Marlena Evans, She Not Through!

No, that isn’t a typo in the title of this post. It’s an homage to one of the greatest literary works of our time.

Screen Shot 2015-09-26 at 10.12.58 AM

The killer’s attack on Marlena was brutal and visceral, which was somewhat needed in this storyline since we just saw Serena and Paige’s dead bodies and not their actual deaths. It adds a certain amount of scare factor to the proceedings. I loved the sense of cause-and-effect in those scenes, too: Chad leaves because he’s frustrated, then comes back when he remembers the struggle with the hobo, only to be the one Marlena sees when she awakens and make things worse for himself. There was a real sense of momentum to this storyline this week, which I loved. I also got a great chuckle out of Daniel’s questioning of Marlena when she came to later: “Who’s the president?” “Barack Obama.” “How old are you?” [bitchy Marlena side-eye] “Nice try.” And what was with that shot of Marlena opening her eyes to find Daniel hovering over her? It was so shadowy and dark that it felt like it was supposed to be ominous, but then again, maybe someone just forgot to turn the damn lights on. In all seriousness: I greatly appreciate the elevated sense of mood, but the lighting needs some fine-tuning. A good 30% of scenes are so dimly lit that I can barely tell what’s even going on.

Speaking of which: so Ben is the killer, or at least that’s how it currently seems. It’s far from a shocking reveal, but the show didn’t drag this out for six months and then expect us to be wowed by some huge twist, so I can’t be mad at that. It makes sense. It fits. And it was presented in such a way that there could be more layers to it. Did Ben kill the two girls, but someone else (Clyde?) attacked Marlena to keep her quiet? Could Daniel have been the one to kill Serena, and when Paige found out he was the killer, he took her out to shut her up — only to have Ben or Clyde attack Marlena in order to frame Chad? I won’t be surprised if it’s Ben and that’s that, but the door is definitely cracked for another twist or two with this whole thing.

Meanwhile, look who’s back.

Screen Shot 2015-09-26 at 10.15.10 AM

“André?” Stefano reads from the cue cards with all the surprise of learning that Harold ran out of arugula and will instead be using romaine for tonight’s salad. So yeah, André DiMera is alive, and he’s back in Salem, and he’s also Stefano’s biological son, which I have a sneaking suspicion they won’t even bother to explain even though it’s a pretty big fucking deal. I do see why they wanted this character in place, a truly bad DiMera to play as a counterpoint to Chad (whereas the last incarnation of Tony was sort of the same type of conflicted DiMera), and they’re also probably setting André up to take up Stefano’s mantle in the future. Seriously, Joe Mascolo is a treasure, and I’ll be delighted to see him onscreen for as long as we can possibly have him, but it’s becoming apparent that he can only film in limited capacities, and the reading-off-cue-cards is getting very distracting. But it’s going to drive me absolutely insane if we don’t get some real explanation of this latest turn in the unbelievably convoluted Tony/André saga.

Oh, and we had one more arrival on Friday.

Screen Shot 2015-09-26 at 1.02.06 PM

Lani Price arrived at the police station, introduced herself to Rafe as the new officer transferring from Florida, gazed suspiciously at a photo of Abe on the wall, and searched for stories about Abe on her tablet. Case closed: she’s his long-lost daughter. I’m not against the idea of giving Abe something more to do, and I could buy that he got someone pregnant pre-Lexie who kept the child from him, but these scenes were played with all the excitement of… well, of Stefano greeting André. I half-expected Sal Stowers (Lani) and Galen Gering to fall asleep during that dull-ass exchange at the station. But I’m willing to see where this goes, since most of the seeds this regime has planted thus far have proven to be worthwhile.

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19 Comments on “Marlena Evans, She Not Through!”

  1. onemothing2 Says:

    I agree the Ben reveal was no big surprise but I interpreted the scene where he is revealed as the killer a bit differently than most people.

    When Ben is watching the news and finds out Chad is the prime suspect he does this huge sigh , closes his eyes and puts his head back in relief as I imagine you would when your plan to frame someone for murder is apparently successful. My first thought with that was “Ben has multiple personalities!” I took that as a physical sigh of his transition from one personality to the other? “Killer Ben” comes out to get rid of the evidence and original personality who I’ve named Benanderthal has no clue what’s going on?

    I’m guessing Clyde probably found out that Ben is responsible for at least one murder and has been silently helping him unaware that Benanderthal is clueless. As you said there has to be some other twist? This can’t be what the big reveal is?

