Various and Sundry WTFs

“Oh, hi, Dad! Just calling to let you know that I am randomly and suddenly 16 years old!”

Screen Shot 2015-10-22 at 8.29.29 AM

Everything about this SORASing has been so bizarre. They kept child Chase and child Ciara onscreen for way longer than I expected, and now teen Chase just pops up on a phone call mid-story. They could have had Chase and Ciara be away at camp or at least not seen during August and September, so that when the teen versions appeared, it was less jarring — but that would be a normal, sane way to handle things, and this is Days of Our Lives, so never mind.

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I’m not even sure I understand what’s up with André pressuring Aiden to kill Hope. I keep zoning out during the 4,000 scenes of André chasing Aiden around Salem to remind him why he should say yes. Do the DiMeras just want Hope dead because she’s Hope, and the life insurance is a perk for Aiden? Or do the DiMeras want Hope’s life insurance money, too? What’s next — the DiMeras concoct a plot to steal Caroline’s Wanchai Ferry coupons?  And a special shoutout to the utter WTF-ery of André just announcing to “all of Salem” (i.e., the people who weren’t too lazy to attend Will’s funeral) that he obtained a letter from the governor pardoning him. What kind of dumb-ass governor does this state have? (Probably equivalent to the dumb-ass-ness of the mayor and law enforcement in Salem, I suppose…) Stefano’s all, “André, no one can know you’re alive/back in Salem!”, and meanwhile this asshole governor has already signed a damn pardon and didn’t think to give Abe a call to tell him that his late wife’s deranged, homicidal cousin-cum-brother is alive and wandering around. Crackerjack work, per usual, gang.

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While we’re on the subject of things that defy every kind of accepted human logic, there was that insane conversation between Ben and Clyde — scenes which, their setting aside, were quite strong — at the police station. What a wise place to confess to your father that you are the serial killer who’s been terrorizing the town! Yes, I know they had Clyde throw in that line about how he swept the room and was certain it hadn’t been bugged, and no, that doesn’t make it any better. It just makes them both look as stupid as the Salem PD. Apparently that was James Read’s last airdate as Clyde, which was bizarre and anticlimactic. I was enjoying him as a real, true threat to the Deveraux clan, and I don’t see why, after finding a niche for him that genuinely worked, they’re rushing him offscreen like he’s Xander.

And then there was the lunacy to end it all.

Screen Shot 2015-10-22 at 8.33.53 AM

It’s been at least seven years since anyone in Salem heard a song that had ever been played on the radio in the real world, and they go and do it for Daniel and Nicole? It was sweet that they took the time to do something genuinely romantic, but I can think of any number of couples — actually, I can’t, but go with me here — who deserved it more than this walking, talking answer to ZzzQuil. Arianne Zucker was actually really cute during the dance, playing it like Nicole was enjoying it but also embarrassed, but it was absolutely bonkers that they had this choreographed dance, complete with lifts and twirls, somehow prepared to bust out in the middle of a restaurant at high noon. Maybe John Legend has a gambling problem and will license his music dirt-cheap just to keep the income flowing. Maybe I accidentally took some LCD yesterday. I don’t know anymore.

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20 Comments on “Various and Sundry WTFs”

  1. Shea Says:

    Bizarre is a good word for yesterday’s show. Between Aiden’s son’s SORAS then Aiden’s out of body experience while plotting Hope’s demise it was already weird but you throw in that dance and I don’t even know what to say. Maybe Dr. Salinas has been slipping some of his serum into the Salem water supply?

    • mykleraus Says:

      Seriously. Caroline’s visions don’t even seem that strange in light of all the weird shit everyone else is up to!

      • Shea Says:

        When they started dancing I thought it was a fantasy sequence and I was fine..then it ended and I realized that shit was supposed to be real. Who washes down breakfast with a choreographed dance routine in the middle of a restaurant?

      • mykleraus Says:

        Who choreographed it? When did they practice? How much?

        And I forgot to include this in the post, but how effing bizarre was it when Daniel and Nicole were all, “We set a wedding date!!!” — to the old woman who switched Daniel’s son’s paternity test and two other man Nicole has f***ed?!

  2. underyourwing Says:

    i was shocked….shocked i tell you to see this teen ager pop in out of the blue……(where’s sierra?) slamming a LOT of HGH and estrogen i am sure……

    i also thought the 2 aidens were 1 aiden too many….i never thought hope would be so—- uh —- desperate…..needy…..blind…..intuition-less when it came to any (so called) man…..especially this schlub…. but, there ya go…… SHAME!

    i was Totally creeped out by the father and son reunion in jail ( ha ha)

    ….i don’t know if it was yesterday or day before but man, clyde in bennys face with his cuffs on…..i half expected him to plant a big fat wet one on the guy… just felt so incestuous to me…..more like they were lovers than farther and son…..i washed my eyeballs out with distilled water for 2 hours after that….just OW my eyes.

    • mykleraus Says:

      Estrogen, hahahaha! He did come off a little, uh, soft.

      I didn’t mind the dual-Aiden thing in execution, because it was kind of an interesting device, but what a dumbass plan. Gee, I wonder if they’ll suspect you if you kill her on your damn wedding night and get the insurance payout AFTER YOUR LAST WIFE ALSO DIED AND YOU GOT HER MONEY.

      Clyde totally went to kiss Ben. I noticed that. It was weeeeeeird.

  3. Denise Says:

    It was a super weird episode, but I actually enjoyed all of the weirdness. I’ll take this over being bored any day. The Nicole/Dan dance number was the cherry on top of the bizarro-world ep!

