Children of Duh-vorce

I will say, without irony or bitterness, that I appreciated the spirit of Sonny and Will’s scenes on Tuesday. It made sense for Will to try and connect with Sonny over Justin and Adrienne’s impending divorce, given his upbringing as a child whose parents were constantly breaking up/making up/attempting to kill one another.

Screen Shot 2015-07-15 at 7.31.23 AM

That said, I can’t help but play Continuity Police here. Will asked if this was the first divorce Sonny could remember between his parents (which is an insane question for any town but Salem), and Sonny said it was, so Will proceeded to give him a primer on how to handle having divorced parents. Which is all very sweet until you remember — as I do, and as the writers apparently do not — that Justin and Adrienne got divorced about five years ago! Justin came back to town solo, Adrienne followed later, they were definitely not together, and then he proposed to her on the pier and they got remarried offscreen.

I saw a suggestion on another board that they might be playing it as though Sonny were Ambiguous Soap Kid Age back then, so he wouldn’t have remembered, but this was right around the time Sonny appeared in Salem in the form of Freddie Smith. He came back to town with wedding presents for his parents. And he’s one of the few kids who hasn’t really been SORASed at all, so you can’t even wank it that he was in his ambiguous 8-to-18-years-old phase during the period of the divorce, like JJ was when Jack died. This show…!

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12 Comments on “Children of Duh-vorce”

  1. marypickford Says:

    I appreciated the effort, too. Sometimes trying to use history becomes ridiculous, because the history is so complicated. One Lumi fan on a board I was reading was incensed that Will said his parents “cut and ran” from their marriage, when really is was EJ threatening Will’s life (I think) so that Sami would divorce Lucas and marry him instead. Or something. I do think the back and forth when he was younger was more traumatizing, with both Lucas and Sami using Will as a pawn against each other.

    So, yeah, soap children have very different milestones than the rest of us. “Parent’s first divorce,” “First kidnapping,” “First time parent comes back from the dead” … do you think they make greeting cards for those? 🙂

    • mykleraus Says:

      Someone really should manufacture some Salem-themed greeting cards!

      Yeah, I saw some of that Lumi-related blowback. And yes, EJ technically caused the one actual Lumi marriage to end, but they broke up like 30 times in that four-year period, and then they got back together in 2012 and Sami basically just went back to EJ, so I get how it felt that way to Will overall.

      I get why sometimes they sort of have to streamline the narrative of the past for present storytelling purposes. Will’s parents were always breaking up and at each other’s throats, Jack was always splitting on his family (he wasn’t, but I get why it feels that way to the Abigail of today), that kind of thing. I still wish they’d get specific about HOW Kim and Shane fucked up Theresa, though!

      • marypickford Says:

        Yes, that’s a question that’s begging to be answered! I think they could do something with Kim’s mental illness right before she left the show, the multiple personality disorder. If she was not in her right mind(s) that could explain it!

      • mykleraus Says:

        I’ve always thought they were going to elaborate on that. The other direction — or it could tie in, I dunno — would be to say that Kimberly’s husband, Phillip, molested or abused Theresa. It’s icky, but her behavior and acting-out are so extreme that it could really explain a lot, and Jen Lilley could handle that material and do it justice.

      • otherweb1 Says:

        Wait, wasn’t Jack indeed always splitting? Most notably when Abigail had aplasitc anemia (yes, the name of the disease was burned into my memory back then!)

        Theresa has made a few references over the years about how Shane was never around because he was always on an ISA assignment. So far then I think that’s the rationale for her issues … but I’ve not heard yet her give a reason for why she loathes Kim.

      • mykleraus Says:

        He split that time, and then there was the time in Ireland when he went off on some get-rich-quick scheme and Jennifer got pissed and came back to the States with Abigail. But I feel like they also lump in the time he “died” and went to Melaswen, or the time he “died” right after that and wound up in a castle, or the time RIGHT AFTER THAT when he was dying of some Mysterious Disease so he faked his death early or something. Or the time he was a damn POW!

        They’ve had Theresa say that Shane was absent, yeah, but her vitriol seems to have a lot to do with Kim. It’s odd. I wish they’d delve into that more, because that would be fascinating.

      • otherweb1 Says:

        I LOVE Theresa’s relationship with Eric … I wish they’d show more of it.

      • mykleraus Says:

        Yes! They work so well together.

      • otherweb1 Says:

        And Theresa would actually make pretty good legitimate friends with Nicole. Well, Grant it they wouldn’t get along over Brady or what she did to Daniel, but there is potential for them to bond over Eric? Then Nicole would finally have a friend to talk to instead of heading to the park bench to have detailed conversations with herself.

      • mykleraus Says:

        I don’t hate that idea. Nicole NEEDS a damn friend.

  2. otherweb1 Says:

    I remember Days always used to be good with historical references. This Adrienne/Justin divorce thing is just another sign of bad and LAZY writing! Also lazy producing if they allowed this to happen.

    My favorite was when Will made the reference about becoming a blunt object for his parents to whack each other around with. SO true in his case! I remember too how ADORABLE the babies were who played him back when he was first born.

    • mykleraus Says:

      This was lazy. They’re honestly usually very good at the historical stuff. There was a time (1994-2006?) when almost nothing that had happened before the current era or anyone who wasn’t currently on the show was EVER referenced. So this ‘modern era’ is pretty good about that stuff. This was really sloppy, considering it’s recent history that these writers were around for.

      Those little Will twins with the big ears were so cute!

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