More Recasts on the Way?

There’s another pair of casting calls out, and it’s very possible these are recasts…


Soap Opera Digest reports:

The show is seeking a beautiful brunette to play the contract role of Danielle, a 16 to 17-year-old who is described as loving and warm, but has experienced pain in her past. “She, at times, can seem selfish and cruel and controlling when she is in certain social situations in which she feels backed into a corner. At her core though, she is a very good person,” reads the description. The soap is also seeking to find a 16 to 17-year-old actor to play the contract role of Mason, a quiet yet stunning teenager who has also suffered tremendous loss.

Sounds like these could be Ciara and Chase, no? Given the casting of teen Joey Johnson and the call that sounds like Theo, it seems likely. I would really miss Lauren Boles as Ciara, but I’d much rather they build new story out of familiar characters — especially given all the upcoming holes in the canvas — than hit us with another serving of Jordans, Serenas, Clydes, and such. As long as the grown-up Ciara is still a borderline kleptomaniac with a sassy mouth, I’m willing to give this a shot… though all the timeline confusion (if Ciara is 17, will her dad have not been around for 10 years?!) seems like a recipe for headaches.


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