Another Casting Call!

The hits curious and potentially interesting but also probably disastrous ideas keep on coming! Here’s another casting call that’s gone out…


No, they aren’t recasting Shawn and Belle — they’re (apparently) casting their daughter, Claire! According to Soap Opera Digest:

[T]he show is now looking to cast the role of Claire (presumably Shawn and Belle’s daughter born in 2005), as a 15-year-old. They are seeking a gorgeous blonde-haired girl, preferably with blue eyes, who can sing. Claire is described an as offbeat and slightly quirky girl who is trying to find her way through music and art.

I’m sort of shocked by this, but also, Claire should be 10 this year in real time, which is completely insane to me. She should also be older than Ciara, since she received an organ transplant from a dying Zach in order to survive as an infant, but I guess that’s neither here nor there. Regardless of whether or not this is Claire Brady or another girl, they really seem to be committing to a new teen scene, which… makes me nervous.

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9 Comments on “Another Casting Call!”

  1. Tony Says:

    Wonder if “music ” is code for potential jj love interest

    • mykleraus Says:

      I was wondering that. If it’s Claire, they’d be related. Ciara, Joey, and Claire all are, which makes it kinda rough to build a teen scene…

      • Dan Says:

        … which is why I would suspect it would be otherwise. To be fair, they are also casting Theo and Chase. Bitchy Ciara fighting her niece Claire for Chase would be interesting, but I suspect Claire will be someone else.

        To be honest, I suspect the teen scene is the long story. There is no way the show will be able to sustain John / Marlena, Bo/Hope/Aiden, Kayla/Steve, Justin / Adrienne , Tony, Eve, Jennifer, and Daniel. Someone’s going to have to go. This time next year, most of these people will be gone again. It’s simple mathematics.

        I think things will depend on Melissa Reeves. If she decides to renew, the may keep her brood in tact. If not, I think they will quickly jettison that branch of the family. Mansi and Flynn will leave at the end of their contracts and J.J. will linger until they decide to cut Moss. Considering there’s no mention of casting someone in J.J.’s range, I will be surprised if we don’t hear of Moss and O’Brien’s departure once they start filming January episodes.

        Also, I don’t think the online audience will be happy. The obvious Bo story once they deal with his absence is Hope and Aiden’s involvement. By aging Chase, you are able to deal with the unresolved thread involving Chase’s involvement in Meredith’s death. Bo revealing this fact to Chase, even inadvertently, would be the best way to milk the story based on the canvas and story threads in place. With that said, this would also delay the resolution between Bo and Hope and paint Bo as ‘bad.’ Plus, Higley wrote Bope as if the defining moment in the marriage, at the moment, was Zach’s death. Bo being kept out of the loop about something is the perfect switch in the dynamic as Bo was always keeping Hope sheltered.

        Kurth has hinted at where his story is going and I think the audience will riot. The audience is on the fence regarding Adrienne/Lucas and I’m curious to see where things head once Freddie Smith departs.

        Steve and Kayla’s story seems tied to Joey, which, of course, will upset the audience unless Joey is hot and shirtless all the time and then maybe they’ll forgive his limited acting skills. But maybe Higley will surprise us and have Kayla involved with Abe and use that as tension in Steve and Kayla’s reunion

        And let’s not even discuss the possibility of Daniel / Jennifer / Jack Round II if they bring Ashford back.

        I wish Nadia was staying longer because I’ve been fanwanking an Eric / Chloe pairing which would allow us to rebuild Chloe and Nicole’s friendship only for Chloe to convince Eric to return to the church and completely ruin Nicole’s chance at happiness with him. Of course, I would have kept Paul Tefler’s Xander around as the “Paul Mendez” figure that Nicole always finds herself drawn to.

      • mykleraus Says:

        That Eric/Chloe idea sounds intriguing! Care to elaborate?

        I do suspect they’re hoping to lay down some long-term roots with this new set of teens. SORASing wonkiness aside, it’s the right group of characters to do it with. I love your idea about Bo being the one to out Aiden and Chase’s secret. I could see Bo finding out, thinking that Hope’s in the dark, too, and hoping to make himself the good guy by exposing it — only to have it blow up in his face. I think I’ve said this before, but I wouldn’t mind seeing him as something of a pariah (for abandoning Hope/Ciara and for the Chase thing) and turning to Eve.

      • mykleraus Says:

        And I’m trying to figure out what’s up with Reeves. Wouldn’t her deal have been up last year (as she returned on-contract in November 2010)? That date seemed to coincide with when Jennifer began appearing less frequently and when they officially turned away from Dannifer, so I suspect she quietly renewed and took a lower guarantee. And Mansi must have quietly re-signed this year, too. I can’t believe they STILL aren’t doing anything of substance with Abigail. She should be the one with this Serena-level story.

        I really do think what we’ll get are a bunch of vets “on contract” the way Roman is, so we’ll know they’re around and see them in very supporting roles. I’m at least CURIOUS how they will play all of this, which might keep me awake better than the present material even if it’s a mess…

  2. fluffysmom Says:

    I don’t think all of the big name returns are long term. I’m sure some of them are returning for the anniversary and will head out of Salem after a short story arc.

    • mykleraus Says:

      Yeah. Or they’ll be on very Roman-esque contracts, and we’ll just know they are around and see them now and then, which I’m honestly fine with!

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