First Look: New Faces

There’s a group of new characters set to show up in Salem in the coming months. If you read casting news and/or spoilers, you probably already know who I’m talking about. Now, for the first time, we have some solid info from the show itself.

Screen Shot 2015-08-17 at 10.20.27 AM

This TVInsider article offers a sneak peek at what we can expect out of the new crop of Salem teens: Theo, Claire, Chase, Ciara, and Joey. What I appreciate most is that it doesn’t sound like we’re going to get a bunch of newbies slapped onscreen all at once:

On August 28, Patch and Kayla’s son Joey, last seen as a 6-year-old, will pop up as a troubled teen played by newcomer James Lastovic. This fall, we’ll also see a suddenly sprouted Ciara Brady (Vivian Jovanni) and Chase Jennings (Jonathon McClendon), both arriving October 30. Then comes Theo Carver (Kyler Pettis) on November 3, followed by Claire Brady (Olivia Keegan) November 25.

The full article has some commentary from Ken Corday on what we can expect from these kiddos. I’m cautiously optimistic that the introduction of these young adults will be a way of generating new story that ties back to the core of Days of Our Lives and gives new energy to characters we know and love, like Hope, Bo, Kayla, Steve, Abe, Stefano, and more.

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19 Comments on “First Look: New Faces”

  1. Robbiemac Says:

    I still think the idea of aging Ciara, Chase and Theo into teenagers is ridiculous. The last we saw them, within the last month, they were in what…5th grade? This new cast will absolutely not work for me. We haven’t seen Joey for many moons so maybe that one will work and who is Claire Brady? That one might work too since I can’t even remember who she is. Can anyone enlighten me on Claire?

    • Dan Says:

      Claire is the daughter of Shawn Douglas Brady and Belle Black Brady. Briefly, Phillip Kiriakis believed he was her father. All of these characters will be back on the canvas. On the canvas currently, Claire’s grandparents are around (Hope, Marlena, and John) and the missing one (Bo) is set to arrive prior to Claire’s arrival.

      I don’t mind the aging. The natural story to tell with Bo-Hope-Aiden is revisiting Meredith’s death and revealing that Chase killed his own mother. Connor Katospolis is great, but the impact would be greater if it was told with an older actor. With that said, I’m sure this is something that won’t even play out because it won’t fit in with the “new vision.”

      The show is going to be a different show by January, and, honestly, I’m contemplating not tuning back in now that the show has revealed its “grand plan” for celebrating the 50th. What a mess! It’s sad that these (the teens) are the characters I’m most interested in seeing.

      • mykleraus Says:

        I actually think they WILL deal with Meredith as an issue, but I think it’s so clear that it’s going to turn out Aiden hoodwinked Hope and he’s actually the killer — hence Aiden going away and Chase sticking around. I do find the timing to be weird, as I said in another comment, because how long are we supposed to presume Meredith and Bo have been gone? It’s one thing for Ciara’s dad to have been gone for three years versus a decade. Usually SORASing works best for me when it doesn’t really affect mentions of history.

        I’m tentatively excited about this ‘reboot.’ I’m worried we’re going to wind up with a MarDar-esque canvas full of supercouples telling each other how in love they are without any actual damn stories happening, but I do think those characters are important, and if we can have John/Marlena, Bo/Hope, Steve/Kayla, Doug/Julie, etc., all with a useful presence on the show without it just turning into a marathon of stupid obstacles for them, great. That’s why I think having the kids and grandkids around is good. Nothing has been better for Marlena than having Sami, Eric, Brady, and Will around — so Claire will be good there. Claire and Ciara can do the same for Bope, Caroline, etc. I hope they use these aged characters to create complex story involving the older characters without the emphasis needing to be squarely upon these Great Love Stories that, while they were great, don’t need to be retread 100 more times.

        I’m oddly hopeful about both Philip and Ava reappearing, too.

