The 42nd Annual Daytime Emmy Awards

This year’s Daytime Emmy Awards were held last night, and they were not as much of a nightmarish exercise in idiocy and degradation as they’ve been in recent years, perhaps because they were broadcast on actual TV network POP (formerly the TV Guide Channel) and not filmed on a GoPro in the back room of a Wendy’s in Tuscaloosa. The big news, as pertains to this blog, is that Days won — well, tied — for Outstanding Daytime Drama, along with The Young and the Restless. In the shadiest move of the evening, the show spent all night hyping the big reunion of General Hospital’s Luke and Laura (Tony Geary and Genie Francis), only to bring them onstage to present two other shows with the award for Outstanding Daytime Drama.

Freddie Smith (Sonny) also won for Outstanding Younger Actor, so congratulations to him and to Days. Camila Banus (Gabi) lost for Outstanding Younger Actress, while both Peggy McCay (Caroline) and Alison Sweeney (Sami) were passed over for the Outstanding Lead Actress award, so boo on everyone involved with that decision.

Perhaps the greatest shock of the night was when Deidre Hall came onstage to pay tribute to the upcoming 50th anniversary of Days of Our Lives, which included a video montage that was respectful, nicely put together, inclusive of various eras of the show’s history, and did not feature Daniel Jonas. Check it out here:

I might have teared up. This is worlds better than the tribute Guiding Light got when it was going off the air, which I’m pretty sure was just, like, a glimpse of the title card and a picture of some of the actors bound and gagged backstage. The ending of this montage, with Marlena’s words from Will and Sonny’s wedding playing over clips of Shane & Kim, Steve & Kayla, and Tom & Alice, is beautiful. And they actually included Possessed Marlena and Greta’s coronation! If the actual anniversary on the show is handled with this level of love and attention, we’re in for a treat. And if it isn’t… at least I’ll have a bunch of blogging material?

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12 Comments on “The 42nd Annual Daytime Emmy Awards”

  1. otherweb1 Says:

    Thanks SO much for posting this!!! I cried!! Mostly over the memories, but also over the fact that the show just doesn’t evoke the same kinds of viewer emotions it used to in all the years past. John first seeing Marlena at the waterfront, Hope being blown up in that cage thing, Vivian burying Carly alive, Marlena levitating and the devil voice machine, Shawn Douglas being born, Zach’s death, Jen and Jack’s wedding, Patch, Wayne Northrup, Tom and Alice. I can’t believe they had what looked like the history of the cast there, including Peter Reckell! And so many of the veteran actors looked like they were tearing up, including the men! Like you said, let’s pray that we get at least a good 6-12 months out of the 50th anniv scripts! It’s said though that this aired on some weird TV Guide channel. I remember when it used to air on an actual network like ABC or CBS. I’m assuming they gave Days best show on the basis of 50 yrs, and not on the basis of the 2014 scripts??!!! Although, I definitely will give them credit for the Nick story, EJ/Sami/Abigail, and Sami/Kate CEOs. God please let them pull through on the golden opportunity they have now with Will/Sonny/Paul/John and Hope/Aiden. I’d love to hear what other’s favorite memories SL have been. I’d say in almost 35 yrs of watching, my hands down favorite are a tie between Marlena Devil, Burying Carly, Kayla getting her hearing back on the boat the day of the wedding, Patch dying, Sister Mary Moira! Would love to hear other’s faves!

    • mykleraus Says:

      You’re welcome! I know what you mean about the newer stuff not having the same impact. I do think SOME of that is the power of nostalgia (as opposed to stuff we watched three months ago) — but the show needs a serious infusion of energy and high stakes.

      I think Days had some really strong stuff in 2014. It didn’t really go to hell until fall 2014, around when Sami and EJ exited. Before then, you could at least sort of ignore Jordan’s story, and most of the rest was good/decent/not horrible. I think they only submit two episodes overall for consideration, so I can see how they won.

      My absolute all-time favorite was the climax of the Kristen/Susan story, with the Graceland wedding. Today’s writers need to watch that to see how to pace out a reveal. As insane as it was, it was also so tense and dramatic.

      • otherweb1 Says:

        I remember I VHS videotaped the weeks when Patch was in heaven and re-watched them for months after! lol! I even remember where I was when Vivian buried Carly! Do you remember where you were when Reagan was shot? No, but I remember seeing Vivian roll around on Carly’s grave from a TV set in a Lechmere store, and having to cover my eyes because I didn’t want to spoil it before I could get home to play it back on VHS!

      • mykleraus Says:

        Ha! I feel that way about so many Days events. My ‘favorite’ is how I distinctly recall telling my freshman year Politics professor that I had a doctor’s appointment and had to leave class at 2:55… because Days aired at 3 and I wanted to watch the massacre at Greta’s coronation.

      • otherweb1 Says:


  2. kathy Says:

    I was writing a paper on Emily Dickinson when Mickey found his way to Maggie’s farmhouse.

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  4. Such great moments! I remember where I was for all of them.. including being 5-years-old, watching Doug & Julie’s first wedding, with all my mom’s friends gathered in the living room.

    Glad to see the cast on stage, including Peter Reckell’s inclusion. Hopefully a sign of things to come…

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