Ewe Should Know Better

It just occurred to intrepid reporter Nicole to do a thorough web search on Xander? Screen Shot 2015-06-04 at 1.23.22 PM Screen Shot 2015-06-04 at 1.23.46 PM At least we got to see trusty old Ewe Search again! But what was she even doing? She was monologuing to herself (per usual) about how she’s been through these links a thousand times… but didn’t think to check “the dark web” (?!) like she did with Chyka until now. If the information that Xander did time for murder was on the internet and she didn’t bother to do a 10-second search to find it until now, there really is no hope. Who is she, Will?!

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8 Comments on “Ewe Should Know Better”

  1. fluffysmom Says:

    Why did it just now finally dawn on her to check under Alexandros Kiriakis the name he was born with?

  2. marypickford Says:

    She was looking under AlexandER Kiriakis. She assumed like the rest of us he must be Justin and Anjelica’s baby!

  3. Dylan Says:

    Could this storyline be any more tedious/pointless? Who cares about Xander and these diamonds/glass pebbles anyway? They’ve been in inventory for like two months now! It’s funny how Jordan left the show and her storylines were immediately replaced by this garbage, equally as insipid.

  4. otherweb1 Says:

    Why is she even using Ewe search to begin with … she’s a reporter … doesn’t that mean she has specially sophisticated search databases like the cops have? Speaking of which, how is it that Nicole smells a rat, but Salem PD has no clue? And Nicole REAAAALLLY needs a bestie again to figure things out with over martinis at the Pub instead of the ridic soliloquies. Oh wait, that’s right, we don’t have a Pub anymore. Well, how about the blue bar that never gets used?

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