      • Dylan Says:

        What a mess, indeed! I feel like the show has very much failed to interest me since April, and I see nothing much to tune into in the coming months, either. The Paul/Will/Sonny triangle had the potential to be interesting, but the show has just dragged its feet through the last few months and stalled the whole thing (nothing has happened, basically, since April in their storyline), and now Sonny is already leaving! It’s ridiculous. Guy Wilson’s Will just doesn’t work at all for me so I don’t think I’ll even tune in for that anymore. Also, Hope & Aiden had intrigued me but now they seem to have centered the whole storyline on Clyde and I can’t stand him or anything to do with him, so I’ve stopped watching their storyline too.. And of course now Aiden is leaving too.. I also totally don’t “get” this whole Rafe/Hope thing, it seems very contrived/forced to me.. Although I haven’t watched a lot of it and I find Rafe incredibly boring. I’ve never really been interested in Abby’s character so her storyline doesn’t really interest me, I mean Kate Mansi seems like a good actor but the character of Abby I find to be bland.

        What I would like is some actual development in the Aiden/Hope and Paul/Will/Sonny storylines, for example it would have been great to see more scenes with Sonny slowly realizing that perhaps his feelings for Paul are still there, or more about Paul discovering himself after he came out, but just SOMETHING that is not centered around Will, I mean come on. They had the potential for that with Derrick’s character but he just hung around and nothing really happened for a long time. Also I feel like they really dropped the ball on the Paul/John son/father story, like they spat out some perfunctory scenes of them bonding but failed to really dig any deeper into this new father/son relationship. They’ve also dealt with Sonny’s confused feelings about Paul in a rather perfunctory manner (no new developments for months, and then of course suddenly when Paul is kissing Derrick in the park, he just happens to be there in the bushes taking Arianna for a walk in the middle of the night, because naturally that makes logical sense). Instead, they’ve preferred to drag out endless scenes of JJ chasing after the hideously boring Paige and somehow getting involved with law enforcement (!) in order to take down some random drug dealer, as well as months and months of Serena and Xander wandering around town avoiding in any way possible doing anything remotely interesting (Xander it seemed had potential but then they made him jealous of Daniel of course and then made him a raving lunatic)

        I keep wondering: what on earth are they doing with these characters? I don’t think this plan for the 50th is going to save anything from what I’ve heard of it. Sorry for all the negativity but this show has been so frustrating. However, I agree that the teens could be interesting.

      • Dan Says:

        I don’t know why the show needs to make Aiden a villain; that’s the typical mistake this show likes to make. It would be much more interesting if they kept it Chase and had Aiden, Hope, and Chase deal with the reprocussions of Bo’s fear of the Chase. Instead, we will suffer through the Billie Reed/Kristen Blake syndrome of turning a decent character into a raging psycho because they dare threaten the grand love of one of the supercouples. It’s this telenovela-style plotting that prevented the show from being successful at the turn of the century.

        I’m all for multigenerational storytelling, but when John and Marlena are together, Belle and Shawn are together, where is the story? I guess Phillip and Ava might provide a threat, but who knows.

        Dylan, I’ve also had problems since April, but I always have a falling out with the show when there are massive cast changes looming. TPTB refused to accept that the 2008/2009 revamp was successful because the stories remained stable even when all the older actors were written out. It is hard to watch something that is going nowhere.

        I think the Paul/Will/Sonny story failed for multiple reasons. Freddie Smith’s legal issues probably prevented Sonny from being as involved as he should, Guy Wilson simply cannot carry the rest, and Christopher Sean was saddled with a lame paternity story. When they revealed Will had cheated in LA, I had fanwanked a scenario where Will’s crazy one-night stand came to town and started stalking Will and Sonny. The stalker entered the house when Arianna was there, and the police deduced the stalker had to know Arianna if she didn’t mind her presence. Of course, Will would blame Paul, which would cause problems for Marlena and John. Anyway, the crazy ex storyline could have ended in Sonny being badly burned resulting in Smith’s exit and the opportunity for a recast to come in.

