What Happened in Salem: Week of April 6th

At least one story moved in an interesting way last week…

Will, a professional journalist whose entire career rests on writing shocking exposés about people he encounters on an everyday basis, neglected to put a password on his tablet, which allowed Sonny to find the article (“article” = “amateurishly formatted blog post containing an unsubstantiated rumor based on guesswork”) about Paul being a DiMera. While Will and John bonded by fueling each other’s negative perceptions of Paul, Sonny went to tell Paul about his mother’s lies. Paul confronted Tori, whose startled reaction was either a short in her circuits or confirmation that Paul’s father was from Salem. Looking on, John put the pieces together and realized that Paul is his son.

To find out what else plodded along, check out the full What Happened in Salem recap!

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10 Comments on “What Happened in Salem: Week of April 6th”

  1. Jayme Says:

    Everyone needs to stop calling Daniel’s jacket a coat. It’s a JACKET. In fact, I think it’s more like a leather shirt. Or Shacket.

    Tori actually showed some signs of life, particularly with Marlena. She was kinda sassy! But now that the secret is out, what are they going to do with her? Is she going be super jealous of Marlena and try to reconnect with John?

    • otherweb1 Says:

      I’m hoping that now that Tori’s secret is out, she is also out of the show. She needs to be programmed to hop a plane back to SF in disgrace. And it would be such a waste to spend all summer getting Sonny and Paul back together only to have Sonny gone in a few months, so I’m praying they recast him.

      I really wish instead of Daniel donating his leather jacket to the church drive, he could have donated his button down burgundy dress shirt instead. And JJ and Clyde should donate theirs too. Or, is it really the same shirt and they are just passing it around to each other?

      • mykleraus Says:

        I said this elsewhere, but I’m betting Tori has an accident a la Chad’s biological mom and vanishes really soon.

        I am so sick of the burgundy shirts. There was a period a few years ago where like four of the men had these hideous, red-red button-downs that looked like they came from Express. This is reminding me of that.

    • mykleraus Says:

      It’s definitely a leather jacket. Who the hell has ever said “leather coat” in real life, you know?

      I would imagine Tori will quickly meet the same end as Chad’s bio mom (falling down a flight of stairs and no1curr).

  2. otherweb1 Says:

    I never thought I’d say this, but I now only consider Guy Wilson to be the 2nd worst actor on the show. The guy who plays Ben is now in the lead! The scenes with Abigail this week were soooooooooo cheesy and painful.

    Hopefully Hope’s slight reference to Rafe that he’s become a bad guy means he we will actually start to see some action with him… it’s a shame that one of the hottest guys on the show doesn’t even have a storyline!

    I think the actor playing Zander looks a lot like Austin Peck! I find it hard to believe that such an EJ-ish character would only be short term. The references to Victor favoring Brady and Daniel will become important when the Zander/Nicole/Daniel triangle gets going. And that would be awesome to have Zander get involved in the business at the club and have a tie-in with Rafe.

    • mykleraus Says:

      Oh, he’s bad, too. I haven’t really gotten to see him ’emote’ in the same way Guy Wilson has, so I’m giving him the benefit of the doubt. His material with Abigail is so schmaltzy and flimsy that I think even a seasoned actor would be like, “How do I make this interesting?”

      I can definitely see the Austin Peck resemblance. I feel like he’s being written as such a throwaway baddie. I also really hope we don’t have to endure a long-term Daniel/Nicole anything. Just get her away from him!!!

  3. otherweb1 Says:

    Re: The Adventures of Babar, hmmmm, do you think the writers at Days could ever possibly devise such a plot twist shocker wherein the marbles are no longer up the chimney? Maybe Parker ate them? (And of course, now that the elephant is no longer needed, I imagine we’ll never see Parker playing with it ever again, even though it is his absolute favorite toy ever that he’s in love with and can’t put down and is obsessed with.) This will also get interesting when it turns out Nicole is sleeping with the guy who had Eric kidnapped to get revenge on Fish Eyes after Parker ate the marbles.

    Oh, and btw, when is Daniel going to point blank say to Jennifer “You are doing exactly what you castrated me for doing with Nicole…..asking me to cover a lie for you.”

    • mykleraus Says:

      You’re so right about the elephant. Parker will never mention it again.

      Daniel’s at least made some good points to Jennifer about how she’s handling the JJ/Eve thing, particularly in calling her out on how this is not about her. I feel like he’d have more ground if they were actually together, because this just feels like he’s butting into family business.

      • otherweb1 Says:

        What I like about the Dan/Jen arguments is that they seem more real. Not sure if it’s because they are written better, acted better, or because Shawn and Melissa have better chemistry. The exchanges between Dan and Nicole are so needy and childish. And they are so unconvincing as a match for each other. Actually, I don’t see Nicole matching with anyone … not even Zander. I remember back in the day she used to play Nicole more sexy and vixen-like and she made a good match for Victor, EJ, etc. But ever since she went into reform-mode, she plays it immature, silly, giddy, goofy … maybe Daniel needs to ask JJ to set her up with Rory? Better yet, ask JJ to set both her and Melanie up! Melanie’s silly little girl stuff is also annoying and her and Brady are an odd match too.

      • mykleraus Says:

        I don’t even know what Daniel and Nicole are fighting about. He always seems irritated by her. Why does he invite her over and then just yell at her? And she’s just groveling and apologizing for nothing. It’s insane!

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