Actor Joins Days in Recast Role

I wouldn’t have predicted this one, but I don’t hate it, either…


According to Soap Opera DigestJohn Paul Lavoisier (who played Rex on One Life to Live for close to a decade) has joined Days as the new Philip Kiriakis:

[He] will portray Philip Kiriakis, son of Victor and Kate. The role was previously played by Jay Kenneth Johnson and Kyle Brandt. Lavoisier has already started filming and will first air in early December.

I wouldn’t have ever thought of him as a Philip recast, but I can see it now that I think about it. I know Jay Kenneth Johnson has lots of fans — and I really liked him in the part — but he basically spent the entirety of his last contract waiting to leave the show, doesn’t seem to maintain a connection with anyone there, and has made some interesting choices with his appearance of late, so a recast seems to be in order. The character of Philip is needed, though I’m a little concerned they’re just going to go for round 4,000 of Philip/Belle/Shawn now. JPL could be a charming actor at times, though from what I saw of him on OLTL, he could also be a bit, er, tic-laden. He’s definitely better at the grayish stuff than when he’s written as a noble hero, so Philip might be a good fit for his abilities.

What do you think?

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22 Comments on “Actor Joins Days in Recast Role”

  1. marypickford Says:

    He’s got the right look from the headshot. I’ve never seen him act so I’ll keep an open mind. I like JKJ a lot – so hot! – but I am open to this. The character has a great history and a lot of ties on the show.

    You didn’t need to terrify me with that picture of JKJ in your link. I could weep.

    • mykleraus Says:

      His look works. He’s a decent actor, too. The writing for him on OLTL was insufferable toward the end, but I liked him a lot before the last 2-3 years of that.

      And if I have to be haunted by that pic, everyone should be!!! 🙂

  2. Farah Says:

    I’ve missed Philip! I’d rather have Philip than Brady.

  3. Jamie Says:

    Hmmmm. I liked him as Rex on OLTL. He was goofy and funny and sweet and well, basically an idiot. But, in a lovable kind of way.

    I don’t really see him as Philip. At least not the Philip played by JKJ. Maybe the Kyle Brandt Philip?

  4. Jamie Says:

    Now that John Paul is coming to DAYS as Philip….could Farah Fath PLEASE come back as Mimi!?!?!?

    If the rest of them are all coming back, Mimi needs to come back too! And her and JP worked really well together on OLTL. And Mimi and Philip do have a baby together out there somewhere…

    Oh, and then Judi Evans could play a dual role. This would make me very happy!!

    • mykleraus Says:

      I think this actually means she for sure WON’T be back. (They dated IRL for years, then broke up and she married someone else.)

      • Jamie Says:

        I know, but I was hoping they had an amicable split and remained friends and could still have on-screen chemistry together! I just want Mimi back!!! 🙂

  5. fluffysmom Says:

    I didn’t care for JPL on Dirty Soap. I never saw him on OLTL. I’m not excited about this at all. Unless he’s an awesome actor and there’s some great writing I’m not interested. That’s pretty sad considering Philip is one of my Days’ favorites.

    • mykleraus Says:

      He really did himself a disservice on Dirty Soap by coming off the way he did. I’m sure plenty of actors are jerks, but it’s better if we never see that side of it and just see them in their roles…

  6. Dan Says:

    This show continues to walk the thin line of potentially brilliant and poorly written fan fiction.

    Conceptually, I like JPL as Phillip. The writing for Rex on OLTL was solid when Higley was in charge. And Higley wrote Rex and Adriana like a typical 80s supercouple complete with nicknames and youthful angst. JPL showed he can play complicated characters so I think he could definitely recreate Phillip in a positive way.

    That said, I don’t understand where this show is going. The show is finally in solid state and now they are going to start over again. It’s going to take at least six months from the start of the new regime to get the canvas settled. Why does the show insist on these mass turnovers? And why can’t the online audience realize that getting back all these “legacy characters” in a short time will destroy the show.

