50th Anniversary Plot Spoiler

And no, it isn’t just that Hope stares at a flyer for Salem’s bicentennial celebration every day until November…


Entertainment Weekly reveals that a major component of this fall’s storytelling will be a murder mystery that kicks off later this month:

In late August, an elaborate murder mystery plot kicks off that will see several of Salem’s residents — and perhaps even some of the town’s former, fan-favorite residents — meeting their demise.

On the week of Nov. 8 — the official date of the soap’s 50th anniversary — the murder mystery plot will culminate in a “huge reveal,” the network has promised.

This has potential, especially given all the cast exits we know are coming. I think it’s curious that they hint that returning favorites could become victims, too — though, especially given that Aiden is leaving, I don’t think they’ll kill Bo (which otherwise would have made sense if Reckell wouldn’t commit long-term). It could be a fun way to dispose of Serena, Xander, Clyde, Paige, and whoever else. The fact that Thaoo Penghlis is back and playing André, however, makes me a little nervous about any kind of murder plot…

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15 Comments on “50th Anniversary Plot Spoiler”

  1. Robbiemac Says:

    Is Daniel taking the photo? Who are the man and woman standing to the left of Will? And does anyone but me remember that Stefano injected EJ with something and said something about him not really being dead? Could this be one of the plot twists coming up?

    • mykleraus Says:

      I think it’s only a matter of time until EJ turns up alive. They set that up so blatantly. But I don’t think James Scott will be back anytime soon, so it’ll either be a recast or a long while…

      It’s a photo from last year, I think. I just wanted something with a bunch of cast members. Next to Will are Chrishell Stause (Jordan/Tammy Sue) and Greg Meng (exec producer).

      • Robbiemac Says:

        Oh yeah…now I recognize Chrishell. and thanks for IDing Greg Meng. I’m actually glad that things have settled for a little while, at least. As far as I’m concerned, Nicole did the right thing by coming clean with Daniel about what ALMOST happened with Eric. Serena, Zander, Anne, Theresa, Paige, Eve, Ben, Clyde, the drug dealer, and Paul’s boy-toy can all disappear and I wouldn’t be disappointed. What do you think about the vibes going on between Kate and Justin? Rafe and Hope?

      • mykleraus Says:

        I’m so glad Nicole didn’t try to lie or scheme her way out of this one. It’s good to see some growth from her!

        I never would’ve predicted Justin/Kate, but I’m enjoying them a lot. The show already seems to have forgotten Kate/Clyde as a pairing, which I’m fine with. Justin and Adrienne belong together, but this potential quad with Lucas and Kate is fun.

        I actually wanted Rafe and Hope paired a while back. I know there’s no real point now, with Bo coming back, but I guess they could build a triangle there once Aiden is gone. Could be interesting. I could take or leave Rafe in general, but he comes alive a bit with Kristian Alfonso.

  2. fluffysmom Says:

    The way it’s worded made Melaswen come to mind. I’m fine with Clyde being killed but I want Stefano to find out he ordered the hit on EJ.

  3. Gavin Says:

    I’m fine with a murder mystery plot. I doubt they’d do it Melaswen-style again. Plenty of dead wood to cull, and one or two shock deaths of major characters could be cool. So long as it’s not just kill off the veterans again.

    But what I would like to see addressed for the 50th are some of the long-running plots that should be tied up – like Stefano accountable for his crimes in some way. Surely Joe M can’t be on the show for much longer so it’d be great for him to go out with a big bang.

    I always thought The Trial of Stefano Di Mera could be fun, with various victims testifying/flashbacks. And the big question would be whether he’d actually get away with it all… legally because there’d be so much they couldn’t prove. Plus, Joe would get to sit down the whole time and they’d only need a courtroom/prison cell set.

    And the other long-running plot I’d like resolved is who is John. Once and for all (or until the next retcon). It’d be fun to have it revealed how much Victor and Stefano have been hiding about John this whole time.

    All that and a Horton family reunion. Despite all the returning characters, there don’t seem to be that many Hortons coming back. Maybe they could have done a special Christmas episode with all the surviving Hortons back to hang their baubles on the tree.

    Too much to ask?

    • mykleraus Says:

      There are definitely plenty of folks who have to go, so at least these deaths would serve an immediate purpose.

      My thing with Stefano now is that, even though the character is evil incarnate, Joe M is basically in the Alice Horton league of beloved veterans. Unless he chooses to retire, I don’t think the show should write him off, but I’m not sure using him the way they are is working, either.

      I’m SORT OF annoyed they undid the John-is-Ryan-Brady plot. It didn’t really work, and they weren’t doing anything with John-as-DiMera, but another retcon is so ridiculous. They made such a big deal of that one that I feel like they should have just made it stick.

      I’m disappointed that it doesn’t seem like we’re getting more Hortons back for the 50th. They did such a great job for Alice’s funeral, with Bill, Laura, Mike, Marie, Melissa, etc., all visiting. It seems like the actors are open to it, so it’s weird they aren’t having them. That’s my biggest gripe with the whole thing as of right now.

      • Robbiemac Says:

        Have you noticed that Stefano seems to be reading from cue cards these days?

      • mykleraus Says:

        Yeah. It’s certainly seemed that way at times.

      • Gavin Says:

        Maybe they thought bringing back the Hortons would be repeating themselves (although that’s clearly not a problem with the bicentennial) and they’ve let so many branches of that family tree just die off that it would be weird to have Tommy or Scotty turn up after all these years. Still it would’ve been nice.

        I take your point with Stefano, but I think the character warrants more than just dying offscreen at some point. Even if he stayed on the show but in jail or on the run, I’d really like all those plots and crimes to have amounted to something. If he did want to retire, they could build something big around that.

        Yes, to undo John = Ryan just so Theresa and Brady could hook up seems very short-sighted. I just don’t buy that John would shrug his shoulders and be all, “Well, I guess I’ll never know who I really am”. It’s not realistic. Maybe they shouldn’t have it be another massive saga. Maybe he could earn the truth out of Stefano somehow and have it be more about the conflict in him helping his nemesis than the actual reveal, which could be dealt with quickly.

        Anyway, they’re just elements of the show that frustrate me because they’ve been left to dangle for so long. Seems like the perfect opportunity to do something with them.

      • mykleraus Says:

        I hate the dangling threads, too. I’m not sure WHAT in the hell they could do to wrap up the Stefano stuff. The whole Colleen/Santo thing was supposed to do that, and even though it was stupid, it at least tried to give context to “Why is this man so fixated on ruining these stupid people in this one Midwestern town?!” I don’t know if they could sum up all the DiMera stuff in any more useful a way. I think I COULD get behind a story (if Joe chose to retire) where Stefano sacrifices himself to save John or Marlena, in one final show of decency or something.

        I really, really wish they’d at least give us a confirmation onscreen that Tommy has been dead for years. Just one line! Scotty’s problematic because of the way they aged him, so I get why they’ve avoided dealing with him. Giving Julie a GRANDSON who’s Jennifer and Eve’s age would look insane, I think.

  4. fluffysmom Says:

    The part that reminded me of Melaswen is this…the murder mystery plot will culminate in a huge reveal.

    If I remember correctly Clyde lured EJ to the park at night and directed his henchman to kill him.

    • mykleraus Says:

      Yeah. I don’t need a BIG CRAZY TWIST if it’s, like, someone was brainwashed or whatever. Just tell a good story!

      Your recollection of Clyde/EJ seems to be correct, though I can’t remember when Clyde decided to kill EJ. They were just having a confrontation and it got out of hand, right?

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