    Andre and Stefano want Aiden to kill Hope in Red-Tie Killer fashion in order to clear Chad. I think killing Hope is just icing on the cake for them.

    Next week: Bo and Steve “Rescue Me” sing-a-long!

    • mykleraus Says:

      Oh, totally agree. It was the kind of craziness I enjoy. Not show-ruining, just WEIRD AS HELL.

      Thanks for the explanation on the Aiden thing. I don’t know how I missed that, but it makes sense (as much sense as anything on Days ever does). Couldn’t he in theory just kill someone else?

  4. Robbiemac420 Says:

    I agree with all of you. If Aiden hadn’t called Chase by his name, none of us would have known this was his son (wasn’t he and Ciara in grade school a couple of weeks ago)? And Chase hasn’t even learned that he shouldn’t talk to strangers!!! (Andre!) I suppose Ciara will be introduced as a teenager when Steve finally brings Bo back. Whatever!

    The dual Aiden scenes were eerie and bizarre.

    Daniel and Nicole having that bizarre dance in the Brady Pub was weird. Doesn’t Nicole own a pair of jeans and a casual, loose-fitting shirt/blouse? The long blue gown she wore for a simple meal to set the wedding date was ridiculous, as was the laughable choreography. WTF is going on?

    • mykleraus Says:

      LOL about Chase. This dummy is still talking to strangers who say they know his dad like it’s no big deal. Want a lollipop, little boy?!

      It drives me insane how everyone is always so damn dressed up. Nicole is going to breakfast at the Pub with her fiancée, so she gets gussied up like it’s a night out? At least it wasn’t a miniskirt, I guess.

  5. I cringed so hard during the entire dancing scene – mainly because of Shawn Christian being SO COMMITTED! I felt like he had watched several episodes of “So You Think You Can Dance” or some such because of his Lines! Hand Extensions! The vaguely constipated look of PASSION!

    Also, the staff just stood around and smiled at them, like “Aww! You two!” Why does everyone in Salem have to celebrate their lurve? If I had been waiting for my pancakes during all this, you can bet your ass I’d be recording the Lord of the Dance and uploading it to whatever Salem’s version of Facebook is 😂

    • mykleraus Says:

      OMG right?! He was sooooo into it. AZ at least looked like she was playing Nicole during the scenes. “Vaguely constipated look of passion,” ahahahahaha.

      The other, like, four patrons during those scenes just sitting there sipping their coffee were so weird, too. I love how the main Salemites always find a way to make everyone pay attention to them.

  6. Erin L. Says:

    I’m just happy it wasn’t “Can You Feeeeeel The Heeeeeaaaat”

  7. Dan Says:

    I think it’s safe to say we are safely back in 1997 a few years short of where the show wants to be.

    I saw the dance. Given how dark this show is, I appreciated the drastic change in tone. I felt like the dayplayers reacted accordingly and I felt it was a nice song for Nicole, but not so much so for Daniel and Nicole. Given how dark everything else has become, I am finding myself enjoying Nicole and Daniel as a distraction from the dark clouds looming over Salem.

    I think if you accept that Aiden is evil for no other reason that Peter Reckell is back, your life will be much easier. This isn’t going to be cohesive in any way. I thought the two Aidens sequence was well done and showed a lot of insight into Aiden. I also had a big problem with this sequence in comparison to Clyde and Aiden’s fight, which was equally well done. In both cases, Aiden was shown to methodical, but in this case, Aiden is set on killing Hope rather than protecting her. I rather the show have made Aiden the district attorney to cause more tension between Hope and Aiden.

    James Read was wonderful during Ben’s confession. That was a well produced sequence for characters that are clearly fading into the canvas. Clyde was devastated to learn what happened to his son and what has become of him. This would have played out better if they didn’t rush Clyde out of town or break up Clyde and KAte so quickly.

    I’m glad the show has united its new gay couple Friday. Bo looked so happy to be back with the love of his life, Steve.

    • mykleraus Says:

      The “Two Aidens” sequence was very well shot and executed, and it was an interesting way of showing us what’s going on inside Aiden. What’s weird is that they went to the trouble of making Aiden a bad guy — because he was working for Stefano all along — and then sort of backtracked to make him gray. Does he actually love Hope but has to kill her? Did he fall in love with her from the start, or did it surprise him? We don’t know any of that. They’re just sort of slapping bits and pieces of DANGER! onscreen. And LOL about Bo/Steve — it’s true.

      James Read and Robert Scott Wilson have both been good lately. I don’t have any problem with writing them out if there’s good story value to be had from it, so making Ben the killer has worked for me because it’s made him 100x more interesting and has made the actor step up. Clyde was just settling into what I think was the right role for him, and they could’ve at least milked a few months of good story out of it before shipping him off. This feels like Xander’s exit — “Well, you never quite worked, so there’s the door!” — and they’re flushing good story potential down the drain just to wipe away what were writing problems. It’s bizarre to me how Clyde and Kate had NO interaction after their abrupt break-up, and Kate’s not even aware of what’s going on with him now. I was looking forward to more of the Clyde/Jen material.

  8. underyourwing Says:

    i missed the damn dance and can’t find it anywhere to watch…..i suppose i should be grateful….

    • mykleraus Says:

      I think it was Wednesday’s episode? It’s in the final act of either Wednesday or Thursday. They’re both up on if you want to torture yourself.

  9. underyourwing Says:

    i think i will take your word for the debacle…but thanks!!

  10. […] (in Salem, “impromptu” means “heavily and nauseatingly choreographed”) dance to John Legend around a pub where innocent people were simply trying to eat their chowder and Wanchai Ferry. She’s […]

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