Welp, Here Goes

I’ve been trying to come up with something blog-worthy all week, but honestly, nothing has jumped out at me. Nicole’s still wearing the same ugly dress, the Lucas/Adrienne/Justin material remains surprisingly good but not incredibly discussion-worthy, Tori Narita briefly reappeared in a clearing in the San Francisco Forest to recite some dialogue in a wooden fashion, and Will made all manner of stupid faces while deciding that he just has to go to Poplar Bluff to write this ridiculous article on Clyde. Have I covered everything yet?

Oh, wait. I guess this is fine.

Screen Shot 2015-05-08 at 8.14.18 AM

Thank goodness Xander showers compulsively. If we’re going to have endless scenes in hotel rooms, this at least makes them tolerable.

Oh! And it was nice to see Doug and Julie back.

Screen Shot 2015-05-08 at 8.17.38 AM

Doug’s still carrying on like the damn Music Man, and Julie’s still on her waaaaacky zen kick, and I’m fine with all of that because at least it’s some flavor. I would gladly watch these two do their vaudeville act than another round of Eve inviting someone over to her apartment to tell said person that they can’t keep having meetings and might get caught. Burner phones to break up your teenage daughter and her boyfriend? Lady, take a Xanax and go away.

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28 Comments on “Welp, Here Goes”

  1. otherweb1 Says:

    Is it just me, or is Nicole the soliloquy queen? Can’t they at least try to make her friends with Theresa so we don’t have to keep being subject to her park-bench monologues on what she’s really thinking? Also, did yet another teenage cheerleader contest winner write that junior-high scene of Lucas and Adrienne breaking up, having sex, declaring their love, then making out in front of Justin? NOTHING could ever be as painful as The Shave, but watching the Lucas Adrienne hotel scene made me cringe.

    On the bright side, I’m siked about Xander! How ridiculous is it that a total Salem newcomer is like the whole show for me right now??!!! I’m totally rooting for him and Nicole for the long-term! Victor treated him like such dirt, and for a split second Xander showed how much that hurt him, then he immediately got the revenge/anger scowl. I hope him and Nicole bond over how they both want so much to please but then always lash out because they get treated unfairly. I’m also hoping Theresa comes into his storyline as well, because I’m also all about Theresa these days.

    • mykleraus Says:

      I am so tired of watching Nicole sit on that bench in the Town Square and have these prolonged conversations with herself about Daniel, Serena, and god knows what else. Woman, you are in a public place!

      I like Xander. Don’t love, but like. I have a bad feeling this is going to turn into another “evil psycho tries to take down Daniel, and Daniel gets to be the hero” story, which… yawn. He’s definitely a better match for Nicole, though.

      I really haven’t minded the Lucas/Adrienne stuff. I like how they’re talking so much about Lucas’s history with women. They’re acting like idiots to a degree, but I sort of buy it given where they’ve both been recently.

      • otherweb1 Says:

        On the bright side, at least Wally Kurth is still totally hot at 50-something! And I love the way him and Adrienne argue. So I suppose I could accept the ridiculous Adrienne/Lucas storyline strictly as a means for giving them something to fight about. Wouldn’t be the first time Lucas was used as a pawn … not by Stefano, but by the writers as a way to add to someone else’s storyline. Like the way they put him with that friend of Tammy Sue’s strictly for the sake of the Tammy Sue story.

      • mykleraus Says:

        It’s nice to have him onscreen again. My biggest gripe with this story is I don’t get Justin’s side of it. WHY did he have an affair?!

  2. Gavin Says:

    I know Marlena and pals had to fly commercial to get home from Italy but exactly how many connections have they had to make? Why else has it taken them so damn long while Stefano got from Salem to Italy in about 30 minutes.

    • mykleraus Says:

      Right?! For once, I was going to applaud them for having an international flight take a normal amount of time, but of course they had to foul it up by having Stefano teleport to Italy.

      • otherweb1 Says:

        Maybe Stefano’s private jet is a Concord? So he could conceivably get from Italy to Salem in about an hour.

      • mykleraus Says:

        I guess it’s totally possible that the DiMeras have teleportation devices, considering they have all these miracle drugs no one else does…

  3. underyourwing Says:

    i am so sick of will…..why the hell couldn’t he clue sonny in on clydes “visit” and tell him Anything about the threats he made??
    instead he left him hanging and split……i guess real communication is too much to ask for in soaps…… and clyde……
    FEH. this show has gone to dare i say it?
    i dare
    i dare:
    hell in a hand basket…….

    • mykleraus Says:

      I don’t get anything Will is doing. He is acting like a damn FOOL!

      • Dylan Says:

        Will is just an idiot. He went off the deep end like last summer when he started thinking more about his job and himself than his family and husband. He’s truly unbearable to watch!

