Behind Closed Doors

What’s that, Joey? You’ve been taking lessons from Melanie?

Screen Shot 2015-09-22 at 9.16.18 AM

I hope she warned you about the life raft!

I love the idea of Joey stowing along on Steve’s mission. It adds a fun additional dimension to what would otherwise be a solo trip, and it helps expand the character. I’m liking James Lastovic so far. He’s definitely green, but he’s already loosening up, and they’ve been smart in not having him drive scenes or story yet. He’s also probably getting the best boot camp a young actor on this show could get, sharing scenes with Mary Beth Evans, Stephen Nichols, Kristian Alfonso, and the like. Fingers crossed that they approach the rest of the incoming teens as deftly.

Lots of odd information coming out in the Bo story, though. I’m optimistic that they’ll make it all work — and the Steve/Victor scenes have remained fun — but that whole thing about NotBritta in the security image was odd. I wasn’t even sure what we were supposed to think. That was clearly a woman in, what, her early 30s? Steve believes that the ISA thinks Bo is colluding with a woman who might be Britta, who died in like 1986, was already in her 20s then, and had a tattoo in a different place? Ooooookay. I’m hopeful that this is all going to add up to something interesting, and I’m at least intrigued, but it also has the potential to turn into a total mess. Meanwhile, Caroline never had Alzheimer’s, and even though I initially bristled at the retcon, I think it works. They aren’t rewriting history so that she was never sick; it’s just a different neurological disorder, one for which there’s totally going to be a cure, because while I think the show has done an admirable job weaving in the Alzheimer’s thread (and Peggy McCay has done some very strong work!), it’s getting to the point where it’s a little unbelievable that she hasn’t degenerated at all beyond occasionally referring to relatives by the wrong name.

Screen Shot 2015-09-22 at 9.11.48 AM

In less-serious news, did anyone else find it bizarre that this Martin mansion appears to have an inside front door? Caroline, standing in what appeared to be the foyer with Maggie and Julie, said she was going to check on the carpets in the hallway, and then she opened a front door — the one pictured behind her — and walked into what appeared to be yet another foyer, with a front door of its own. Is Caroline going so crazy that she thinks she’s at the Martin mansion, but she’s really just in one of those weird four-sided door displays at Home Depot?!

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7 Comments on “Behind Closed Doors”

  1. marypickford Says:

    I love that I don’t know if the house is really haunted or not. I wouldn’t be surprised!

    I was baffled by the Britta mention. I think it was really the picture that made it not work. They should have showed us a blurry, black and white photo of a blonde, where the tattoo (on her thigh!) was just barely visible. The idea of someone (who?) knowing Bo well enough to know he knew Britta but not knowing she died — 29 years ago! Like you say, ooooookay.

    I love the fact that Joey tagged along on Steve’s trip. I think this will be really fun.

  2. underyourwing Says:

    maybe it’s a mini Winchester House……if anyone knows what that is in San Jose, CA….. no matter where you went there you were.

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