Cheers & Jeers

Lots to talk about. So that’s (mostly) a good thing. Let’s start with some things that made me happy.

Screen Shot 2015-09-09 at 10.51.14 PM

Hope’s house! This set makes me so nostalgic. It always makes me think of those wonderful times when Crazy Ass Laura lived there with Fake Jen and Mike and those robotic Abigail twins and maybe even Fake Jacks 1 & 2 (how many bedrooms does this place have?!), and Hope trying to set Bo on fire in that living room, and lots of other nonsense. Sigh. In the same vein…

Screen Shot 2015-09-09 at 10.39.42 PM

The real police station! We’ve watched a lot of idiocy go down here. Seeing these old sets really just makes me feel like there’s some kind of commitment to broadening the feel of the show and not being content to have it just be a bunch of random scenes of people wandering around a four-foot park.

Screen Shot 2015-09-09 at 10.52.18 PM

YASSSSSS! Honestly, that was such a fun, eerie shot to end an episode on, and it solidified the whole “We’re dealing with a serial killer” setup. (It also helps that this story is thus far 1000% less stupid than the Salem Stalker.) And yeah, a lot of people have been eager to have Paige off their screens for a long time, and yeah, it does sort of feel like a gift to have both her and Serena violently murdered instead of simply “leaving town,” never to be discussed again. But I really think this is a great move. Casey Moss (JJ) and Kassie dePaiva (Eve) both gave great performances in Thursday’s episode, and the potential for story to grow out of this is so much greater than the potential for Paige, a blandly conceived character who never really sparked. Eve will be out for blood; it’ll help bond Eve/Justin; it’ll have repercussions for Jennifer, Theresa, and Daniel; it adds a really compelling layer to JJ’s undercover mission and the Clyde entanglement. So while I’m thrilled not to have to spend another day thinking about whether Paige will go to Stanford, I’m grateful to see the show actually building story instead of rushing it offscreen.

Which brings me to the negative. (Minor spoilers based on casting toward the end of the post…)

Screen Shot 2015-09-09 at 11.10.07 PM

Nothing right now has me more annoyed than the weak, bullshit choice to have Aiden working for Stefano. Of course he’s working for Stefano DiMera, the man who never met a scheme too convoluted to put into action. They explicitly had Aiden state that Stefano “brought [him] to Salem.” Let’s get this straight: Stefano recruited some random, handsome lawyer from Portland with a blackmail-worthy past, made him come to Salem, manipulated St. Luke’s Academy so that Aiden and Hope would be forced to work on a bake sale together, was fine with Aiden’s strategy of being a raging dick to Hope for months, and expected that this would all somehow lead to Hope being over Bo for good. What?! That is almost as batshit crazy as André’s Melaswen plot. What makes me angriest — aside from the fact that it’s lazy and washes away the much more compelling story of Hope genuinely being torn — is the fact that it doesn’t even track with Aiden’s introduction or the progression of his romance with Hope. I’m excited by the prospect of Bo finding his way home just as Hope is about to marry Aiden, but that would be so much juicier if he weren’t just able to reveal that Aiden’s working for Stefano and wipe away the whole relationship. Ugh.

Screen Shot 2015-09-09 at 10.46.44 PM

I have really enjoyed the development of Lauren Boles’s version of Ciara. She’s hilarious, and she’s one of those secondary characters who’s really fleshed out this newer version of Salem. I’ll be sad to see her go. But I also understand why they would want to tell this upcoming story with a more mature actress as Bo and Hope’s daughter, and Boles is just hitting that awkward age where she’s still a child but not so little that anything she says or does is cute. Ciara has been sort of a joke character (in a good way), but I do see the wisdom in making her more of a fully fleshed-out cast member for what lies ahead. That said, it’s so awkward to me to have Child Ciara appearing now — after Teen Joey has debuted, and when Teen Ciara is only weeks away. Will Bo have been gone since Ciara was a kid or just since she started junior high? God help us all if this Ciara ever appears in scenes with or is even referenced in relation to the new Joey. My head will 100% guaranteed explode.

