What Happened in Salem: Week of April 20th

In a shocking twist, stories actually progressed this week!

Brady showed up at Kristen’s castle in Italy, wasted a bunch of time by pretending to be nice to her, and then just blurted out a demand that Kristen hand over his baby. Kristen managed to shuffle him out without him finding the baby, only to have Melanie escape a life-or-death battle with an inflatable raft and turn up at the castle, where she found the baby. Kristen lied that Christopher was Melanie’s brother, as a result of The Incident That Shall Not Be Named, but Brady insisted upon a DNA test, so Kristen and Mandrake held him and Melanie at gunpoint in front of the infant.

Read the full recap to learn What Happened in Salem (and other exotic locales) this past week!

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6 Comments on “What Happened in Salem: Week of April 20th”

  1. Gavin Says:

    Two questions: how did Melanie get in the baby’s room when Kristen and Dr Mandrake were standing right there, and the doctor had just used the secret passage? And is 555-01555 really the best they could do for Justin’s phone number?

    • mykleraus Says:

      I was confused by how Melanie found the damn tunnel, let alone got into it. I’m also thankful I didn’t have to watch an entire episode of her bumbling to get into it, though…

      And LOL about the phone number.

  2. otherweb1 Says:

    Jen Lilly was PRICELESS with her reactions to finding out Clint was a millionaire!!!! I LOVED IT!!!

    It was easy to miss, but somehow I remember some nanosecond clue that got Melanie into the walls. What baffles me more is that we went from Brady having no idea Kristin had his and Theresa’s child, to Kristin holding Melanie and Brady at gunpoint in St. Luke’s within, what a week???!!!! WHAT is the deal with just a blazing fast-forward on a SL? This is one reason we love Days so much … it’s DAYS of our lives, not months of our lives, and as long as it’s done the right way, I love the time it takes to do a deliberate and dramatic story. I’m not sure if they are rushing this story over to make room for the new writers or if it needs to hurry up and be over quick because Eileen Davidson only gave Days a short amount of her time for this stint?

    And really Brady, you ask Kristin for a DNA test????? If she had the money and the sociopathic doctors on hand to steal a fetus from Theresa’s womb and implant it in herself, then it stands to reason that faking a DNA test would be tit for her.

    And Justin is SUCH an ASS!!!! He verbally abuses Adrienne over her and Lucas when HE was the one who cheated first???!!! And who knew that Hong Kong offices also have blue walls ….

    Speaking of set shortage, I am CRUSHED that the Pub has been reduced to an extremely tight shot of a booth that fits exactly 1 person on each side. I just can’t believe that we’ve lost the DiMera living room, the Kiriakis living room, and the Pub! And for what, for Ben’s and Eric’s boring look-a-like apartments and a couple of quick stints by Molly and Eileen?

    • mykleraus Says:

      I find Theresa hilarious. When they write her in comic mode, they sort of put this reality TV vixen twist on her, and it distinguishes her from a lot of Salemites. Jen Lilley is clearly having fun with the part. I still want to know more about her backstory and WHY she’s so damaged, though, and I know JL could pull it off.

      None of Brady’s strategy made sense to me. Why go in there and pretend to be all contrite with Kristen if he was just going to blurt out that he knew what she’d done anyway? So stupid. Why didn’t he or Melanie call the damn authorities? His father LITERALLY used to be an international spy!

      I haaaaaate the reduced Pub set. Hate. I don’t mind if they use it from time to time, because it’s clearly easy to shoot, but we need to see the full set. I hope the change in writers/producers will correct some of this stuff soon (I think I read that the Kiriakis living room returns this summer).

    • Gavin Says:

      Oh I saw the bit where Melanie realised there was a secret passage. I just don’t know when she got the opportunity to use it. Just before we saw her enter the baby’s room, the doctor had left it and used the passage to come into the living room, where Kristen was. Maybe Melanie used her invisibility cloak to get past them.

      • mykleraus Says:

        Ahahahahaha. I was so confused by how Mandrake was in the tunnels going one way and then Melanie was just coming out the other…

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