Race to the… Somewhere

I’m no longer bored to tears or driven to drink just to get through an episode of Days. That’s big. And I see a lot of the puzzle pieces coming together in interesting ways. This is all a major improvement over where we were, say, three months ago.

That said, does the pacing feel colossally screwy to anyone else? I keep wondering if episodes were re-edited and things were cut. That jump to the next morning on last Friday’s episode was strange, considering that almost nothing that happened in the morning couldn’t have just happened later that night. Chad was tossed in a jail cell at the end of Friday’s show, and by the beginning of Monday’s, he was being released. What was the point, aside from ending the week on a dramatic-seeming note? Perhaps worst of all, we never saw Theresa, Jennifer, or Abigail learn about or react to Paige’s death in any significant way.

Screen Shot 2015-09-15 at 10.00.35 AM

I mean, Jen is clearly in mourning, as she’s sporting this Muumuu of Sorrow that she borrowed from Stevie Nicks, but still. JJ and Jen jumped right to talking about Clyde and the undercover case. Abigail was all over defending Chad (scenes which were very interesting — I loved Abigail’s line, “Don’t listen to him. He’s being hateful and… Stefano!”) with nary a concern for her brother or the young woman who was just murdered. Everything just feels strange and rushed, even if what does make it onscreen largely works. I’m hoping things settle down as the new writers get their stuff into place, but right now, I’m struggling to understand why we’re rushing through so much material.

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16 Comments on “Race to the… Somewhere”

  1. underyourwing Says:

    maybe the writing team got dosed???? if not, we should be……(anyone got some?)

    yet another pet peeve…..

    .clyde just waltzes into Petrified’s home without being invited, sooner than later removes his coat and ….sits down……did he sit down? ah who cares?

    anyway, i just wish he would have cruised into the kitchen and made his self a tunafish sammich while he so lovingly continuing to threaten
    stevies sister…..

    cannot WAIT to see clyde ENDED.

    • mykleraus Says:

      Those scenes were so creepy. But they were actually well done, because Clyde was basically pissing all over the place and freaking Jen out. He definitely has no manners!

      • underyourwing Says:

        creepy = understatement…. i know it will never happen but just once i wish someone put in this situation would sooner than later just gently respond: all righty then, sucks seeing ya buh bye as they walk them to the door and shove them out slamming the door. but i concur: tres creepy….

      • mykleraus Says:

        Everyone’s always showing up! Call first!

  2. underyourwing Says:

    ok i am so sorry but i can’t wait for todays episode recapish….

    i only have 5 words to say anyways:


  3. marypickford Says:

    The other thing I don’t like about this team’s pacing is how the same story will be on 3-5 days in a row and then disappear for a week. It’s weird and jarring.

    I agree that Abby should have been in more scenes, or any scenes!, with JJ and Jennifer after Paige’s death. I don’t mind not seeing them find out, but we should see her worrying and thinking about him.

    • mykleraus Says:

      The pacing is funky. I can’t tell if this is their idea of ‘primetime’ or what.

      You’re right about Abby. We didn’t necessarily have to see her find out, but it should’ve been addressed. Even in those scenes with Chad, she never had a moment of “I can’t believe sweet Paige is dead” or “I’m so worried about JJ spinning out because of this” or SOMETHING.

  4. Dan Says:

    I think this quote from our new headwriter Josh Griffith explains it all:

    “So you really have to look at where you want to go as opposed to where it is and then make it happen. Sometimes it’s an easy transition, sometimes, you gotta blow stuff up.”

    Griifth refuses to accept what was on the canvas. Granted, he was given a gold opportunity to rip apart the canvas, but his choices are bizarre.A lot of this is all paint by numbers fanfiction that is very uninspiring. Griffith’s work on “Hollywood Heights” had potential with typical soap tropes, but it just never completely gelled.

    This J.J. / Clyde / Ben / Abigail /Jennifer story is fascinating. I think this was the original plan when Clyde was a six monther. This may have been even why Cole came back. I feel like Kyle is a repeat of Cole. I hope the show keeps Jennifer in the center of this.

    A lot of this doesn’t feel like Higley. Higley was never this fast and she never misses the chance to go for the emotional meat in the material. The emotion may not align with what the Internet audience expects of the character, but it’s there. The Maggie / Victor / Caroline material feels like Higley. The Chad / Abby angst has a Higley feel. Also pairing Nicole, Kate, and Theresa in some bizarre fashion scenario seems Higley. Now, I’m starting to sound like one of the insane internet fans who will only credit the good to the writer they hate less.

    • mykleraus Says:

      I really don’t know Griffith’s work well enough to pick it apart — most of his OLTL is so intertwined with Michael Malone’s work, and he wasn’t on Y&R alone long enough for me to judge — but this definitely doesn’t feel exactly like either of Higley’s previous runs. I do think there was a mandate, or at least pressure, to clean up what wasn’t working ASAP. Clearly Corday and Meng realized that Serena, the Westons, and Paige weren’t fan favorites, but I think what got overlooked in that blanket decision was that a lot of that was execution more than concept.

