Coming and Going

The casting news keeps piling up — and thank goodness, because I don’t have a hell of a lot to say about what’s on-air these Days besides, “Did someone slip me a ZzzQuil?”


Jason47 is reporting that True O’Brien (Paige) is out! Did you just hear that giant whooshing noise? It was my enormous sigh of relief. I cannot wait to be free of this dull character and all the uninspired drama surrounding her. I was actually told about this a few months ago by someone in-the-know, but I was sworn to secrecy, and then I started to worry maybe it was false. If my source is accurate — and I’m 99% sure s/he is — her exit is going to give us some fun fodder.

Meanwhile, someone new is joining the show, and I actually have zero guesses on who the hell she’ll be playing.


Sal Stowers played Cassandra on the short-lived (but enjoyable!) Prospect Park online revival of All My Children. She was thrown into very heavy story early on, and she was clearly green, but there was something very likable about her, so… fingers crossed. She’s on contract as a new character in Salem and starts airing in September, per Michael Fairman. Unless they’re aging her down quite a bit, I can’t see her working as an addition to the upcoming teen set. During AMC’s run, she read onscreen to me as around the same age as Theresa and Chad, but given the fuckery Days is known for, she’s probably playing Celeste. At least this is one case where we can’t wonder whether she’ll be Sarah Horton, unless they’re going for a topical “Sarah Dolezal” story.

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9 Comments on “Coming and Going”

  1. fluffysmom Says:

    It looks like many of the characters that Tom/sell created are getting the boot. I wish Ben was on the list of exiting characters.

    • mykleraus Says:

      There’s a rumor that James Read (Clyde) is out, but I haven’t posted about it yet because I haven’t seen it confirmed or even substantiated yet. But if he’s out and Ben is still around… I’ll be stunned.

      • fluffysmom Says:

        I’d like to see Victor and Stefano have Clyde killed in revenge for EJ’s murder and Sonny’s stabbing. Ben could disappear and I wouldn’t even notice.

      • mykleraus Says:

        Yes please!

        I want Kate to be instrumental in taking Clyde down, too. I want to see her be horrified that she fell for this — “After Curtis, I shouldn’t be this blind!” — and realize what she’s done.

  2. marypickford Says:

    I think Paige was supposed to be like Rory Gilmore, which I like the idea of. But True O’Brien was just so lifeless on screen. She wasn’t a bad actress, just had no energy.

    I like JJ/Casey Moss, so I’ll be curious to see him with someone else.

    One of the tidbits I read said that the Sal Stowers character has a past with Chad. So that could be interesting.

    • mykleraus Says:

      You’re spot-on with that. I’d never thought of Paige as modeled on Rory, but that makes a ton of sense. O’Brien hasn’t been terrible since the fallout, but she usually comes across so limp — and the writing made the character so dull, too. Very bad combo.

      I’m still mad they’ve had JJ with both Paige and Eve, because now putting him with Theresa would be super-gross. But I think he and Jen Lilley are great together.

      Giving Chad another dimension via SS might not be bad. At least Billy Flynn can bring some charisma to their scenes.

  3. Jamie Says:

    SOOOOOO glad to see that Paige will be leaving Salem. “her exit is going to give us some fun fodder.” – I’m very much looking forward to this!

    I would love it if the new character turned out to be Maxine’s daughter. They’ve referenced her children on a few occasions, it would be a nice to connect another character to Maxine. She was always a mother-figure to Melanie and now that she’s gone (again) it would be nice for Maxine to have someone to impart her words of wisdom on.

    • mykleraus Says:

      Oh! Duh. That completely had not occurred to me. I would love that. Maxine’s sort of been on my shit list since she started in with the nonstop Daniel-praising, but I like her and I think the actress is great. Would love to see her get a more substantial role in Salem.

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