The Kids Aren’t All Bright

I’m truly worried about the future of Salem, if some of the recent actions of its younger residents are any indication.

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Will, for no reason at all and after having an incredibly transparent and dopey scheme revealed, admits to his husband that before his affair that caused a huge divide in their marriage, he slept with someone else. In what universe are we supposed to be rooting for this person to get what he wants?!

And then you have Sonny, who gets pissed at Will for the umpteenth time, then has a chat with his ex-boyfriend and comes home to let Will off the hook for his dumbass behavior. I can actually see through the bizarre scenework and understand what they’re trying to do here, but Sonny went about this in the most ridiculous way considering that he’s dealing with someone who hasn’t taken accountability for a single one of his actions in months and months.

But let’s not forget about Paige, who has reached some weird intersection between batshit crazy and hideously boring, with her scheme to reel in an older guy to… scare her mother into giving her a bunch of cash that she can give away to charity? I get that she’s acting out and just wants to hurt Eve however she can, but this was such a complicated plan for such a weird, fast payoff (literally).

At least we still have Abigail, who’s been remarkably consistent in just fucking anyone who looks at her sideways…

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12 Comments on “The Kids Aren’t All Bright”

  1. Gavin Says:

    While it was nice for Will and Sonny not to just be arguing in circles again, it’s ridiculous Sonny took blame for what Will’s done.

    Sonny made a good point – he did kind of rush the idea of marriage, but no one put a gun to Will’s head. And in fact, Will said no to Sonny’s proposal until he was ready to propose himself. If Sonny though the marriage was such a bad idea, he should maybe be suggesting they end it and remain friends.

    • mykleraus Says:

      I think the idea beneath this turn was sound — Sonny acknowledging that maybe this marriage had a rocky foundation from the get-go — but he was written so passively, like he was absolving Will of blame. It was very weak scene-writing. He could’ve said, “I get where this has come from, so let’s separate until you address this and really feel that you’re ready to be in a marriage,” or something stronger than, “It’s cool, go get help, I get it.”

  2. Dan Says:

    The problem ultimately is that Will Horton is a very gray character that the writers try to paint as black and white. For most of Tomsell’s run, Will has been protected and used by one person or another. Rarely, he has to make his own decisions, and, when he does, they are often the wrong decision. Prior to the fall, Will was always sheltered from the fall out by a supportive network of friends and family. The problem is this created a false reality.

    I think we are suppose to root for Will, Sonny, and Arianna to remain a family because this is what Will didn’t have and that he’s determined to provide this to his daughter. The real problem is that Will has not paid for any of his crimes. Despite being a fallen saint, Will continues to walk Salem with his devil horns holding up his halo with little or no flak from anyone involved. He’s a child who his older, experienced husband has to take care of and discipline (Victor even noted this at one time). Or he needs Grandma Marlena or Grandma Kate to tell him what to do like the devil and the angel on his shoulders. While these are all interesting layers, the whole essence of Will is rotten and has been for some time.

    With that said, it’s probably the best long story that the show is telling right now. This all dates back to Will’s coming out and his struggle to accept who he was. I laugh when I read people complaining about Sonny taking the blame. I distinctively remember one of my favorite lines from Sonny being “Well there’s taking it slow… and then there’s taking it slow” after Sonny and Will had been dating for less than two months. Sonny loved Will longer than Will loved Sonny. And Sonny was always more comfortable in his own skin.

    Adrienne and Lucas called this from the beginning. Adrienne was always concerned about Sami’s influence affecting Will and in turn effecting Sonny. And Lucas told them they were moving to fast from the beginning and got called a homophobe online for it. What a shame.

    The affair in Los Angeles was a given. I’m glad they acknowledged it. Personally, I would have done a whole storyline around it with someone stalking Will and Sonny. Of course, Will would claim that it was Paul, but I’d reveal very quickly it was some random newbie, but not reveal why they were stalking Will and Sonny until a few weeks later. Why not have a gay psycho on the canvas?

    • mykleraus Says:

      They don’t really do ‘gray’ well — you get white, then you get black, then white again. EJ had the same problem, too. It was rare that I felt he was balanced in any given moment. James Scott just held the role together better than Guy Wilson has been able to do so far.

      They’re smart to retroactively build a throughline for all Will’s behavior. I think they probably had this general IDEA in mind the whole time, but the plotting has been sloppy and scatter-shot, so I’m not sure they planned it as well as they should.

      Sonny taking the blame felt weird to me in execution. I liked that they finally raised the issue, but Sonny was weirdly passive about it. Will still took marriage vows and is an adult. At least it isn’t the same fight over and over, but I don’t think the script hit the notes as effectively as they could’ve.

