What Happened in Salem: Week of April 27th

The drama in Italy came to a head…

In Italy, Kristen’s “remote” castle continued to see about as much foot traffic as the Horton Town Square. First, Theresa arrived and was shocked to learn that Clint worked for Kristen and lured her there for nefarious purposes. Then Marlena showed up and had a showdown with Kristen, which ended with Kristen falling out a window. Though her body was not recovered from the bay below, she was presumed dead, which is DiMera for “taking a breather until there’s more havoc to wreak.” The Italian authorities became involved, but Marlena — who has a body count in the double digits already — evaded murder charges.

Check out the full recap to find out What Happened in Salem this week!

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20 Comments on “What Happened in Salem: Week of April 27th”

  1. Andie Says:

    I’m not convinced Kristen is dead either. The writers flubbed, Chad is not Stefano’s only child left bc Peter Blake is still alive (I can’t remember if he’s in prision or mental institution). When is Nicole going to bed done with Daniel for real?

    • Gavin Says:

      I’ve read suggestions that it’s been said on air that Peter is dead. Of course that doesn’t mean he is or won’t come back (although perhaps not played by the same actor), but can anyone confirm whether Peter’s death has been discussed?

      • mykleraus Says:

        I have never, ever gotten that impression. Last we saw him, Peter went to jail after the Jungle Madness debacle. He literally was not mentioned onscreen by name until 2012-13, when Kristen mentioned him to Jennifer. There have been a few other mentions since, but nothing hinting at his current status or whereabouts.

        I would bet the ‘Peter is dead’ thing comes from the group of J&J fans who swore up and down all throughout the 2000s that Peter had been excised from official DOOL continuity.

    • mykleraus Says:

      Kristen is dead for as long as they need her to be. They’ve actually done something interesting and positioned her as a next-generation Stefano, able to pop up and wreak havoc as needed (the way Stefano did in the late 80s through late 90s).

      • otherweb1 Says:

        I had no idea Kristin “dying” was part of this SL, but I knew she was going out the window the minute she started telling Marlena to back up so she wouldn’t get her blood on the rug. And of course they didn’t find her body … that’s because of the net Stefano had installed when he built the castle. It’s motion sensitive, so as soon as a falling object hits it, it’s specifically designed to immediately retract and carry the fallen object into a secret cavern where food, fake IDs, $1 million in cash, and a private jet pilot are waiting.

      • mykleraus Says:

        LOL. Seriously. Having her presumed dead makes sense story-wise, but it’s kind of comical Stefano would even shed a tear over the thought.

  2. Dylan Says:

    Absolutely boring episode yesterday. THIS is May sweeps? Ugh. It was more of this Nicole/Xander/Serena BS, I’m so tired of these repetitive conversations where Serena taunts Nicole or the other way around, so pointless. I can’t wait for Serena to move to “Hawaii”. Too bad she’s never actually going to, probably at least partly because Xander will never finish “inventory” of the diamonds/white marbles. I also can’t really stand Will so it’s just painful to watch his character become more and more fame-obsessed, insecure and self-involved. I don’t really get why we’re supposed to care about him writing an article about Clyde, but I couldn’t even get through more than like five minutes of the episode. Weird after last week was so interesting with Paul/John and the whole Kristen story!

    • mykleraus Says:

      WHAT is this Serena story even about? I have no idea what they want me to be rooting for or why I should care. Xander is ‘fine’ as far as being an okay actor in a not-terribly-offensive part, but he certainly isn’t adding anything to this stupid story. PLEASE let Nicole actually mean what she said to Daniel at the end of yesterday’s episode.

      • otherweb1 Says:

        I never thought I’d say this, I am actually interested in the Serena story! And it’s all because of Xander. Even if the diamond story is crap, Xander can actually act (or so it seems so far), so I can get into any sort of crap he plays out on screen. But I still can’t stand Serena, so on the plus side, it’s nice to have someone pushing her around, especially when it’s someone that hot. I think there is tons of room for Xander beyond the diamonds….his whole complex about being unrecognized by Victor should give us many fulfilling moments as he takes his jealousy out on Daniel! First, by way of Nicole. And who knows, he might even go after Brady too by way of Theresa. Theresa is just so damn cute lately! I’m so rooting for anything she does and wants! I would love it if she had Xander and Brady going at the same time.

      • mykleraus Says:

        Xander is useful as a shit-stirrer, and you’re right — we needed to FEEL the pressure on Serena. This whole thing is still a big elephant turd to me, because it isn’t at all about the characters we know and love (aside from giving everyone reasons to yell at Nicole), but this element is at least not dreadful.

  3. otherweb1 Says:

    If this really was sweeps week, the highlight of the week for me was Xander with his shirt 1/2 on answering the call from Victor. That was smoking! So hot that I wouldn’t even have cared if it was the TBD burgundy shirt.

    I thought the whole Italy baby rescue was the worst shit-hitting-the-fan sequence I’ve ever seen in my 30+ yrs of watching Days. The SL went from Melanie declaring Brady had a kid, to sitting on a plane headed back to Salem with the kid, in exactly 1.5 weeks? Someone sure was in a hurry to get this SL on to Brady and Theresa as parents. Either that, or they had no choice because the whole Italy sequence was dictated by Eileen Davidson’s filming agreement?

    BTW, I’m wondering if some sort of tracking exists for Eric’s hair malfunctions? It seems as though every time I blink, when I open my eyes back up his hair is splitting apart, falling over, drooping to the side, etc.