        Derrick’s return was lame. Personality wise, Derrick round 2 has been more timid, which is hardly a word I’d used for Derrick round 1. I would have brought back bitch Derrick who hopes to land Paul and call bitchy Will out on his shit.

        The Xander / Serena story has been messy. Both could have worked. I still would have had either Serena go insane or at least made an attempt at Serena/Daniel or even Serena/Rafe if the show insisted on keeping him around. With Serena and Daniel, I think I would have repaired Serena by having her trapped with Parker during a power outage (it would hit all of Salem) and kept him calm. It would soften Serena in Daniel’s eyes. Xander would have continued to exert control over Serena and maybe use Serena to get access to information about a hospital project for his pharmaceutical company. In terms of Rafe and Serena, I would have gone more of a con artist angle with Serena using Rafe for safety in terms of Xander playing on her need to be taken care. I think I would have even brought up Arianna Sr.’s history with a bad man and her time in prison. I might have brought Serena into Clyde’s circle by having him learn a secret or simply using Serena to get at Xander, who I would have made Stefano’s heir apparent in order to piss off Chad and Victor.

        I would have paired Xander and Theresa and let that play out with Brady and a forth party.

        I didn’t mind the bit of Rafe / Hope that I saw, but it worked better as Hope / Rafe as friends. There is no long story there. Rafe is a natural obstacle for Aiden given his connection to Clyde and Rafe’s to Jordan, but there isn’t anything to build off of. Honestly, I would have brought Christelle back for a handful of episodes in the fall to celebrate Abby and Ben’s union, reunite with Rafe, and have both of them leave town.

        The J.J. / Paige story is awful. I would have played up the Kyle / J.J. friendship and made a connection between Kyle and JT Reiber. I think I would have Hope believe Kyle is JT, which would have caused problems between Hope and Aiden as well as Hope and Jennifer (Jen blaming Kyle/JT for J.J.’s drug connection). Hope would take in Kyle/JT and slowly Kyle would feel guilty about the situation. This would also cause Hope to revisit Zach’s death, which would work nicely given the connection between Bo protecting Chelsea and Aiden protecting Chase.

      • mykleraus Says:

        They always wind up doing this with the third wheels, and I hate it. I would MUCH rather watch a long-game story (I’m pretty sure I’ve posted about this before) where Bo comes back with some semi-noble reason for his absence, Hope stays with Aiden, Bo digs and exposes the truth about Meredith’s death (thinking Hope doesn’t know), Hope is pissed, it all blows up, and Bo winds up with someone like Eve for a while. Get a year of story out of it while it’s sitting right in front of you! I feel the same way about Steve/Kayla — I certainly don’t mind them both being on the show together, but either just have them together as tentpoles (Kayla is working well in her current role) or REALLY tell a damn story. They made this mistake in 2006, and they’re going to make it again: Steve comes back, and Kayla hasn’t moved on with her life at all. Sure, this time she’ll be angry at Steve for abandoning her (just like he resisted her when he had amnesia last time), but they’re going to have them back together by November instead of having Kayla in a relationship with someone new and playing out the longing of it all.

        The whole Clyde story is kind of working for me now — not necessarily as a story, but for the dynamics it’s allowed. The whole web of Clyde, Ben, Abigail, Chad, Hope, Aiden, Rafe, and Kate is pretty complex and interesting. It’s a good setup, even though Clyde’s ‘business’ is still so vague.

        Derrick’s return has been ‘fine,’ but yeah, it’s not that exciting. It’s clear they wanted to do a mini-quad like this and needed a fourth player, and when the response to Derrick was positive, they plugged him into that role. This literally could have been any gay boy.

        The sight of Serena makes me want to scream at this point, so I just want her GONE, even though your ideas would probably work. Interesting thought about Kyle/JT. I keep expecting that character to pop back up somewhere.

        I’m still optimistic about the transition, but what I really want is just long-range stories. Give me something to anticipate. These mini-conflicts that wrap up in four weeks’ time are not engaging.

