What Happened in Salem: Week of June 29th

Paige embarked on what appears to be an insane new plot, Will continued to hit new lows of idiocy, and then there was this…

Nicole told an upset Eric that she doesn’t want to tell Daniel what (almost) happened between them, and since Daniel has apparently never watched an episode of a soap, he remained oblivious to what goes on when two people have to strip in a near-death situation. Xander’s alibi checked out, and without hard physical evidence, the cops had to let him go without charges so that he could return to menacing Salemites. Serena did the first smart thing she’s ever done and destroyed the elephant statue.

Read the full recap to catch up on What Happened in Salem last week!

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12 Comments on “What Happened in Salem: Week of June 29th”

  1. Dan Says:

    This was the first full week I watched in ages. There was a lot of really good stuff going on.

    The Adrienne / Justin divorce drama was wonderful. Bryan Datillo was impressive. Usually, he tends to shout and snark without giving Lucas much of a soul. I did get a sense that Lucas was really upset that Adrienne’s feelings for Justin still run deep. I also liked how Judi Evans played it like it was completely natural for Adrienne to run to Lucas and expect sympathy. This has been the nature of their relationship for months, and maybe its time that both realize that. The Hope / Justin scene was nice, but I’ve seen this written better. I hope we get a bit of swarmy/player Justin back. Kurth occasionally played that level with KA and it was a nice layer to the story.

    The Eric / Nicole angst was heavenly. AZ and GV can read the phone book to each other and we’d know how they are feeling. I love how Nicole gently told Eric that they couldn’t hurt Daniel, but you knew she was gently trying to let Eric down. And she wasn’t doing it because Daniel was the right choice, but because she couldn’t allow herself to hurt Eric anymore.

    Paul Tefler is a gem. In the absence of James Scott, we need a strong actor to play a baddie of the next generation to keep things going. Xander’s lies were just deliciously well done and it was nice to see a show take time to actually let someone get away with something like this. Usually, this would all play out offscreen. By playing the beats, we got to deal with the fall out. Eric, Nicole, Marlena, et al learning that Xander was free to walk Salem.

    Xander’s threats to Serena were great. Eliminating the elephant in the room, the show has been able to focus on what the show does well complicated emotional relationships between all the parties involved. This really works for me. I cannot remember if it was this week or last week, but there was a great scene where Xander and Eric confronted one another in the park and Vaughn played Xander’s betrayal as if he was a scorned lover. It was just great.

    Eve’s decision to manipulate Jennifer into believing she has mental illness has the potential to be delicious, but right now its a bit choppy. Eve stealing the file was good, but Jennifer lamenting to anyone that listened about her mother’s mental illness was difficult.

    Abigail getting the letter from Bridget in Ireland was bizarre, but after reading the spoilers I now understand why it occurred. With that said, the Abigail/Ben/Chad stuff has finally solidified for me. I’m enjoying this triangle as none of the parties are innocent. Abigail has waffled between Ben and Chad, Chad returned to town intent to destroy Abigail but cannot fight his feelings for her, and Ben’s paranoia (justified) is going to lead to severe emotional, physical outbursts based on his history. This all seems rather fascinating especially given the animosity between the families involved.

    The weakest link continues to be Paige / J,J, Why so much time has been spent on this pairing baffles me. I get that Casey Moss is loved online, but his J.J. is hit or miss with me. There have been other Horton males that I’ve preferred.

    And Derrick returned!

    • mykleraus Says:

      There’s a lot of stuff with potential right now, and the potential is onscreen instead of just in my head, which is a nice change.

      I’m so glad they got the Eric/Nicole stuff back on track. It seems like they’re positioning Daniel as the ‘safe’ choice in Nicole’s eyes, which means they’ll get to do the longing with her and Eric. I like that. I think Telfer is really good, too, but they’ve made him so outright insane. I wish they’d pulled that back, because I think he could’ve filled the EJ mold instead of being such a homicidal maniac. And now that Serena’s a pariah, I mind her a lot less. I still want her to go, but this is way more palatable than what we were getting before.

