Nicole Walker: WE NEED TO TALK.

Screen Shot 2015-08-25 at 7.05.55 AM

What are you wearing?! There are many, many situations and venues for which this dress is not okay. Among those:

  • Daytime
  • Court appearances
  • Any job other than appearing on a Real Housewives reunion special

I am truly speechless that she’s marching around town like this. I don’t know if I have the stomach to see what kind of Frederick’s of Hollywood nightmare she shows up to her wedding in.

I know there are rewrites and story shifts afoot, but boy, was that lawsuit thing abrupt and hurried. “I’m suing you, and you have to be in court in one hour!” [one commercial break passes] “Man, that hearing was rough!” If the police didn’t even have enough evidence to pursue charges, how did Nicole have such an airtight case that the judge awarded her hundreds of thousands of damages in the time it took me to make a sandwich?

Screen Shot 2015-08-25 at 7.05.17 AM

Then again, maybe he just wanted to do his part to keep her off the street corner.

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11 Comments on “Objection!”

  1. Jamie Says:

    I’m sorry, I thought she looked HOT! The hair, the make-up, the dress, the attitude…I almost went straight for a second. I do agree it was a very inappropriate dress for the occasion…but she still rocked it!

    That whole trial thing was completely ridiculous! For that entire thing to happen in the span of what seemed to be maybe 2 hours…just so unrealistic. I mean, at least TRY to have an element of reality to the story.

    • mykleraus Says:

      Oh, I didn’t think she looked BAD, just absolutely inappropriate to the point of being ridiculous. Did the summons inform her that the hearing was being held at the VMAs? It just felt cheap and tacky. Wouldn’t someone trying to curry a judge’s sympathy not dress like, “Hey, look what a knockout I am!!!!”?

  2. Mo Says:

    Xander wore his gardening clothes to court too I guess? Hooray for the new writers giving Nicole something to do though! They needed her to step into the “Sami” role when she left town as Salem’s Queen Bee. Will tried, and failed, to capture that crown.

    I don’t even mean as a bad girl. Just a strong lead for the show. Nicole/Zucker has certainly paid her dues and deserves the chance!

    I’m actually starting to feel sorry for Xander. He’s the worst criminal in history and now this. Who said the pretty ones have it easiest in life?

    • mykleraus Says:

      LOL about Xander. Guess he wanted to play on the judge’s sympathies by looking as broke as possible.

      Nicole should absolutely be one of the leads. Even though she isn’t related to anyone on the show, she totally works given her history with just about everyone.

  3. ADW Says:

    Poor Nicole needs more victories with obligatory “happy dances.” 😀 Hopefully one of these days before menopause, Nicole will have at one successful live birth, she’s been such a great Step Mom. You realize IF Nicole marries Dr. Tan, she will have been Melanie’s Step Mom twice?
    I agree w/ you on her ensamble it was way out of place like a early ’90s porn star at church. Also, Nicole’s hair resembled top ramen and was somewhat reminiscent of Justin Timberlake’s bleached curls during his early days with N Sync.

    • mykleraus Says:

      I’ve been thinking about the Nicole/Melanie thing. That’s sooooo weird!

      Her hair is driving me nuts, too. The fuller hair works in theory, but it’s overdone. There’s a giant lump sticking up in the back. It’s just alarming to me that they make a BEAUTIFUL woman look this awful every damn day!

  4. fluffysmom Says:

    Nicole is sorta related to Abe since her brother is Abe’s son. Not we see Abe much.

    • mykleraus Says:

      They interestingly played that angle with Taylor — they had her come on as super-close with Abe, Lexie, and Theo due to the Brandon connection. It was random but I appreciated the creative tie.

      I hadn’t really thought of it this way, but Nicole is also another connection for about-to-be-teen Theo, since they share a brother.

  5. […] Meanwhile, Brady has Daniel’s heart, so he’s having visions of Nicole in her prostitute get-up from the time she sued Serena and Xander in the course of an afternoon. […]

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