Major Star OUT!

Hiding this behind a cut for the spoiler-averse. But this is one you’re gonna want to know about…


THERE IS A GOD — and I mean a real one, not the ill-groomed, sanctimonious one Days has been trying to foist on us for nearly eight years! According to Serial Scoop, Shawn Christian is out as Daniel Jonas!

And there’s more!

It looks like the controversial doctor–beloved by some viewers and maligned by others as overexposed–will not be making it out of Salem alive. But unlike the recent deaths of Serena Mason (Melissa Archer) and Paige Larson (True O’Brien), Daniel will not be a victim of the serial killer; he’s going to the great beyond in another way.

I can’t breathe. I think I’ve had dreams about this. And for the record, I have nothing against Shawn Christian. He’s a good-looking, perfectly serviceable actor (who often needs a haircut) who had the good fortune to be cast in a role that for some reason several consecutive writing regimes felt was so vital to the show that it had to be reshaped around him.

I can only imagine what sort of insane, horrific two-week funeral we’re going to have to sit through — “Tommy Horton returns to Salem after all these years to mourn a man whose legend he heard about!” “Alice Horton is exhumed so that Daniel, the greatest doctor in history, can be buried beside Tom Horton!” — but it means he’s going away. He’s going away. I don’t think I’ve been this relieved about a single piece of casting news since the announcement that Shawn and Belle were being written out in 2008. Oddly, Daniel came on the scene right after they left… and now Belle, the original Sainted Airhog, will be back just as he’s going. But still. Still! It’s a happy day and I’m not going to let anything ruin it.

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22 Comments on “Major Star OUT!”

  1. Dan Says:

    I’m up in the air on this one.

    I think Daniel has run his course. His current relationship with Nicole seems like it is coming to a natural end and I really would prefer not to revisit Daniel and Jennifer. I would rather see Daniel disgraced at his wedding to Nicole before leaving town to “find himself.”

    On the other hand, I also understand why the show has kept him around. A show that has spent years dealing with “supercouples” very few men on the show are unattached and are genuinely nice people. In a way, Daniel fit the bill. Initially, he wasn’t attached to a Horton, a Brady, a Dimera, or a Kiriakis so he also had the benefit of adding something new.

    For a time, I liked Daniel, particularly during Higley 2.0. MarDar didn’t use him much until they went with Daniel and Nicole. Tomsell went over the top with Daniel and Jennifer and their villain of the month. The last story I liked with Daniel was probably Nicole losing her baby, so that’s been a while. Yet, I’d rather deal with Daniel than Rafe, who is quickly usurping Daniel’s place as the Salem Saint.

    • mykleraus Says:

      I didn’t dislike Daniel for a while. I think it really kicked in after the Nicole baby story. The amount of attention he got was just insane, and his and Jennifer’s juvenile misunderstandings were exhausting. It’s died down recently, but there was that long period where it legitimately felt like scenes and stories were being written just to remind us how heroic and amazing Daniel was. It was so strange.

      I actually really liked him as Melanie’s dad and Carly’s co-parent during Higley 2.0. I thought it was an interesting softening of the character. And I liked the potential of him and Jen at first. Making him Maggie’s son was really the beginning of the end, though.

      But yeah, now Rafe is just taking on that same assholish attitude. Great.

  2. marypickford Says:

    Whoo hoo! I’m with you, I’m very happy about this.

    Curious what this means for Eric and Nicole. I don’t want her going to Eric just because Daniel dies. Interesting that he dies but NOT by being a victim of the SK? Illness?

    I see some people are saying Daniel might be the killer, but wouldn’t the show keep his exit under wraps if that’s the case?

    Anyway, so happy he’s leaving!

    • mykleraus Says:

      I hope they bother to tell a triangle with him, Nicole, and Eric instead of just having him die (heroically, I AM SURE) when it’s time to leave and then Eric helps a grieving Nicole pick up the pieces. I could see him dying while saving Nicole’s life, and then she’s guilty because she was harboring feelings for Eric, and she can’t let herself be with Eric, etc…

      • marypickford Says:

        I’m thinking it will be something like that, she’s drawn to Eric but part of the reason she doesn’t break up with Daniel is he’s sick, or he was injured, or he dies protecting her and she feels guilty. A week ago I would be more worried there would be no triangle before he died, but this Basic Black thing seems to be clearly setting one up.

        And I do think it’s POSSIBLE he’s the killer. I don’t see the motive, but when did that ever stop Days? 🙂

      • mykleraus Says:

        I don’t think it’s impossible for him to wind up being the killer. I’d be surprised but not shocked.

        The end of this past week definitely implied there’s plenty of Eric/Nicole/Daniel story left, so I’m optimistic they are getting back to it.

  3. ADW Says:

    On tap for this fall/winter: “Four Weddings and a funeral” times seven. 😄
    I can’t say I’m surprised. I agree his character has run its course and he’s been backburned lately. Also, it was speculated for months that Shawn Christian was leaving the show. I think his contract was up this upcoming February but, I know he could be released at anytime prior to that in a 13 week cycle.
    I’m interested to see how he goes out. Skin cancer?

  4. fluffysmom Says:

    I wonder if Parker’s paternity could possibly be changed back to Philip since Daniel is going to die.

    Maybe Daniel will die trying to save Jennifer, JJ or Abigail from Clyde.

  5. rustyspigot Says:

    Maybe he will drown in a giant vat of self tanner. I am not looking forward to Maggie’s Queen Victoria style mourning period following this.

  6. Farah Says:

    Let’s take a drink for all the characters and couples that have been scarified for Daniel.

    – His original victims Chelsea & Nick.
    – Nick was also sacrificed for his terrible daughter, I chose to blame him too.
    – Lucas was thrown under Daniel and Chloe.
    – Kate went temporarily insane because of Daniel’s d*ck.
    – Chloe was then thrown under for Daniel.
    – Philip and Chloe were ruined in favor of the terrible twosome.
    – Carly went insane because of Daniel’s d*ck.
    – Jack and Jennifer were ruined in favor of Daniel.
    – Jack died in order to make way for Dannifer.
    – Jennifer was ruined for Daniel.
    – Nicole was ruined for Dannifer.
    – Maggie was ruined for Daniel.

    He’s truly the worst thing to happen to Days because he was pimped in favor of fan favorites characters and couples.

    • mykleraus Says:

      It’s horrifying! And none of those things were even necessary. Daniel/SC were likable enough without all the excessive propping. It’s amazing that JJ made it out relatively unscathed.

  7. underyourwing Says:

    only 2 women were dickmatized by the good doc? G A S P…..

  8. Jamie Says:

    I predict Maggie singing “Danny Boy” at some point during the funeral/mourning.

    I liked Daniel once upon a time. He was interesting and always sexy. Now, he’s just a total bore who spends his time trying to tell everyone else how to live their lives…and he always looks dusty.

    • mykleraus Says:

      I didn’t mind him for the first few years, and I saw his value as a guy without a ton of convoluted backstory and not related to everyone in town. The writing for him did such a 180 in 2012-ish. He’s been unbearable since.

  9. underyourwing Says:

    don’t forget this guy is (supposedly) a surfer….i say he goes on a vaycay and word gets back to salem, some how by some one…..

    he was gnawed to death by a a school of piranhas…..
    nice, tidy, clean. gone. he already has his funeral…….at sea. cowabunga dude.

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