      I know a lot of people have had trouble buying the Adrienne/Lucas pairing, but I’m into it. I don’t think they’re trying to sell it as some Great Love. It’s an affair between two lonely people who found solace together. I’m just glad to see these three actors onscreen in a story that makes sense and is rooted in emotion instead of idiotic plot hijinks. I’ve seen enough of smarmy Justin lately, given how nonchalant and assy he was about his affair with Elsa, but the shading works.

      Anyway, in short — things are definitely on an upswing. I’m not falling asleep!

      • Dan Says:

        I appreciate the honesty regarding Tefler’s Xander. He could have pulled a “Lindsey Hartley” and desperately played against what the material suggested, but he went all out and embraced the horror that is Xander. From watching soaps, I’m desensitized to the matters of murder. Victor tried off Clyde this year, Kate has tried to off how many people, and so on and so on. I do agree the motivation wasn’t where I would have had it. I would have enhanced the Eric / Xander connection and the Xander / Nicole connection more before completely revealing Xander’s intensity. I’d still like to see Xander stick around and be Stefano’s new right hand just to stick it to both Victor and Chad.

        By swarmy Justin, I was referring to his more flirtatious nature with Hope and women in general. There was a great scene, probably written by a Culliton, where I really got the sense that Justin was a snarky womanizer and it worked for me. Yes, I don’t need to see him hurting Adrienne in the way, but I guess swarmy was the wrong word.

      • mykleraus Says:

        PT has done a really good job with Xander. The way he’s been written, I don’t know that they could have sustained the character long-term — because, as you say, they’ve actually let him BE a murderous psycho instead of sweeping his homicidal instincts under the rug. I think there was a way to make it work, but for some reason, the writing got very confused in terms of POV and stakes in the past year. Even the stuff that’s worked has felt like it’s just a few shades off in a way. I do wonder how he would’ve worked as an actual EJ recast, if the character had been given a few months to rest. I think I would’ve bought it.

        I do see what you mean about Justin. I wish they would explain the Elsa affair a bit more. I would even buy, “I was away from home, I was horny, I don’t know.” But they had him texting her and rushing to get back to her. It’s been very confusing.

      • Dan Says:

        The Elsa stuff was bizarre. First, it was just his work wife, which was actually a logical way to back out. Then, Justin was really cheating and now a liar as well. The writing here has been really choppy.

      • mykleraus Says:

        I never know how I’m supposed to feel about Justin or what he did, because the tone of it shifts so often. And I still don’t really understand WHY he cheated.

  2. underyourwing Says:

    if i were nicole i would dump daniel for even suggesting he fix her a “nice HOT bath” then she would feel better– after she was almost killed by HOT in the boiler room….

    and eric….he is always outraged, pouting or emoting like a 5 years old about some one or something…..but at least it is better than when he was a priest……
    how the hell did eve steal that file when jennifer walked in on her in marlena’s office and she was picking it up from the floor? or did i miss something? (probably)….why would jennifer allow her to take a confidential medical file out of marlena’s office???? and why would marlena leave this dodo alone in her office anyway???
    ok ok
    it’s a soap…….ahhhhhhhh!!!

    • mykleraus Says:

      OMG LOL. I didn’t even think that about the bath. Hahahahaha!

      Eve told Jennifer that she couldn’t see the file because it was Marlena’s file on herself and she was bringing it to the new therapist (which is at least moderately plausible, I guess). I still have no idea why Marlena was constantly leaving Eve alone in her damn office.

    • Dan Says:

      Regarding the file, didn’t the set up change from one episode to the next. Everything was on the floor in one episode and then in the next it was only the file that Eve was shoving in her purse. I thought Eve said it was a list of doctors. If it was Eve’s file, Jennifer should have been tipped off because the files are electronic now, aren’t they?

      • mykleraus Says:

        Oh, that’s very possible. It felt sloppy — especially after Jen had just caught her going through Marlena’s computer — but in the grand scheme of stupid Salem excuses, I bought it enough. Mostly it was just another dumb false cliffhanger.

  3. underyourwing Says:

    i can definitely think of a few folks i would love to see hanging off that cliff…….

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