Another Return!

Someone else is headed back to Salem for the 50th anniversary…


Soap Opera Digest reports that Jason Cook, who played Shawn Douglas Brady from 1999-2006, will be back for November’s festivities!

There was a time when I was so sick to death of Shawn and Belle that I could’ve puked, and I was thrilled when they were finally given the boot, but this is a nice — and necessary — return. Hope and Ciara have needed Shawn back for a while, and given the hints that they’re aging Claire, this makes a lot of sense. This is someone I wouldn’t mind seeing stick around, if they could break out of the “Shelle” mindset, because that was not ever a compelling couple. Since Kirsten Storms is busy at General Hospital, I wonder if they’ll get Martha Madison to play Belle… or go after my favorite Days actress in history, the infamous Charity Rahmer!

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7 Comments on “Another Return!”

  1. Jamie Says:

    This is exciting! It’s been a long time since Shawn and Belle have been in Salem, it will be good to get updates on them. Hopefully a Belle will come back with him and they don’t do one of those “off screen tension in the relationship things” that they love so much!

    If Jason Cook is coming back, can we get a Jan Spears back too? Someone needs to kidnap him and tie him to a bed in a big birdcage and keep him in various stages of undress. And, did she force him to wear a baseball uniform, or is that just in my imagination? In my mind he’s tied to the bed and barely wearing a baseball uniform and….whew, it’s getting hot in here!

    Yes! Charity Rahmer!!!! Just to hear her creepily call John “Daddy” again would be the greatest!

    • mykleraus Says:

      Either bring Belle back with him or just have this be a visit so we don’t need to do ANY more of those long-distance breakups. I’m so tired of those.

      And yes, Jan made Shawn spend months in a pair of too-small baseball pants (which didn’t even fit well enough to button, I think). It was the best work Cook ever did.

  2. Kathy Says:

    A little OT but I am going to reserve any excitement about new writers and the return of former cast members until I see what the show is like a few months after the changes. I have been disappointed too many times in the past. The MarDar Days nearly killed me with boredom. All the returned character from that big change are now gone except Marlena and John. I feel sorry for the cast members who have weathered all the changes – given less to do when the troops return but asked to pick up the slack when it all falls apart.

    • mykleraus Says:

      I hear you. I do think we’re in for at least a few months of watchable stuff, with the writer switch, the anniversary, and the holidays all coming so close together. I’m definitely reserving any judgments on how good these writers are, how much better the show will be, etc., until they’ve really had time to show themselves, though.

  3. fluffysmom Says:

    I’m hopeful that almost anything has to be better than the endless boredom of the elephant saga.

  4. […] (yes, you read that correctly) that she’s back on contract with Days. Given the news that Jason Cook will be back as Shawn for this fall’s 50th anniversary — though seemingly not on contract — and the […]

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