basically every aircraft in the sky in danger so they can race back to Salem to stop a wedding for no particular reason than that Bo wants Hope back (it isn’t as if they know Aiden is planning to kill her tonight!)… Aiden lurking outside the windows while Hope spins around in her dress, unaware… Caroline freaking out… It’s at least soapy.

Also, Ciara decided to catch up with Chase and become a teenager.

Screen Shot 2015-10-31 at 11.11.30 AM

I didn’t get much of a feel for the actress in the limited material they gave her, but I do appreciate how they’re easing these teens into the show. They haven’t made a big deal about them being older; they just recast the roles and they happen to be teenagers now. It’s much less jarring than I expected, though Ciara seemed to be dressed like an extra from Peter Pan, which has me a bit concerned.

Also, the last search item in this box is too good not to share.

Screen Shot 2015-10-30 at 11.34.09 AM

It’s true! When she was prattling on about how she’s always preferred the sophisticated Madison Avenue fashions of the 60s, all I could do was stare at that tight, shiny, scaly dress she had on with my jaw open.

Screen Shot 2015-10-31 at 11.10.53 AM

Lady, that is not daytime wear! I assume that when you say you prefer Madison Avenue, you mean you prefer standing on its corner, yeah?

Oh, and one final WTF for the week: what was with Justin asking Hope if she needs to recuse herself from the case? Yes, this cop who is barely involved with the case had better step down, since her fiancé is representing the accused, but the lead detective (who lost a woman to the prime suspect less than a year ago and is also the brother of one of the victims) and the D.A. (who was the father-in-law of another victim) are good to go!

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11 Comments on “It’s Party Time”

  1. marypickford Says:

    Ha ha! That search term is something we’ve all asked ourselves. Poor Ari Zucker!

    You make a good point about Justin’s question. I’m surprised it occurred to them that Marlena shouldn’t do the psych eval if she’s a victim and a witness. And okay, I would also look into Billy Flynn’s eyes and believe anything he said, but Marlena came off as pretty stupid there.

    • mykleraus Says:

      I would usually agree about BF’s eyes, but that way-too-realistic blood spot in his left eye is making me cringe. NOW they choose to portray injuries realistically?!

  2. ADW Says:

    Good thing Chad was prematurely released bc it seems they will need a hospital room or two very shortly.

    Thanks for bringing up all the conflicts of interests in this investigation. I forgot all about Boredan Ridgeway.

    LMAO on your street corner comment regarding Nicole’s shiny dress 😄 I thought something else entirely when Nicole said “Madison Avenue” I actually thought of that late ’90s-’00s house duo from Austraila w/ the same name. The chick in that wore some pretty eclectic and retro fashions.

    I just hope to God Nicole doesn’t chop her hair into a pixie cut like Twiggy because her hair is starting to look better again.

    Caroline’s giant floral drapes dress looked like left overs from Joan Collins wardrobe on Dynasty in the ’80s.

    I’m wondering who taught Ciara and Chase how to cook? We all know Hope can’t cook to save her life, Bo has been absent, and I’ve never heard about Aiden cooking. Jennifer, Abbie, or Caroline?

    Bravo on the lighting and special effects for the plane crash, I was actually scared for Bo and Steve.

    • mykleraus Says:

      OMG, I didn’t know Madison Avenue was a house group, but I’m pretty sure that will be the next stop on Nicole’s hellish fashion tour once she completes her Whitesnake phase. But you’re right — her hair definitely seemed better this week. Let’s keep that progress going!

      I was thinking the same thing about Chad’s hospital room. Someone else is surely due to be injured or stricken with a mystery illness soon, and God knows there’s nowhere else to stick patients.

  3. Robbiemac Says:

    I’m with you on the lousy costuming (Halloweenie?) for Friday’s show, as well as Justin’s off-the-wall comment about Hope’s recusal and NOT addressing the same issue with Rafe and Marlena. If Marlena can tell by Chad’s eyes that he wasn’t the one who attempted to strangle her, couldn’t she also know the difference between Chad’s baby blues and Ben’s evil browns? Since the eye holes are the only thing to see in the mask, I feel certain that even I’d zero in on that glaring fact!
    I don’t think I’m going to be able to accept teenage Chase or Ciara. You say that they were introduced well into the show, but I disagree. One week they are grade schoolers and the next time we see them they are what? High schoolers? Young adults? Wait’ll Bo sees Ciara! I guess it will be great fodder for Hope to prove he was gone longer than he thought!

    • mykleraus Says:

      Good point about the eyes! Also, shouldn’t people be worried about what happened the last time Marlena tried to help identify a serial killer by the eyes? (She hypnotized Maggie and then KILLED HER.)

      I think it’s weird that they chose to slap the aged Ciara and Chase into the show at this particular point. They should’ve either done it two months ago or wait until this arc is over. What I do like is that they didn’t just pop up onscreen as such a clear “teen scene.” I remember with Belle, Abby, etc., it always felt like, “Hi, I’m 15 and do teenage things now! I’m going to the mall and fighting with my parents!” I loathe when they introduce new storylines so un-subtly.

  4. Mo Says:

    I agree Friday’s show was very fun and memorable despite it’s Dr. Who time-travel feeling. Something from a few days back that really made me laugh was Steve explaining how he’d blown their captors hideout to smithereens! Went up like the 4th of July! Men on fire running around everywhere! Wait, no we didn’t see any of that… Budget cuts.

    I’m not sold on young Ciara yet at all. She talked like Vicki from “Small Wonder” in her two scenes. Were they still playing up that she is basically a brat? When your first appearance on a show is all about serving brunch to your mom and big brother it’s hard to tell where they are going. New Chase and Joey are also pretty bland as well so far. I’m going to miss young Ciara! She was very talented. Young Chase too. He was always SO EXCITED ABOUT EVERYTHING!

    With everything going on I felt bad for Brady and Daniel on Friday. Bo and Steve are crashing airplanes. Caroline is seeing visions. Chad’s face is all jacked up. Meanwhile they both have to hem and haw over which suit to wear to a stuffy old party that (let’s be honest) no one in real life would care this much about. Also, Daniel is looking good these days isn’t he?! I think it’s the new haircut. It figures, just as he’s leaving town he’s becoming interesting again. At least to look at.

    • mykleraus Says:

      Daniel has become 100% more tolerable since he stopped being on five days a week. He’s basically Roman at this point, which is what he should’ve been all along. The actor is good-looking and has a certain charm if everyone isn’t running around talking about HOW AWESOME he is all the damn time.

      My big concern with Teen Ciara is that they’re going to change her characterization. The fact that they kept the younger one onscreen for so long and wrote her that way right up to the end gives me some hope.

      I forgot to mention that Steve thing in my post, but I was rolling. “Oh, I blew it up.” WHAT?! It was such a bizarre throwaway.

    • ADW Says:

      LMAO 😂 on Vicki from Small Wonder (I have rarely encountered anybody who actually remembers that show) it’s funny bc it’s true very robotic indeed. I totally forgot Dick Christie, the Dad on SW had a short stint Days in the early ’90s too! I’m trying to give the teens a chance and it seems they are doing right by us by easing them in as opposed to shoving them in our face. I’m hoping Ciara takes more after the Brady bad girls than the Horton angels but, it’s too soon to tell. I agree about Daniel better when taken smaller doses.

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