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13 Comments on “Cheers & Jeers”

  1. underyourwing Says:

    loved hope and bo’s home. loved the colors. just well done. for once ciara did not annoy me. very grown up little girl and excellent acting……

    ditto on aiden and paige…..(the last page on paige)…..

    am anxious for chad to be exonerated …. how could clyde drug his booze which is what appears to be happening?? i am sure they will dream up some cockamamie reason for this…… and i am curious how this whole thing is going to go down with hope and that weasel aiden…. bo will save the day. ( how much more trauma must she endure???)

    • mykleraus Says:

      Ciara’s precociousness is hilarious when written well (which it usually is). If these were her final scenes, I loved the shoutouts to her fight with Sami over those damn earrings.

      I appreciated that the decor in Hope’s house looked different than the other homes. It was much lighter and brighter. Everything on this show has a tendency to look the same.

      Chad is totally being drugged, right? I don’t know HOW, but he is.

  2. Gavin Says:

    I was really surprised to see young Ciara – could they really not have brought in the new actress?

    I like the way they have to show dead bodies on a slab now just so it’s clear people are actually dead – like with Nick and Paige. And obviously Kristen was shown injecting EJ so they can justify bringing him back at some point. They haven’t always done the morgue thing, have they?

    I feel like the show is settling into its new groove after a couple of weeks of feeling like whoever was behind the wheel was a little drunk. And I’m finding that I’m fast forwarding less and less.

    I’m also disappointed Aiden couldn’t be a good guy and Hope be torn. I do like that Stefano seems to be back to proper Brady tormenting instead of just worrying about Abigail’s nanny.

    • mykleraus Says:

      I do think this was probably our farewell to Young Ciara, the same way we got those beach scenes with Young Theo a month or two back. Nice of them to do it, since she’s been a really entertaining part of the show for years. I almost wish they’d thrown in some nod before she went upstairs, like, “Stop growing up so fast!” or “I swear, the next time I see you, you’re going to be a grown woman!”

      It’s definitely lurching around less than it was during those 1-2 weeks of HARD change. It’s at least clear what the immediate focuses will be now. I’m not bored, which is truly all I ask.

  3. otherweb1 Says:

    Ding Dong the annoying, boring Beige is dead!!! YESSSSSSSSSSSSSSSS!!! OMG this is gonna be soooooooo awesome with the JJ character repercussions!!!!!!!!!! That poor boy .. this is gonna be a doosy!!! And thanks to the new writers I have faith now that Daniel will get back into his life again 🙂

    And holy shit I had NO IDEA (thank god!!! cuz I HATE spoilers!!!) about Hope’s house! When Aiden slept over a couple of weeks ago then met Clyde outside, I figured that was just a fluke and didn’t want to get my hopes up that it was a clue that the house was coming back! It was so funny because it took me a few seconds after her and Sierra walked in before I registered it! Then it all slowly morphed in a really surreal way and when my brain realized what was going on, for like the 10th time in a week I threw my hands up in the air and screamed because I was so siked!!! I used to do this on a regular basis years ago, and I can’t even begin to explain how happy I am to finally have the show back!!!!!!!!!!! I can’t figure out though yet if the kitchen door is now a window? I hope the kitchen is still there … OMG, what I wouldn’t give for scenes with Hope and Julie/Jennifer having tea and donuts in the kitchen!!!!

    And the police station! WOW!!!!! It’s just all too good to be true! Although, I’m still experiencing some PTSD around the sets … for example, Justin, Rafe, and Roman will all be carrying on in the new set and I will start having flashbacks and seeing the conversation happening in the Blue Room instead!!! Or Hope will be talking to Aiden on her couch and I’ll have a PTSD vision of them sitting on a park bench instead!

    • mykleraus Says:

      There was a dining table in the background of the living room, but it looked like a dining room set and not a kitchen. I didn’t notice the kitchen door having been turned into a window, but I’ll look again. It’s possible (though not really necessary?!).

