50th Anniversary Tribute Video

As the 50th anniversary nears, I keep finding myself falling down various Internet rabbit holes pertaining to Days history (which, to be fair, isn’t that different from what I normally do anyway). I’ve seen all sorts of tribute videos popping up on YouTube, but this one is definitely the most exhaustive — and I don’t mean that as a bad thing. Courtesy of Jason47, here’s an hour-long (!) YouTube montage, mostly of photos, that span the years from the show’s debut in 1965 right up to the present day.

If you have an hour to spare and/or actual productive things to avoid, it makes for fun viewing. I could’ve done with more captions and whatnot, but it really does take you from the beginning of the show right up to now. And it’s fun seeing people you’d forgotten pop up as the years go by.

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2 Comments on “50th Anniversary Tribute Video”

  1. Shea Says:

    Amazing. I watched this on Saturday afternoon. I was completely lost for the first 10 minutes since I wasn’t watching Days prior to around 1981. After that it was nice to see some characters I had forgotten about and some pics that reminded me of storylines I had forgotten. You can tell this was a labor of love for Jason47 and I appreciate all the hard work he put into it. It would have been absolutely perfect if the pics were labeled with character/actor and year….but I can only imagine how much more work that would have been.

    • mykleraus Says:

      Yeah, I was a bit lost for the first bit — I recognized Tom, Alice, Mickey, Bill, and Marie, basically — but it was sort of fun trying to guess who people were and what was going on. I agree that captioning it all would’ve made it even better, but that would have been so much work, and I’m glad he even did this much (a lot) to put this together.

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