What Happened in Salem: Week of October 19th

It was a week full of insane plots, insane dances, and insane SORASes…

Andre DiMera crashed Will’s funeral and revealed himself to the people of Salem, who for some reason are still surprised when a seemingly dead person (let alone a DiMera) turns up alive. Andre shared the pardon he’d received from the governor, who must be an absolute lunatic. Sami, author of such previous wonderful impulsive decisions as “My Fiancé Lied to Me, So I’ll Shoot Him in the Head” and “I Just Narrowly Avoided Death Row, So I’ll Murder Another Person and Cover It Up,” left straight from the funeral to head to Switzerland and find EJ’s safe-deposit box.

Read the full recap to catch up on What Happened in Salem this week!

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6 Comments on “What Happened in Salem: Week of October 19th”

  1. Shea Says:

    So Steve and Bo are at an ISA “safe” house? Does this mean the ISA is involved in all of this or just that the bad guys knew about the “safe” house and got there first? I won’t say I am disappointed by this storyline because pretty much anything involving Steve and Bo is going to entertain me, but I will say I have been underwhelmed. I am still holding out hope that there is more to the story but I just don’t feel like there is time for it play out because of the time crunch with the Bicentennial/Wedding AKA Hopefest coming up.

    So why does Andre need Aiden to kill Hope in order to clear Chad? He obviously has the governor in his pocket so why not get a couple of more pardons?

    I’m not going to comment on Sami or the absurdity of this EJ letter since I hate her and I am just glad she is not in Salem.

    I like the idea of JJ becoming a cop and so far I like the JJ/Gabi chemistry but I hope they let things develop slowly. Let us see JJ work his way through the academy and let the relationship with Gabi develop naturally.

    Maybe Dr Salina should work on finding a cure for SORAS since we’re about to see an epidemic.

    • Dylan Says:

      The Andre/Aiden stuff is so bizarre and nonsensical that I can’t even begin to understand. So what, now Aiden is suddenly homicidal? Because of his debts? What happened to all the stuff he and Hope have been through?

      As for JJ wanting to be a cop, what happened to his passion for music? Have the writers forgotten how into music he was? Since the whole thing with him teaming up with law enforcement to catch that Kyle guy felt really contrived to me this feels the same way.

      One of my biggest complaints I have about the show is its failure to let things happen at a natural pace – things often feel really forced/contrived and slapped together rapidly, or dragged out for months. They don’t seem to be able to find a middle ground, and thus nothing really feels organic.

      How did Chad just instantly figure out that Ben was the killer anyway? Maybe he should join the police force, since he seems to be smarter than everyone else in the town combined (!). Let’s not forget that just two and a half years ago Chad and Abby were just slapped together conveniently, and then things fizzled out. How is Abby suddenly in love with him anyway? He left back in 2013 and she didn’t really seem interested in continuing with him after that. Then she and Běn (ugh) were lazily slapped together in 2014. Are we really supposed to root for Abigail and Chad to be together?

      Like you’ve said before, individual scenes work but there’s just no cohesiveness/continuity to the show right now. There’s also not much to root for, other than for Ben to rot in jail for the rest of his life. Wonder when that will happen.

      • mykleraus Says:

        I feel the same way about the pacing. Some stuff is onscreen constantly, and other stuff goes away for a week or more, and then story just abruptly turns in one scene.

        JJ wanting to be a cop works for me as an idea. I don’t want them to drop the music thing, but I totally buy that he’s been ignited by this new, exciting thing (and that he feels this drive to save people, after what happened to Paige, his dad, etc.).

        Chad was convinced Clyde was framing him for the murders, and they made a big point of him finding out Clyde got arrested, so when Will was killed and Clyde was behind bars, he deduced it had to be Ben. I agree about “Chabby,” though — when Billy Flynn took over as Chad, it seemed like we were supposed to regard their previous relationship as some great love, when it was really more of an on-and-off thing. Yes, he lied about the brain tumor, but they were barely even together then. She was waffling between him and Cameron, and neither relationship seemed that strong. Then Chad was a huge dick to her when he came back. I guess the ‘buy’ here is that they had deeper feelings for one another before he left, but the actors and the current storyline have pretty much sold me on the pairing now.

    • underyourwing Says:

      look, the way they keep time in salem JJ will be the freakin’ chief of police in 6 months…… i also think it is not a great idea…..they should just have him on a corner with his guitar case open on the ground and him strumming the DOOL theme. the almost only and main thing i like about JJ is his hairy chest….oh yeah.

      • mykleraus Says:

        To be fair, he’d probably be the least stupid person on the force…

        And I’m not at all mad at how they stopped shaving his chest.

  2. underyourwing Says:

    well….he was…..til he went to Arizona.

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