    • mykleraus Says:

      It doesn’t bother me as a general idea, though I think they could’ve been a little smoother with the transition. We’ve seen Ciara and Chase very little since spring, so I wish they’d done a “all the kids went to camp!!!” thing to sort of prepare it a little. Theo’s appearances this summer were fine but nothing special, and they could’ve said he went to see Celeste for the summer or something. I do agree it’s a little awkward to have them on in the summer and then have them as teens in the fall with basically the same story landscape. Like, are we going to have to believe that Ciara hasn’t had Bo around since she was a little kid now? That changes the backstory a LOT. Same with Chase — are we going to have to think his mother died 12 years ago now? Stuff like that does nag at me, and I think there might’ve been a more convenient time to age them. That said, I would *much* rather have new Hortons, Bradys, and DiMeras around than a group of strangers.

  2. onemothing2 Says:

    I’m excited about this SORASing! Except for Chase we have all legacy characters so they really have to give thaws kids specific and interesting personalities. Fans will be looking for teen Ciara to have an attitude similar to the way that little Lauren Boales plays the character. They will have to explore Theo’s autism in a way that is more than him being oddly obsessed with Chad and Abigail being together. That’s ok with Theo being played by a child but since they’ve now cast a grown man as Theo that would be weird. I hope they don’t bring up the Meredith thing with Chase because if Joey is going to be “troubled” we can’t have all these kids emotional and acting out all the time. I think if Aiden gets killed off Hope will take him in and they’ll give Ciara and Chase a brother/sister relationship. Claire will probably be the sweet good girl? Or she’ll be a close freak like her cousin Abby. Tons of potential here if they care to explore it. Finally I think they should have also taken this opportunity to age Parker? If Belle has a teenager Chloe certainly could too.

    • mykleraus Says:

      I’m hopeful that BECAUSE these kids have had decently distinctive personalities, they’ll carry that stuff over to the teens instead of just forcing them into archetypes like what happened in 1999 (Belle was Daddy’s Girl, Philip was Spoiled Rich Kid, Shawn was Rebel with a Heart of Gold). Those kids hadn’t been more than bodies on a screen, really, so they had to create characters out of whole cloth, but there’s been groundwork laid for these guys, and I’ll be disappointed if they disregard that. I’m hopeful partly because the current characterizations seemed to start under Higley’s pen last time. And I know the autism was close to her heart because of her own son, so I’m optimistic that the writing will do justice to Theo.

      I get what you’re saying about Parker, but I think it would rub me the wrong way. Obviously that’s just my opinion, but Parker’s birth still feels tied to current Days history to me, whereas Ciara and even Joey feel like they’re from a different era. I lump Parker in more with Sami’s younger kids, so I think they have some time there. Plus I just do not need to have Daniel screaming about his teenage son’s GREAT LOVE right now, honestly.

  3. underyourwing Says:

    i have absolutely little to NO interest in teenagers whatsoever…..never did, bit the bullet thru whoever was previously. and i never will………guess they are trying to appeal to the under 20 crowd……zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz.

    • mykleraus Says:

      I like teenagers when their appearances create story for the characters I know. Then I gradually get to know them. I thought JJ’s intro was pretty strong, because they cast a good actor and (as much as I loathed Dannifer) the emphasis was really on familiar characters, and we understood completely why JJ was such a pain-in-the-ass. My interest waned when they tried to slap together this Young Love that we were supposed to care about, but I think JJ/Casey Moss could’ve pulled that off with a better actress and character as a scene partner. I almost never buy the insta-romances they give the teens, and it’s hard for me to care because, as an adult, I know that the person you’re infatuated with at 16 is not going to matter in the long run.

      I wish what they would do is cast these people as the teen versions of characters we know, then USE THEM the way the kids have been used. Then, in a year, when Ciara gets a story, it’ll be because we find her amusing and want to see more, not because they cast a hot girl and have to use her. I know it’s impractical, but it seems so much more sensible. If Lauren Boles could be 16 tomorrow, I’d be totally invested in a teen Ciara story because I’ve enjoyed her so much.

