So What, Who Cares

I ask this without intending any (well, much) snark: is anything actually happening on this show?

I mean, yeah, I did get a healthy guffaw out of those goons cornering Marlena in the park, though I’m not sure that was what they were going for. Why is this woman who’s been kidnapped roughly eight million times wandering through the woods by herself?

Screen Shot 2015-05-13 at 10.21.22 AM

If only she had gasped out an “Oh my!”, this really would’ve been classic Marlena.

But seriously. Theresa plays nice to Melanie’s face, admits to Eve that it was only an act, and then… tells Eve she’s not going to try and manipulate Brady into getting back together because she has to focus on her son. Good plan for real life; boring non-plan for a soap. Eve and Cole set JJ up for dealing drugs again, and basically no one on Earth even pretends to believe it for a second. Cool? Nicole is working on some nebulous mission to prove that Serena’s a bitch, I guess (which should be evident to anyone with one working eye), so she makes a big scene of dumping the guy she inexplicably wants to be with so she can have cryptic conversations with another guy. What are these stories, and whose sick mind thinks they are actually stories?!

That isn’t to say everything is uniformly terrible. Individual scenes work, ideas work, performances work. But it’s so scattered. Unintentional hilarity aside, Stefano gunning for Marlena is great, even though it’s apparent that they’re trying to get their money’s worth out of that Italian castle the same way they were with the river Nick got dumped in a few years back. Chad’s material in the wake of Kristen’s death has been very good. I loved Jennifer being a stone-cold bitch to Roman when he came over to talk about the JJ allegations. The disastrous introduction of Brady and Paul as half-brothers was entertaining. But I’m going to need more than bits and pieces if I’m supposed to stay conscious five hours a week for this show. Is it fall yet?

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9 Comments on “So What, Who Cares”

  1. Gavin Says:

    I’m holding out hope that the Marlena/Stefano showdown will be brilliant. They have decades of material to play with. They better not disappoint.

  2. Simon Parris Says:

    I know this is not on topic, but did you see Arianna ogling Paul’s pecs? She was transfixed!

  3. otherweb1 Says:

    The entire baby/Italy “SL” was SUCH crap!!!! If anything, it was just a VERY lame way to give Brady and Theresa a reason to become a super couple and a way to get Chad to shove some true morality in Stefano’s face re: Marlena, thereby setting things off for Chad’s long and hopefully interesting journey of deserting the evil empire.

    In terms of who is writing this stuff? I’ve provided the simple answer to that in several of my posts these last few months … NBC has been running back to back fan contents and many of the scenes are being written by high-school cheerleader contest winners. LOL.

    • mykleraus Says:

      I didn’t hate it — mostly because it felt like there was some tension to the adventure and the Kristen/Marlena stuff was good. The flashbacks did feel very ham-handedly shoved in there, like they knew we’d be so happy to see the flashbacks that they just did the bare minimum to set them up. My standards have been completely dulled by the past 6-8 months, though, because I actually woke up and enjoyed this stuff.

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