    At the end of the day I blame Abigail and her inability to keep her legs closed for all of this! She has driven a man, who on a good day is in need of major anger management therapy, completely murderously insane! Allegedly.

    • mykleraus Says:

      I could definitely see your theory holding some weight. Like the anger in him has caused a split. I do think Clyde has some hand in this, too.

    • ADW Says:

      LMAO at Abbie unable to keep her legs closed 😄 Not only did her indiscretions and inability to stay away from Chad drive Ben over the edge, I’m convinced her affair with EJ ultimatley led to a sequence of things which led his death.
      What is so wonderful about that girl? Does she must be a terrific lay and lay fabrage eggs?

      • ADW Says:

        Apparently, Ben who is another brand new concoction of the TomSell era will likely bite the dust which is why not surprised. Ben is a killer if not, just an accomplice who is very much involved in framing/implicating Chad.

      • mykleraus Says:

        He’s definitely on borrowed time since this reveal. I guess they could add a twist that he has DID or something, but he’s clearly remembering the murders, so it’s not like he split that cleanly…

  2. Robbiemac Says:

    I have had my suspicions about Ben for awhile. Not so much that he was the Necktie Killer but that he definitely had many of the traits of an abusive boyfriend (loading the the phone app that follows Abby’s whereabouts, exploding physical rage at Chad, then begging for Abby”s forgiveness, needing unending reassurance of her love for him, and of course, dictating who she can and cannot be friends with). i hope they get him soon. i like the story of Paige’s father being Rafe and Gabby’s father…it’ll be fun to see where that goes. And Abe’s long-lost daughter coming aboard the police department wil be juicy, especially if they are going to “age” Theo, as expected. I’m glad for some new storylines!

    • mykleraus Says:

      I thought they might be headed for a domestic violence situation with Ben/Abigail under the last writing regime, but him as a violent killer does fit and feel set up, too (at least by soap opera logic).

      I agree with you on some fresh dynamics. If they turn out to suck in the long run, it’s a relief to be watching NEW stuff, and there’s promise in a lot of it. I honestly couldn’t have taken another six months of heavy emphasis on Daniel/Nicole, JJ/Paige, and whatever other crap was hogging up airtime a few months ago.

  3. underyourwing Says:

    ‘andre’ is stefano’s SON? on what planet?

  4. fluffysmom Says:

    I wonder if Lani will have any info on Ben. I believe it was in Miami where Paige and Eve met Ben. If not it seems like a huge coincidence that she is a police officer transferring from Miami just as Ben is committing murders.

  5. marypickford Says:

    That poem is awesome! But no line rhyming “killing Alice” with “a doughnut of malice”?

    I agree that I prefer this Ben reveal to six months of tease and an inevitably lame twist after all that build-up. I do hope for more twists. Even if Ben is behind these three attacks they could have someone else do a copycat thing, kill someone and hope it’s attributed to the serial killer.

  6. Jamie Says:

    That poem is everything! I keep reading it, I’ve almost committed it to memory. Wondering if it would make a good tramp stamp… LOL

  7. ADW Says:

    Abe’s daughter, Bingo! Abe hooked up with a Tamara Price some 20-30 years ago prior to Lexi and prior to knowing his son Brandon existed. I’m glad I finally know who that chick was in all those selvies with Kate Mansi/Abbie on social media. I’m assuming Lani will be friends with Abbie in the show aside from real life? Some people thought she was Paige’s boring friend and I was like “noooo.”
    As far as Andre, I have a hunch that perhaps Daphne Dimera (Stefano’s late wife) was actually pregnant with twins from different fathers like Sami; Andre is Stefano’s biological son and as we know Tony is the product of Daphne shagging the Gardner. Perhaps Stefano for some unbeknownst reason which is likely not relevant anymore gave Andre to his sibling to raise???

    • mykleraus Says:

      Yeah, the “Price” thing seems like a clear tie to history. I don’t hate the idea, as long as they give them actual story out of this.

      Your theory about André makes as much sense as anything. Maybe that could help explain why Stefano thought Tony wasn’t his son but then later did? They’ve reversed that several times now.

      • Cyn Says:

        I thought Andre had plastic surgery way back to make himself look like Tony in order to impersonate him.

      • mykleraus Says:

        That was the original story. Tony wasn’t being the “good DiMera soldier” Stefano wanted, so Stefano gave Andre plastic surgery to impersonate Tony — after which I think he put on a Roman mask and committed the Salem Slasher killings.

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