  4. Farah Says:

    Poor Joey. Related to all the girls in his age range.

  5. tonymerola Says:

    I wonder how they are goinf to do the theo as an autistic teen thing . Hope they do it tastefully

    • mykleraus Says:

      I’m curious, too. A little nervous, but giving Theo autism was important to Dena Higley (who has a son on the spectrum and has spoken pretty openly about their experiences), so I’m optimistic she’ll do it justice.

  6. ADW Says:

    If Theo is away visiting Grand Mama Celeste, that would be a perfect explanation. It would be nice if Celeste popped in for the 50th maybe this “psychic friend” could help Abe and Salem PD nail the impending serial killer.

    Personally, I’m in my mid-30s, I can’t really say I cared for or identified with the teen scenes since Shawn D/Belle/Phillip although I’m highly enthusiastic and eager to see these mostly legacy characters who would bring more s/l alongside long time vets I grew up watching.

    My “educated guesses” on the teens and their personas:

    Theo: Still playing baseball and obsessed with a few things like Chabby and collecting random stuff he finds on the ground. He will be slightly socially awkward but, well liked by ladies. He is more intellegent than he lets on. He’s good with his hands and has a nack as an accomplished computer hacker. He has a dark side like the Dimera men which doesn’t surface right away, it’s mostly in the form of hidden agendas. He reluctantly takes a part time job working for Chad at Dimera Enterprises.

    Joey: (guess is due to casting description indicated “troubled” and runaway). He will be a rebel and a colossal prick, not unlike JJ when he first came back. Ladies love him until he opens his mouth. He picks on Theo, steals, cuts school, and he’s a bully. He disrespects Kayla but, he’s close to Caroline. He rides a motorcycle illegally, of course.

    Chase: He looks rather emo and forlorn which I think is how is character will end up; Chase has always seemed timid, sweet, and very sensitive. My guess he was adopted by Hope after Aiden is killed/leaves somehow. He will have nightmares and need therapy after criptic flashbacks of when he killed his Mom. He is on the baseball team with Theo.

    Ciara: Total princess and Queen Bee. Head cheerleader and star of all the school plays. She’s blunt but, very cunning as well. She has a bit of Sami/Theresa/Stephanie/Cassie in her. She is very protective of Chase and Theo. She sleeps in the master bedroom bc she made Hope trade bedrooms w/ her. She’s interested in becoming an actress and model. She surprisingly becomes friends with Nicole.

    Claire: Smart but, rather naive. Kind-hearted and sweet but, very farouche due spending much of her childhood sailing and isolated from most people other than her parents. She went to school in various places and was sometimes home schooled by Belle. Artsy and musically inclined (as description asked for singer). She has a penchant for bringing in stray animals. She often is seen helping out at the Brady Pub.

    Why do I have a feeling Claire and Chase will eventually date? IF Chase is adopted by Hope he will be Claire’s step Uncle though *ugh* here we go again 😜 Joey is related to all the girls so, when he gets a love interest it will have to be somebody new (or somebody old, much much older than him) and unrelated. Maybe Ciara and Theo could date? Ciara and Chase as kids strike me as a “brother and sister” type relationship so, I don’t forsee them dating.

    • mykleraus Says:

      You are probably spot-on with 90% of this! Good combination of detective work and speculation. I definitely think Joey will be JJ 2.0 — I just hope they don’t bring in a Paige 2.0 for him!

      I’m very eager to see how they handle Theo. It could be really great.

  7. jennifer Says:

    This is the worst aging I have seen in Days. I cant get past the fact that chase and ciara were in elementary school planning the wedding a few months ago and then they show up as teenagers.

    • mykleraus Says:

      It’s so abrupt. Timeline-wise, it isn’t bad at all, but it’s WEIRD they had them on as kids so close to the teen versions showing up. They should have been offscreen since like July.

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