      The blue room keeps popping up. I’m a little unclear on what place it’s supposed to be most of the time. I couldn’t tell if it was Aiden’s office or Hope’s, since they were both sauntering in and out of there like they owned the place.

  4. marypickford Says:

    I think that might be the last time we see Lauren Boles. I’m just guessing, but they’ll probably want the older actress for when Bo comes back. So they are giving us this last little snippet to set up (probably) her hostility to Bo, how attached she was to Aiden. And letting us say goodbye. She was awesome!

    The Aiden stuff is so annoying. I wasn’t attached to the character, or the Haiden relationship, at all, but they are throwing both under the bus with a vengeance. I liked it when we started seeing him act suspicious – his baby face is a perfect mask for someone who is a little shady. But this is too much. My thought was that if they mhad to introduce this “working for the Dimeras” angle, they should have made it so Stefano approached him later, after he was with Hope, and his money troubles forced him to accept. Because you’re right, the idea that he came to Salem to woo Hope makes no sense for the way their story unfolded.

    Loved seeing Hope’s house again!

    • mykleraus Says:

      I just wrote this in response to another comment, but I definitely think that was our onscreen goodbye to Young Ciara, just like we had those beach scenes with Young Theo. It’s nice of them to do that, since the actors have been really entertaining for years now. I do sorta wish that, when Ciara went upstairs, Hope had gotten some cutesy line like, “Gosh, the next time I see you, you’re probably going to be a woman, the way you’re growing up!” Those little winking in-jokes are cute with stuff like this, in moderation.

      Daniel Cosgrove playing shady is fun. I just wish that they’d come up with a more clever way to do it. Your theory makes a lot more sense — Stefano took advantage of something that was already in play. But it brings me back to my usual question: if he’s so damn determined to keep Hope away from Bo, why not just KILL BO? He’s always locking people up and brainwashing them instead of killing them, which would actually be effective.

  5. Dan Says:

    The sets don’t appeal to me too much. I honestly hate that we are back at the cop shop. None of the investigation stuff really appeals to me other than Chad/Abby angst. I don’t care about Rafe’s love for Hope or the need to use Josh Taylor more than once a week.

    Hope’s house was nice, but there was no need to pull out an entire set like that for the scenes they had. The flashbacks could have been done anywhere especially since they didn’t feature Nighttime Hope torching the hell out of Bo. I wonder if Steve knows that shiznit. Maybe he’d know why Bo hasn’t returned to Salem.

    I’d rather have had them pull out the church set for Serena’s memorial. I would still have shown Eric, Fr. Louis, and the empty room but I would have had both Nicole and Marlena, who would finally get out of John’s bed long enough to support her son, arrive to see Eric through this difficult time. Greg Vaughn did a great job with Eric’s grief over losing Serena, but it’s a shame that they aren’t investing Eric and Nicole/Eric. The fact that Marlena didn’t show supports my whole “John and Marlena against the world” can rarely balance time for their families. It’s really becoming a difficult thing to watch.

    Paige’s death has produced some wonderful material. Moss was fairly effective in those quiet moments in Paige’s dorm room and trying to hold back his anger when accused. DePaiva was great seeing her daughter in the morgue. On the otherhand, who thought it was a great idea to let Roman deliver the news. They know the storylines; they should have had Justin intercede and reveal the news to Eve. Then, Justin could have told the corner to leave Eve with Paige. Later, they could have had Justin apologize to Adrienne for leaving her alone when Sonny was stabbed earlier this year while still playing Eve/Justin. I think it’s little things that make and break a show and while Tomsell could mess up a lot of the big things, it was the small things I tended to appreciate.