      • mykleraus Says:

        He is MORON. Nothing he does even makes sense!

      • otherweb1 Says:

        Ironic because he is indeed acting like a fool, but as hard as it might seem to believe, he appears to actually be ACTING! Is it just me, or is it like someone waved a magic wand over Guy Wilson and now all of a sudden he can act?

      • mykleraus Says:

        He’s been better lately, but he’s still really inconsistent. I want to give him the benefit of the doubt and say that he’s a decent actor but can’t work as quickly as daytime needs him to and would seem better in a feature film or something where he’d get lots of takes.

  4. Panic alert!! I don’t mind every character working in the same blue office. I don’t mind every character living in the same hotel room. I can even live with the loss of the DiMera and Kiriakis mansions. But the BRADY PUB? The BRADY PUB is gone? No, say it ain’t so!

    • otherweb1 Says:

      Yup … even more painful than watching all the scenes in the Pub’s new 2-seater booth was watching Aiden/Hope/Chase/Sierra/Doug/Julie put 2 round tables together and squeeze chairs around it for milkshakes at TBD. That scene totally was supposed to take place in the Pub!!!

      And never mind how odd it is that TBD would even serve milkshakes, but in genuine old-school fountain glasses????!!!! It was so ridiculous. Can we PLEASE have the Pub back???!!!

      • Dylan Says:

        Remember when they served “fro-yo sundaes” at TBD? The pub is so much more charming. They better not get rid of it.

      • mykleraus Says:

        OMG I had blocked that out!!!

      • mykleraus Says:

        I don’t get the fondness for using TBD. Nothing happens there that couldn’t happen at the Pub! And it’s hideous.

      • otherweb1 Says:

        I wish we could get the Cheatin Heart back!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

      • mykleraus Says:

        YES! I hate that they dismantled it onscreen for Sonny’s coffee shop, which he then closed anyway…

      • The outdoor “Salem Place”, was a set built at the Burbank Studio, literally on the other side of the wall of all the dressing rooms / and indoor sets. The local “park” where Shane Donovan got run over in 1992, is all still there right outside the studio doors. It would be refreshing for some outdoor shots every now and then, but budgetary restrictions appear to prevent this.

      • mykleraus Says:

        They did outdoor stuff when John had his “fatal” hit-and-run car accident in 2007, too.

        I know they had to stop using Salem Place for a while because there was construction around the studio, and all the noise made it impossible to film there. It’s a shame that by the time it was clear, the budget prevented using it.

    • mykleraus Says:

      I’m genuinely pissed. We have TBD and that stupid club but we can’t have the Pub?!

      • otherweb1 Says:

        I also don’t get how they went through all the trouble to build Victor’s nightclub, but they barely ever shoot scenes there! It makes me think that they are just renting that set, or sharing it with another show, and can only use it at certain times! Oh, and lately I’ve been remembering how sometime back in the 90s (maybe early 90s?) they used to show live outdoor shots. Remember that? You’d see the outside of a real stone mansion for the Dimera house, and you’d see the outside of a house for Hope, and they would even shoot scenes at this real live park bench that was at the bottom of a big hill!

      • mykleraus Says:

        It was a VERY weird choice to build that club. So little of the show takes place at night, anyway! I’m really hoping that this stuff with the sets gets sorted out when the new writers and producers’ stuff kicks in. I have to believe this was part of the reason they all got the boot — the show looks like crap and the set problems keep getting more and more glaring.

        I really miss the exterior shots.

      • otherweb1 Says:

        Funny, we were just talking about this and then a few days later they showed those outdoor helicopter scenes for the Marlena/Stefano flashbacks! And funny, because there was a night scene last week, that somehow morphed into a day scene: Paul clearly told Sonny that he and John would be arriving back in Salem “late tonight.” And AGAIN, when he went to Sonny’s apt the next day, he reconfirmed by saying “Yeah, we got in last night.” BUT when John arrived home at Victor’s, it was CLEARLY BROAD DAYLIGHT … so broad that the studio lights lit Victor up like a Christmas Tree when he stepped outside from the living room door, that was clearly showing daylight outside. This was just RIDICULOUS and there is no excuse. Budget issues are not a factor .. in fact, they could have saved $$ by killing the lights outside the door to make it look like nighttime. Unless they got home sooooo late that the sun was starting to rise???!!! Totally laughable. Or maybe Paul was referencing Tokyo time when he was telling Sonny when he’d be back?

      • mykleraus Says:

        And that day was ENDLESS.

        Marlena got kidnapped during the day in Salem, flew to Italy, where it was still light outside, and then was back on the plane while it was still daytime in Salem. Did Stefano kidnap her at 5 a.m. Salem time?!

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