Streetcorner Symphony

So it’s pretty much official that Arianne Zucker murdered the child of someone in the wardrobe department, yeah?

Nicole starts to feel she's backed into a corner.

I don’t think I’m being melodramatic in stating that this is an absolute fucking nightmare. As if this dress weren’t bad enough the first time, they had to slap on a confusing and unflattering jacket that looks like the loser of a Project Runway challenge where the contestants had to make garments out of old tents. It’s like the wardrobe department got dossiers on all the characters, and someone just highlighted the word porn in Nicole’s without paying any attention to the context or anything else that’s occurred for the past 17 years. This woman is supposed to be a news reporter. Where does she work that they’re putting her on the air looking like this? Well, probably NBC, but still.

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6 Comments on “Streetcorner Symphony”

  1. fluffysmom Says:

    Who is working in the wardrobe department and why do they hate Nicole and Melanie? I think we’d be better off if they wore clothes from the actresses personal wardrobes.

    • mykleraus Says:

      I think that’s the only way Kate and Hope manage to look consistently great (even when Kate looks insane, at least it looks like fashion and not trash).

  2. Nicole Says:

    Literally laughed out at this. Thank you you so much for the chuckle!

  3. otherweb1 Says:

    The inept Days wardrobe dept certainly does have a fetish for leather. Remember that butt ugly Spirulina Shake green leather jacket Marlena had on around the Italy baby caper? And last week, it was Maggie with the bubble-gum pink leather jacket. The only fashion that can be taken seriously on this show are the men’s (except for Chad’s socks and Will of course). And most of the time Kate’s and Theresa’s, and sometimes Jennifer’s.

    • mykleraus Says:

      There have been SO many leather jackets in recent months. There’s always at least one floating around. Not that I have anything against them on principle, but it’s getting to be summer. I know it was December when they filmed this, but really.

      Oh, add Hope to the list of people who usually looks pretty good. I think she must dress herself.

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