TBT: Diners, Drive-Ins, and Disgraceful Behavior

Since the 2015 version of Days is currently most effective as a substitute for ZzzQuil, let’s throw it back to the fall of 2000 (I think, based on my depressingly encyclopedic knowledge of when certain key events occurred and the fact that I know it was spring of 2001 when I told my Politics Seminar professor that I had a doctor’s appointment because I “needed” to leave class early to watch the massacre at Greta’s coronation).

This clip, in which Sami discovers that Kate is working at the diner with Fay Walker — who, you will notice, is not wearing a CAMEO — is over-the-top from start to finish. For my money, few things will ever be as hilarious as the moment around 0:35 when Sami announces herself by shouting, “Yo, Kate! You go, girl! You sling that hash, honey!” before breaking out into a maniacal cackle.

If you had forgotten what a crass, rude pig Sami could be, look no further for a reminder. To be fair, she’s carrying on about a woman who recently had her sent to Death Row, but still. I also love how Roman and Austin just kind of stand around going, “Hey, Sami, cool it” like a pair of limp noodles.

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10 Comments on “TBT: Diners, Drive-Ins, and Disgraceful Behavior”

  1. tonymerola Says:

    Can u win a daytime Emmy for one line ? Cause if u could sami locks it up there . Great clip thanks for sharing

  2. w Says:

    I still don’t see what people see in Sami – she’s just horrible.

  3. w Says:

    But spitting at Kate – death row or not Yuck.

  4. Joelow Says:

    “You sling that hash, honey” sounds like something a queen on RuPaul’s Drag Race would say.

  5. Andie Says:

    Thanks for this blast from the past 😃 I missed it first time around. That waitress outfit just might turn Clyde on…

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