    • Dylan Says:

      The whole motto seems to be “rush through all the drama in two weeks to get to people talking and arguing in coffee shops/clubs for two months”. It’s very strange and un-soap-like. They did the same thing with Hope/Aiden’s The Shining storyline (although not quite as fast).

    • mykleraus Says:

      I really enjoyed the Italy stuff, but it was definitely compressed. I think what worked for me is that they at least played it as a big caper that took place in the span of a single day/night, and it got complicated and messy enough that it didn’t feel as perfunctory as a lot of the recent climaxes. I wouldn’t have minded at all if it had taken a month, though! I do think a lot of it was either based on ED’s availability or, at the least, how much they were willing to pay to get her for a time. Though they could’ve had Brady and/or Mel track Mandrake to Italy, get into some hijinks, THEN have Kristen herself appear to actually ratchet things up…

      Eric’s hair is all over the place! I think it looks cute, but it changes from scene-to-scene.

  4. Andie Says:

    The interesting aspect(s) of the Haiden’s Peugeot Sound trip: Hope entirely missed Sonny’s stabbing/investigation and hospital stay; Aiden returned in time to consult/represent Ben after he assaulted Chad (as Aiden was the only lawyer in Salem while Justin was in Dubai). I think the Italy pacing had a lot to do with Elieen Davidson’s meager 10 episodes. Also, I think Patty Pease/Kimberly coming to Salem very soon to visit Theresa and the baby might have something to do with it. I wouldn’t have minded if there was a week or so of episodes which actually show Marlena & company explaining things to the Italian authorites. You are right, the writers sandwich the very good “meaty stuff” in very small portions between massive slices of dry, bland bread. I get irritated and roll my eyes whenever JJ/Paige and Scrappy-fail DeverHo are on; I was in stiches while Chad called Abby out on her BS and told her MYOB. On a postive note, other than the baby Christopher s/l and Paul, I’m relishing in the Adrienne/Lucas affair and Justin’s return. Also, this set up with multiple characters with invested interest,”partnerships,” or brutal enemies with Clyde Weston is coming together quite nicely. I’m pretty sure Haiden can still weather Hurricane Clyde. I see the light at the end of the tunnel, I think the Dumbo’s Droppings s/l is coming to a close soon. I agree Xander coming to town and Nicole having more of a presence (other than drinking dirty martinis and chasing Dr. Tan) makes that s/l more tolerable.

    • otherweb1 Says:

      It seems like these writers skipped dramatic writing 101 … doling out a series of set ups and pay offs, where the stakes incrementally increase each time, until finally all hell breaks loose. I haven’t seen any of this since last year (showdown with Liam on Smith Island, Nick going in the river, Sami putting EJ in jail for sleeping with Abigail, etc.) Perfect example would be the sex tape with Eric getting played at Kristin’s wedding. If I remember correctly Marlena and Victor where fiddling with the DVD for weeks before they actually played it? But now, Theresa bumps into Kristin in the castle on Wed, and is on a plane back home with her baby on Fri????!!!!!! I can buy it that for this one, it was because of Patsy and Eileen’s contracts. But, what about Sonny and Will … out of absolutely nowhere there is this sharp cut off where out of the blue, the bellhop comes into TBD and Sonny learns within the span of 1 episode that Will slept with Paul. Ok fine, so then Sonny gets stabbed on his way to confront Will, so I’m thinking “Oh ok, this is the part where it will take months of set ups and pay offs for Sonny to remember what he found out before the stabbing.” But then all of a sudden, like the day after he woke up in the hospital he blurts it out??! And Lucas and Adrienne went from never appearing in the same scene together to having sex in like 2 or 3 weeks? Grant it The Shining lasted a couple of weeks, but it still managed to be a dud when it could have been SO much more. They went through all the trouble to have the kids be in SF, the bridge go out, etc., so I was all ready to hunker down for a few weeks of drama with Hope stranded with Aiden and the crazy neighbor … but it was over by the end of the week.

      • mykleraus Says:

        YES. It’s as if they’re worried that people will get bored if they don’t have stuff happen as quickly as possible — but (aside from cases of extreme dragging-out, like used to happen on Passions) it’s that sense that something is ABOUT to happen that keeps people watching. They keep sacrificing suspense for quickly wrapping things up and then they struggle to fill the episodes. It’s bizarre.

    • mykleraus Says:

      That’s exactly what it is. They rush through the interesting parts and seem to think that all the chattering and post-gaming constitutes storytelling. It’s very strange.

      Stuff is definitely BETTER than it was in March, though that isn’t saying much. The Clyde story has the right pieces to work, but they aren’t quiiiiiite clicking for me. I think they can at least generate something interesting out of it if they really apply themselves…

      • otherweb1 Says:

        I used to watch Fri episodes on Mondays so that I wouldn’t have to wait 3 days to see a cliffhanger resolved. Now, I couldn’t tell you the difference between a Tues and a Fri! I also can’t remember the last time I jumped up with field-goal arms yelling “Yes!” at a fabulous pay-off or suspense or EJ/Sami sex scene. It’s like the scaled-down sets are a symbol for where the show has gone … we used to enjoy an expansive, bustling pub, with all kinds of comings and goings, people playing darts, Nicole getting sloshed at the bar, Marlena staring in at someone through the door from outside. And now all we have is this cramped, unfullfilling 2-seater booth slapped against a wall with an occasional waitress walking by with an empty tray.

      • Dylan Says:

        Yes, the budget is somehow even worse now than before, as if that were even possible.

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