Daddy’s Home!

Maybe it was the trio of margaritas I had at Taco Tuesday, but when I came home last night and turned on Days — which, I’m just recording the POP evening re-airings at this point, because at least this way I can watch the damn show instead of finding half of it missing due to some idiotic “news” interruption every other day — I was so into it that I put down my phone, closed my laptop, and just watched. For the entire hour.

How did it take us so long to get Eve and Kate together?

Screen Shot 2015-09-23 at 10.33.43 AM

What fabulous scenes those were. Eve’s grief is so raw, and both the writing and the performance have her a hair away from snapping at any second. I loved that look she got in her eye when Kate mentioned knowing Eve had been a prostitute, the way she was ready to jump across the table and rip that green streak right out of Kate’s head, and then how Eve’s whole demeanor transformed when Kate revealed that she, too, was in “the life.” (Do actual prostitutes call it that? It sounds like the way that everyone in Salem is always going about about “making love,” a phrase that zero percent of actual real people use.) And it was a pleasure to see Kate genuinely connect with another woman, which happens so rarely; we got to see some real depth there. As much as I love her marching around like a badass bitch, it’s necessary to see these vulnerabilities. Just really, really impressive scenes — and they weren’t even concerned with pushing any particular story points!

I must question the way sound travels in Salem, though. Kate and Eve could hear each other muttering from across the club, but later on, they couldn’t hear a single word Rafe and Eduardo were barking at one another?!

Which brings us to Eduardo.

Screen Shot 2015-09-23 at 10.32.42 AM

I’ve never felt like the show suffered because of any “Hernandez invasion,” but I can see why people became annoyed at their presence. That said, I’m 100% sold on this addition. In his two days onscreen so far, A Martinez has blown me away. Eduardo is scum, but there’s this air of… I don’t know, regret around him that kind of makes you see how he could have possibly justified walking out on two families. He’s bringing out fantastic stuff in his scene partners, too, which is as much a credit to the actor as it is to the writing. Monday’s scenes between Eduardo and Eve felt like we were watching two very flawed people discuss actual long-ago onscreen history, not a total newbie and a recast of a long-gone character present information for the first time. And making Paige his daughter is a really smart tie. I love the potential in all this.

Though, it must be said: if Rafe wants to rail at one of his parents, maybe he shouldn’t focus on the guy who abandoned them for decades, but rather on the mother who’s been too busy for six years to visit for her son’s wedding, her daughter’s death, the birth of her granddaughter, her other daughter’s imprisonment for murder, etc.? Lady, I know you “fell hanging the drapes” sometime in 2011, but that excuse has worn more than a little thin!

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7 Comments on “Daddy’s Home!”

  1. Jamie Says:

    What a great episode! I loved the scenes with Kate and Eve. I hadn’t realized that they haven’t had a scene together until that moment when Kate first approached her. The raw emotion that we got to see…and, like you said, we got to see the vulnerable side of Kate, which is always great to watch.

    It adds so much to the story of Paige (again, here’s where Paige is a better character dead than she ever was alive) by having Rafe and (soon) Gabi find out they had another sister who was murdered.

    I can’t wait to see A. Martinez and Camila Banus back on screen together!

    And, Kate at the end when she turned and looked at Eduardo. All I could think was Kate was thinking “there’s a guy I just saw two different people yell at…he must be a really bad guy…..I’d fuck him.”

    • mykleraus Says:

      I had the same thought about Kate. “A guy with a bad temper who abandons families? AND I’ve already f***ed his son? Sign me up!”

      I agree that this is a(nother) instead of the idea of Paige working better than she did as a live character. It’s nice that they’re getting some real impact out of the fact that she existed, as opposed to her just disowning Eve, going to Stanford, and never being mentioned again.

  2. marypickford Says:

    Jamie, LOL! That’s exactly what Kate was thinking.

    I already feel like Eddy belongs in Salem, and that hasn’t always been the case when a well-known actor joins the cast. I love how this is going to change the dynamic for Rafe in investigating this case. This is so much better than him finding out Paige was his sister when she was still alive. On Days, that tends to lead to happy insta-family scenes that have no emotional resonance whatsoever. (See Narita, Paul and Black, John.) This gives Rafe a personal stake, but it might also cloud his judgment … I’ll be curious to see. And regardless, it gives him a powerful source of regret, that he never knew her, and a reason to interact with Eve and be even more angry with Eddy.

    • mykleraus Says:

      He fits very, very well. It’s impressive. And a lot of it is thanks to the writing, which has positioned him in interesting dynamics — as opposed to, say, Serena, who just showed up, was praised by everyone, was accepted by Eric, and was rude to Nicole.

      Totally agree about Paige’s connection being revealed posthumously. I didn’t need to see Rafe and Paige angry at each other for ten minutes before deciding to get chowder at the Pub and then acting as if they’d been siblings their whole lives.

  3. underyourwing Says:

    how sad paige is better dead than alive…….jesu!

  4. fluffysmom Says:

    LMAO at Mama Hernandez’s lame excuse wearing thin.

    I’m thrilled with A Martinez’s portrayal of Eduardo so far. I agree that it feels like he’s been in Salem far longer than a few days. Kate definitely wants to find out what he’s like in the sack.

    Eve and Kate’s scenes were terrific. I’m thrilled to have so many relevant historical mentions. It’s good to see Kate showing a sensitive sight.

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