      • Gavin Says:

        Thank you both for better articulating what I was thinking. Sonny went from furious (which he’s been for a few weeks) to apologetic in an instant. And the way it was handled made it seem like he was saying “it’s my fault you cheated… twice.” When it maybe should’ve been “I’m partly to blame for us rushing into marriage.” Although even that suggests it would’ve been OK for Will to cheat so long as they weren’t husbands.

        I always thought the taking it slow line referred to the fact they hadn’t slept together or even been back to Sonny’s place for some mutual relief, so he had to orchestrate the whole Halloween costume delivery thing to have a proper make out session with Will. To me, that seemed reasonable. Will should have been having or thinking about having sex since he’d been out for some time by then. I don’t feel like that part of the romance was rushed. The marriage? Totally rushed.

      • mykleraus Says:

        The marriage got accelerated for a few reasons: not only did Sonny want to get married, but Will had a kid, so there was double-pressure to “grow up and start a family.” Like you say, I appreciate Sonny acknowledging that this wasn’t a perfect union until Will cheated — but yeah, “I’m partly to blame for us rushing, and that’s the root of our problems” is a lot different than what came out of his mouth yesterday.

        I almost blew a gasket today when Will showed up at Paul’s and immediately started manipulating and scheming again. He’s fixated on this idea that Sonny is dying to be with Paul instead of him — so why isn’t he BEING A GOOD HUSBAND instead of pulling all this shit?

      • Dan Says:

        I do agree the story has been choppy and that’s for a number of reasons. I blame a lot of it on the lack of a writer’s room. I know they still communicate electronically, but I think something is lost. As the audience, we get to see every episode, but the writers aren’t getting that chance when they are writing the scripts. So they will miss shading and details that enhance almost all the stories.

        I didn’t mind Sonny’s reaction. Sonny had already confronted Will about the affair in Los Angeles. Will just confirmed what he had suspected. Do I think this devastated Sonny? By this point, I don’t know. He’s already dealt with Will and Paul and, even earlier, Will and Gabi. My only issue is Will is still not punished for anything he has done. Sonny ripping him a new one or making a sex tape with Paul would have been a least some consolidation for sitting threw Will’s bitching.

        Going back to the earlier discussion, I think they are highlighting the differences in Sonny and Will. Sonny is calm, responsible, and thoughtful. Will is irrational, irresponsible, and impulsive. The problem is why should we root for them when they have such a huge gulf between them? Production wise, I get it was tricky as they have entered that period approaching the end of a contract and “Days” has only recently begun to open up to recasts.

        Back to “taking it slow,” I took it more in context of the greater story with Lucas so I may have ignored the more obvious context of the scene. With that said, we can agree to disagree, but I felt Sonny and Will rushed into a relationship on Will’s end. Sonny had cared for Will a lot longer than Will had for Sonny. Tomsell’s Will was still trying to figure himself out and Sonny was definitely more dominant. He kissed Will after the explosions, he arranged the set up at Sonny’s studio, and so on. Of course, I had no problem with this because it was necessary to have Will and Sonny in a stronger place for the reveal that Will was the father of Gabi’s baby.

        To keep on my disagreement train :), I don’t think the marriage was rushed by DAYS standards. Young couples on this show get engaged after a year of being together. The difference is most of them don’t make it down the aisle. The show also didn’t seem to be able to commit to an actual gay triangle. They tried with Brian, then they tried with Brett, but neither story developed. And all the fighting between Will and Sonny would end after one meaningful conversation. I kind of prefer the messy version we have right now.

      • mykleraus Says:

        I don’t think the marriage was rushed, per se — but the relationship/settling-into-a-family thing was. And a lot of that was because they wanted to set up the dynamics for the Nick story, which was worth it. I like that they’re going back to that as the foundation for this current story. I just wish it felt less haphazard, and also that Will weren’t such an idiot.

  3. Gavin Says:

    Haven’t seen today’s yet. It’s 10am here and we get it at 1pm (technically the day after you). Will just doesn’t get that had he not cheated, they wouldn’t be in this mess. There’d still be those underlying problems but the trust wouldn’t be broken. And running around accusing Sonny and/or Paul of things just makes him look like a douche. Sonny wouldn’t even be looking at Paul if Will was a good husband. Sonny’s always been head over heels for Will but Will is making it impossible for anyone to like let alone love him.

    • mykleraus Says:

      That’s what I don’t get. He’s just running around doing these unlikable things as if he doesn’t notice that Sonny keeps getting mad at him for THOSE THINGS, not for the initial cheating.

  4. underyourwing Says:

    will…….UGH. i wanna smack the obvious out of him.

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