      I keep forgetting that the beginning of Higley 2.0 was very messy. It was like couples roulette, with Philip bouncing from Belle to Chloe to Morgan to Steph to Melanie, and the random Chloe/Lucas hookup turning into an engagement in three months, etc. I wonder now if some of that was just sorting out which stories she wanted to tell. Remember that weird Bo-is-psychic interlude with him seeing Hope and Roman in bed? It seems like that was a stab at figuring out how to do the Bo/Hope schism that would be exacerbated by Ciara’s kidnapping, and then Carly fell into their laps and they had enough meat to tell a story and the psychic crap was never mentioned again.

      Anyway, yeah, it’s really tough to tell. The pacing feels schizo, but I remember having to make some leaps (Philip being in love with and wanting to marry Melanie after months of her just being some nuisance; Sami getting pregnant and raced into Witness Protection; Chloe and Philip having that forced one-night stand) to get into the great Higley 2.0 stories. So if that’s what this period is, fine. I think the ready-made drug story is really working, and those Clyde/Jen scenes were terrific. These writers have really made something significant of a bunch of pieces that hadn’t quite fit together before. Maybe they shouldn’t have been so quick to cast off other elements (Aiden, for one!).

      • Dan Says:

        I don’t argue the “clean it up” mandate, which I could argue wasn’t the issue, but that is for another day. And, again, you’re right that the issue was execution not characters. Jerry ver Dorn made a wonderful comment once, “Daytime is about evolution, not revolution.” Even if DOOL wasn’t working, tearing the show apart for the fiftieth time in a few years was not the solution. I would love to send Ken Corday a letter telling him the reason the initial purge worked was because the onscreen stories were consistent. What I watched today is almost a completely different show from the one airing less than a month ago.

        A lot of the crazy from Higley 2.0 could be explained. Sami’s WP story was Alison Sweeney’s maternity leave exit. I’m glad Stan didn’t return. When I returned, Phillip was with Morgan, but in the streamlining the show went with Phillip / Stephanie / Melanie. And you are right, it was overnight. Melanie went from using Nick and annoying Stephanie about hanging with her brother Max to Stephanie and Melanie working at Titan overnight and suddenly swooning over him. However, this made sense given what the show needed to do. Choe and Lucas was longer than three months. Lucas and Chloe hooked up in July and didn’t become engaged until January. In December, it was clear we were going to get Kate / Daniel / Chloe / Lucas. I felt that made sense.

        I’ll always defend Bo’s psychic visions. It was a very Reilly-esque story grounded in reality as it is none in Salem. Peter Reckell had just one an Emmy and Corday said “Reckell will be featured.” Higley kept Hope and Bo ground in Zach’s death. During Higley 2.0, it was the quintessential moment in their marriage. All the visions revolved around that. The first involved Theo’s disappearance and involved a touching forgiveness scene between Chelsea and Hope. The second involved the “Mayor’s Killer” and Hope shooting Kayla. Bo refused to tell Hope about it and then it happened. Hope was suspended because Bo refused to let Hope shoot knowing it would hit Kayla. Had he approved the shot, as he should have, Hope would be in the clear. Again, it was about that trust that Bo continued to undermine in his marriage to Hope. Then, we got the kidnapping which was the ultimate blow. I think Hope / Bo would have separated over the lingering feelings about the kidnapping and Hope would have hooked up with Justin.

        You make valid points about some of the forcing of the puzzle pieces, but I’m not seeing where things will go after the story ends. Higley 2.0 and even early Tomsell would end a story, but always have a hint at the next stage of that character’s journey. I’m not seeing this right now.

      • mykleraus Says:

        I didn’t mean to imply that Bo’s brief psychic stint made no sense within the show or there wasn’t anything good that came from it — just that they were clearly laying groundwork in one way and then sort of veered right when other stuff clicked into place. I thought all the trust issues over Zack’s death worked REALLY well, and I never understand why people saying killing him was “cheap” — the show got years of story for Bope out of it. I just remember, when that whole thing started out, being like, “Oh god, this is going to be a JER-style mess.” And then it kind of just fell by the wayside. I’m hoping some of these forced little setups are the same: things that rub me a little funny at first but wind up being worthwhile in the end.

        But, like you say, I’m worried they’re just racing through potential story to get to some end goal that’s just… everyone being together. Which isn’t an interesting show.

        I do think wiping out Serena and Paige was something of a good-faith gesture to the fans, like, “We know these two haven’t worked, and we won’t force you to sit through them anymore.” Which, fine. It’s creating story for Chad and Abigail, Eric, JJ, Eve, etc. So that’s cool. At least Eve plays for a little while longer, so maybe her exit is totally organic or they really do run out of clear story for her or something. Or maybe KdP had just had it. But I share your concern that we’re going to wind up with a show full of supercouples hanging out together while Chad and Abigail get the one angsty love story and everyone else just walks around.

  5. underyourwing Says:

    i honestly have no clue who writes/guides what….i just know what i feel -what speaks to me and what i like and want to see more or less of…..

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