Another Exit

I had a feeling this one was coming, but after the rash of exits were announced over the summer, I thought it might not happen…


Serial Scoop reports that Kassie DePaiva, who plays Eve Baron/Donovan/Larson, is the latest actor leaving Days.

Since Days tapes so far ahead, DePaiva will remain onscreen for several more months. She has a big story coming up with A Martinez, who is joining the show as Eduardo, Eve’s ex. We also know, thanks to a recent DePaiva interview, that she will be singing on the Days Christmas episode.

Eve’s exit will not be tied to the serial killer storyline which has resulted in the deaths of Serena Mason (Melissa Archer) and Eve’s daughter, Paige Larson (True O’Brien), with more deaths to come.

The article makes it sound like it might have been KdP’s choice to exit. I’ve really enjoyed a lot of her performances on Days, but they haven’t seemed to have much of a vision for the character of Eve beyond “sparring partner for Jennifer” and “foil for JJ and Paige.” She’s had interesting chemistry with Greg Vaughn (Eric), Galen Gering (Rafe), and Wally Kurth (Justin), but none of that has amounted to much, at least so far. I’m wondering if the A Martinez character will wind up having been Paige’s biological father; I’ve also read that he’s playing Rafe’s father, so maybe Eve just happens to have been involved with him in the past. We’ll see. Anyway, it sounds like she’s going to be around for quite a while. I’m sad to see a talented actress lose a job, and there’s a lot of untapped potential both for Eve and for this portrayer, but it’s tough to see this as a major loss for the show otherwise.

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14 Comments on “Another Exit”

  1. Farah Says:

    Watching KDP this past week, just made it clear it how badly utilized she was under TomSell. She should’ve been with the big league’s from the beginning. A Justin/Jennifer/Eve triangle would’ve been fun.

    • mykleraus Says:

      Totally. Her breakdown over Paige was great. And she’s had to do so much hyper-emotional stuff either on her own or with no one to play against. It’s a shame they couldn’t find a better use for her than this lame JJ/Paige debacle.

  2. underyourwing Says:

    singing????? remind me to run for the hills….dog knows who else will burst into song……..wink wink. maybe if we are really lucky JJ will pluck the strings on his guitar.

  3. Robbiemac Says:

    I think KdP has been a great part of the show, I think the real logical ending for her DOOL exit is suicide over her guilt of how she crushed Her relationship with Paige.

    • mykleraus Says:

      I would agree with that. It’s super-logical — I’ve actually thought they would go there with her a few times already. I don’t think I want to watch it (nor do I like the idea of a longtime character like Eve ending that way), but I agree that it could make for very riveting TV.

  4. Dan Says:

    Another one bites the dust…

    The show really went hard at eliminating every element from Tomsell. Kassie DePaiva wasn’t the problem. Again, I would kill to know what the original projections were for her return. If the J.J. story hadn’t changed as a result of the Ben story, I always thought Eve’s story would have been bigger. Also, they hinted at Daniel / Eve for a long time, but never went there.

    I think everything had potential. The law suit should have worked. They should have just said Eve had lied about the divorce agreement, which was something Eve would have done. I think I would have tried Daniel and Eve if only to call the duo Evil.

    It’s a shame. I’m amazed by how quickly this show is spoiling the potential they inherited.

    • mykleraus Says:

      I get the impression that they meant to go with a Jen/Daniel/Eve triangle and then backed off. It was definitely teased a bunch of times. The lawsuit also felt like it wrapped up really abruptly, but I’m not sure if there was a plan or if they were sort of coasting on the (exciting-sounding) energy of “Eve comes back and her daughter is dating JJ’s son and it’s a mess!”, which I think can happen with these history-referencing stories. You think you have meat because there’s a lot of stuff to talk about, but the story itself lacks juice without the right planning.

      Now I’m wondering what would’ve happened if they had gone with Eve/Clyde.

  5. ADW Says:

    No more porn music! 😄 I was excited about Eve’s return but, I ended up disappointed as her material written for her was rather marginal at best. I wish Eve was involved in more grown folks s/l. I’ve enjoyed her friendships with Eric, Justin, and Marlena however it was too little too late. I can’t say I didn’t revel in a reprise of Eve’s long standing vendetta with Jennifer but, there had to be something more substantial. Also, I’m still reeling from her affair with JJ and how she overly smothered Paige. KDP is a suberb actress though and like True O’Brien/Paige she really got shafted by the writers. I doubt Eve will be offed by the serial killer so, I’m speculating:
    a.) she goes to a mental facility
    b.) she moves back to LA near Kimberly/Shane
    c.) she drinks a fish bowl of wine, runs over Daniel, and hits a tree killing them both

    • mykleraus Says:

      C would be fine. Although I’d really like to see her exit on something of a hopeful night. She’s got to be one of the saddest characters in Days history, at least in this run. Literally nothing good has happened to this woman in, what, a year and a half?

      I think the root of the problem might’ve been that Eve was tossed in as a last-minute foil for JJ/Paige because their story was dull, so TPTB thought that giving it layers with the Jen/Eve history would help. And it helped somewhat, but Eve was sort of left adrift. Based on the way Theresa, Paige, and JJ all interacted before it was revealed that Paige was Eve’s daughter, no one is going to convince me that it was the plan all along for Eve to be her mom. I think they probably started talking about Paige having a meddlesome mom and then came up with the twist of it being Jen’s old rival.

      • ADW Says:

        Good points. Before Eve arrived, do you remember when Abe saw Paige at Jennifer’s house? He knew her! Abe recognized Paige instantly and mentioned knowing her family. In retrospect, I thought it was odd that Jennifer was right there and Abe didn’t bring up Kimberly and Shane who are mutual family friends. Who else could Abe be Abe referring to? The Donovans are Paige’s only concrete family we know of; there WAS the invisible, mysterious “Cousin Joan” who suddenly flew the coop shorty after Eve arrived but, I doubt Abe was referring her.

      • mykleraus Says:

        There were a couple of things like that. I find it exceptionally weird that Abe wouldn’t have been like, “Hey, do you guys know this is Shane’s granddaughter and Eve’s daughter?” Also, Paige made some comment early on about how she’d been at Salem High all four years. There was definitely a rewrite or retrofitting when they brought Eve on as her mom.

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