What Happened in Salem: Week of July 20th

If you’re into jarring transitions and repetitive conversations, have I got a show for you…

Abigail told Will that, if her baby turns out to be Chad’s, she will simply slip away from Salem until it is born and she can give it up for adoption, which means we’re probably in for months of her hiding out in “Ireland,” which looks exactly like the location of one of the benches in Salem except with paper shamrocks hanging from the fake trees. Stefano tried to convince Chad that he must reunite with Abigail, and he tried to sway him by relaying the story of how Chad’s half-brother found true love with his rape victim who later shot him in the head, and for some reason, this made sense to Chad — but, unfortunately, Abigail shot down his efforts at an apology for his earlier behavior.

Read the full recap to see What Happened in Salem last week!

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16 Comments on “What Happened in Salem: Week of July 20th”

  1. otherweb1 Says:

    OMG yes I have been noticing the jarring transitions lately! It’s like you’ll be watching an episode on JJ/Paige in the park, Aiden/Hope in her office, Theresa/Brady at the mansion, and Nicole/Eric at Daniel’s… then all of a sudden 3/4 of the way through there’s Rafe on the couch in Will and Sonny’s apartment having a convo with Sonny about Gabby????? Days never used to be like that!

    Days used to always take us out on the road … Italy, New Orleans, Mexico, Maleswen, etc., but I’m sure Ireland will indeed be the park bench with shamrock ornaments on the trees … and a random extra playing the fiddle.

    I’m now starting to get confused by the blue room! JJ saw Paige and Kyle at TBD and stormed off on her… then we cut to another SL, then when it came back to JJ taking off his shirt, I was like, “Wait, why is he stripping in Roman’s office? He was just at TBD? Why is he at the station all of a sudden? Maybe he’s changing clothes for something to do with being undercover?” I seriously thought he was in Roman’s office! And why not, considering all the abrupt nonsensical transitions lately! Then Paige came in and it took me a minute to process it all before I finally realized “Oh, right, Sonny’s office.” I’ve been trying to pay close attention to see how we can tell the offices apart, but I’m just so lost at this point because more offices keep getting added!

    At least there was one highlight of the week: Clyde “That lying little slut.” PRICELESS!!!! And Bev telling Paige off. And we didn’t have to see much of Eve’s ridiculous scheming on Jen.

  2. otherweb1 Says:

    Sorry, but yes I’m obsessed with this now, and no I couldn’t resist, and yes I’ve got some down time at work! Please feel free to add if I missed anything:

    The Blue Room
    –Hope’s office
    –Marlena’s office
    –Justin’s office
    –Daniel’s office
    –Jen’s office
    –Chad’s office
    –EJ’s office
    –Sonny’s office
    –Roman’s office
    –Aiden’s office
    –hospital waiting room

    Room with the blinds on the window
    –Abby’s office
    –Jordan’s office
    –hospital room
    –visting room at Gabby’s prison
    –Nicole’s office? (her set of shelves and drawers look an awful lot like the medicine cabinets in the hospital room)

    –Horton Square
    –Dimera yard
    –Kiriakis yard
    –Smith Island
    –San Francisco

    • mykleraus Says:

      This is HORRIFYING. I think you’ve covered most of it, except Nicole’s office might be its own set. There’s a flipped-around version of it that looks similar, which has previously been a bunch of people’s office and was the site of Carrie and Rafe’s infamous ‘Can You Feel the Heat?’ montage.

      And please, I’m so OCD — I appreciate when people do stuff like this!

    • Jamie Says:

      That blue room…I’m waiting for them to move the Brady Pub booth in there next.

  3. otherweb1 Says:

    btw, we REALLY need a montage of Will’s doofus faces. The own he made during the basketball game was perhaps the most outrage inducing.

    And speaking of outrage …. I don’t know which was worse, the shave or the proposal scene. WTF??!!! Digging through the bread basket???? Daniel clearing being constipated the whole time as evidenced by the look on his face???? It happening in some random restaurant we never have and never will see again????? And why don’t we ever see the sign in Horton Square for the Bugging Device shop, as bugging has been all the rage in Salem in the past few months …. couldn’t Serena have just been more realistic and did some good old fashioned ducking in a pew to overhear the confessional????

    • mykleraus Says:

      If I could stand to rewatch his scenes, I’d get screencaps of his stupid faces. Ugh.

      That restaurant drove me insane. There was no ambient noise, I don’t think we ever saw a waiter… COME ON. Lay in the sounds of chatter or some classical music in post-production. Have a waiter or some extras cross in front of the table. Throw me a bone here!

      It’s ridiculous to me that Clyde and Serena are BOTH going around listening to places they’ve bugged. It’s so lazy.

      • otherweb1 Says:

        I think he just set a record and made TWO doofus faces in ONE episode on Monday! Once at the bar at TBD with Sonny and once in the park with Lucas. Yes, I am keeping track of this … funny the kinds of things that Days outrage can motivate me to do. Well, on the bright side it beats keeping tabs on Paige’s smelly poop faces and inverted eyebrows … at least those were one and done.

      • mykleraus Says:

        He always does that stupid face like he just ate something sour. It’s absurd.

  4. Jamie Says:

    Okay, I feel dirty for saying this…but I have to admit Daniel was looking pretty hot in that suit. He did clean-up very well. It’s been a long, long time since I’ve found Dr. Dan attractive, but he was really doing it for me in that suit…

    Speaking of hot guys. The scenes with Chad and Arianna were so sweet and touching. I love that he talked to her about Grace. I also thought it was funny how much “Arianna” was talking back to him. She never utters a word to any other actor holding her, and she was such the little chatterbox in those scenes. That little girl has good taste!

    • mykleraus Says:

      Baby Ari was so cute with Chad! She’s so much better with him and Paul than with Will and Sonny.

      Daniel looked nice. That haircut was a LONG time coming!

      • otherweb1 Says:

        I know! What was up with Ari?! That scene was sooooo damn cute! Billy Flynn must be really good with her behind the scenes to have gotten that out of her. I love how she adores him and Paul. Which reminds me, just another way that Abigail is a moron … she bitches and moans about how unethical it would be for her to get with a Dimera, yet she sleeps with 2 of them, and she’s dating a guy who’s dad raped his sister and is potentially a bigger thug than Stefano. I’m not sure I see the distinction she’s making between Chad and Ben. And Chad treats her like a queen … when he’s not lying about a brain tumor or screaming at her that he only slept with her to get revenge. But he does these things because he looooooves her.

    • otherweb1 Says:

      I kinda thought Daniel looked like a dork. Like he was all dressed up for the prom and nervous about pinning the corsage. Don’t get me wrong, he’s a very handsome man … I just prefer him scruffy, so long as his hairdo doesn’t match Nicole’s.

      • Jamie Says:

        I think it’s just because Daniel has looked dirty for so long, that it was nice to see him cleaned-up.

        I like the scruff too, but his went beyond hot and into dusty territory. Like he would smell like b.o. and patchouli.

      • mykleraus Says:

        That’s how I felt. He’s just looked so ridiculous and unkempt for so long. Any amount of clean-up (and he is a handsome guy!) works wonders.

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