    Even though Phillip last appeared in 2011, the version of Phillip we are most likely going to get is more 2008 Phillip. We haven’t seen this storyline (Phillip / Belle / Shawn) play out in 7 years/ This is basically like introducing a whole new storyline. At this point, Clyde, Ben, and Aiden have more seniority. I’m really disappointed in this show, but I’m not surprised.

    • mykleraus Says:

      That’s my concern. Are we just resetting to the beginning of Higley 2.0 — not even to the late-middle part, which was when it was really strong soap? I have nothing against almost ANY of the characters returning (though the idea of an on-contract Belle gives me hives), but I’m worried we’re going to get 3-6 months of the show slamming these tentpole couples back together and then be short on story once again.

      If they can position familiar faces in new ways, great. Having Kayla around in roughly the same capacity as now, but married to Steve, is fine, especially if their presence enhances Joey’s story. But another round of Ava trying to break them up just seems pointless to me. I read speculation/brainstorming somewhere that Philip and Ava could be paired, which… I don’t hate. At least it’s a potential fresh energy. If we’re just getting round 348324 of Shawn/Belle/Philip, which didn’t even work before — no thank you.

      • fluffysmom Says:

        I’m wondering how many of the returns are short term for the 50th anniversary. Hopefully there will be story not just hype.

      • mykleraus Says:

        The only one who hasn’t been confirmed as being on-contract, I think, is Jason Cook (Shawn). So everyone else SEEMS to be around for the long haul…

      • Dan Says:

        I honestly don’t understand the point of bringing back Shawn, Belle, and Phillip because the people who would be interested in that type of story are a ) gone, never to return or b ) not going to be pleased by any sort of story that is told with them. If Shawn dies, the audience will lose their minds. If Belle sleeps with Phillip, the audience will lose their mind. If Phillip tries to befriend Claire in order to turn her against her parents, the audience will claim that they are rewriting history because there is no way a legacy child should turn on their parents.Do they remember the actual Phillip, Belle, Shawn saga? It was a F@#$@ing gaping vortex of suckitude that was allowed to go on FOR YEARS!!!!!! YEARS! And we complain about the six months of the Blood Diamond elephant. Well I’ll pray that the actors are all on their A game to make this slightly compelling.

        With that said, I expect this basically solidifies the exit of Paul and Will. With Belle back, the golden child will need story space for her ongoing love of two men. John and Marlena will not have time to be concerned with either Princess Will or Bastard Paul. It’s a shame because Christopher Sean was a find and Will is salvageable. I don’t think Guy Wilson is a bad actor, but he just isn’t capable of handling DAYS intense shooting schedule; few are.

        Honestly, I’m more excited about JPL appearing as Phillip then I am the return of Shawn, Belle, and Claire. At least JPL might bring something new to the table. Cook seemed more comfortable on GH than he ever did on DAYS, but it was a thankless role and I always found Madison overhyped.

      • mykleraus Says:

        I hope you’re wrong about Paul and Will. I could see it, though.

        I agree and disagree re: Shawn, Belle, and Philip. I think all three characters are needed on the show, or at least have a place, but that place is NOT in a triangle or in either of those romantic pairings. A solo Shawn would’ve been useful as a support system for Hope and Ciara since Bo disappeared. A single mother Belle with actual purpose could’ve been useful with Rafe or Xander or whomever. And Philip has a place as a Kiriakis, as Kate’s son, as Melanie’s ex, in a potential pairing with a Serena/Ava/whoever, and so on. But defaulting back to that triangle from hell is a horrible idea. I never understood why either guy WANTED to be with Belle, who did nothing but mope and wring her hands and never seemed like she even enjoyed their company. Shelle leaving in 2008 was the best thing that could’ve happened to JKJ and Philip, who did a lot of interesting stuff over the ensuing three years.

        I do wonder if they’re going to reverse Claire’s paternity and have her turn out to be Philip’s kid. I guess in capable hands, there could be a story there. But if they were going to bring Shawn or Belle back, I’d prefer it be one or the other, and it should be as a reboot of the character — similar to what Eric got when he returned in 2012. Otherwise we’re just going back into something that pointedly did NOT work seven years ago.

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