    I’m going to try and avoid the Aiden storyline. It’s frustrating to see this all play out. I was pleasantly shocked that Hope accepted Aiden’s proposal. Playing the Stefano angle is the reason I stopped watching MarDar. I don’t even know why Stefano wants Hope and Bo apart. Is Hope about to inherit a piece of land in Alaska from her old ex-husband Larry Welch which is rich in untapped oil? The one issue I have with all this is they are still whitewashing Bo’s actions. We HEARD Hope on the phone with Bo begging him to come home before he was kidnapped. It’s shenangians like these why DAYS was a joke for nearly a decade before Higley 2.0

    Steve’s return continues to be rough. Kayla’s dialogue was really nasty in regards to Steve when discussing Joey. It doesn’t jive with ‘the grand reunion.’ I don’t mind Steve receiving the “Carly Manning” treatement since Steve seems more deserving but can we get a scene with someone who likes Steve. I can’t imagine Adrienne will illicit much sympathy either. And given that Jo killed Nick Coreli because she thought he killed Steve I doubt Eve would give him the time of day. Maybe the underused Jennifer would be more welcoming? I think I need a Steve / Hope scene where Steve admits to Hope that if Hope and Bo are over then he (Steve) believes there is no hope for him and Kayla. And Hope needs to be sympathetic, but also honest about her feelings.

    Anyway, I missed most of today’s episode. Maybe I’ll catch it this weekend. Not feeling like I’m missing much.

    • mykleraus Says:

      I think that’s exactly what is (or should be) fueling Steve: if Hope gives Bo a second chance, then Kayla might give him one. But I do need to have someone point that out, the way he’s running around telling a grown woman that she isn’t allowed to move on with her life. And you’re right: whether or not Bo’s mission eventually went awry and he wound up a captive, he DID choose to stay away from Salem and his family to go on said mission. I have a feeling they’ll retrofit some “I had to stay away to protect them” thing, which, whatever, because I always knew it would happen when Reckell returned, but it isn’t like Hope just up and divorced Bo because she was bored. She agonized over it for a year and kept trying to make plans to see him. I do, however, like how harsh Kayla is being with Steve. I’d much, much rather see a build than just see them slapped back together with the expectation that we applaud.

      I thought it was BIZARRE that none of Eric’s family went to the memorial to support him. That was very strange. Not even Caroline, who — as we know because everyone said it 400 times — owes Serena her life?

      Good point about Justin being the one to tell Eve. I gasped when I realized Roman’s mumbling ass was going to be the one to do it. The scene was fine, but it was pretty much all about KdP’s reaction and not anything deeper, as you suggested, which would’ve been great.

      Aside from nostalgia, I don’t really care what house or police station they show, but we need something. We’ve gotten a LOT of police action the past two years that happens in that goddamned blue room, so anything that creates a central meeting space instead of me having to figure out what building and whose office we’re in is great for me. I really liked seeing Hope, Roman, Rafe, Justin, and whoever else all in that bullpen area the other day. It felt so much more alive than someone waltzing into Hope’s office to chat. (That also reminds me that I wish we’d had a similar space for Titan TV or Sonix or something, to get Nicole and Will interacting…)

      The Aiden stuff flat-out doesn’t make sense. Stefano never even has a motive beyond torturing people. Just KILL BO if you want him out of the picture. (But why?) The big, wild DiMera plots of the 90s worked because there was always something at the core that made sense: Stefano wanted Marlena, Kristen wanted John, Stefano needed to conceal the fact that he was alive, etc. He’s just flat-out fucking with people now, the way this looks.

    • mykleraus Says:

      Oh, and re: Hope’s house — I think, like the Pub, it’s back for good. I’m just happy to have another visible residence and meeting place for people. With Teen Ciara incoming, that unit needs a home base. It’s a good place to use Hope, Bo, Doug, Julie, Maggie, Jen, Ciara, Chase, Aiden, Caroline, etc. I can’t watch these people wandering around the fucking park anymore.

  6. fluffysmom Says:

    I suspect Andre may be the one behind Bo being tortured. Or at the least he’s the one directing the tormentors.

    I guess Stefano’s motivation could go back to the Princess Gina and Hope story. If so, he waited a very long time to exact revenge.

    • mykleraus Says:

      He already tried to revive Princess Gina (and The Pawn/Father John) a few years ago. So if he’s still harping on that, he’s even more of an idiot than I thought! 🙂

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