Good Surprise, Bad Surprise

So: Xander (Zander?) is a Kiriakis!

Screen Shot 2015-04-08 at 2.22.51 PM

Based on his brief interaction with Victor at the end of Wednesday’s episode, I gather that he’s Alexander Kiriakis, Justin’s son (with Anjelica Deveraux), Adrienne’s stepson, and Sonny’s brother. This reminds me of the way they introduced Theresa, which I dig. Also, the actor’s not bad and appears to have some charisma. And I love the idea of a Kiriakis who really follows in Victor’s footsteps. Philip grappled with his dark side a bit, Brady’s dark side just involved chugging out of the decanter in the living room, and Sonny’s most nefarious impulse is his taste in coffeehouse decor, so this could be a fun new dynamic.

I do hope they’ll explain where he got that accent and why Sonny said a month ago that he was going to visit his brother Alex in Phoenix, unless XZander was there raiding all the Marshall’s and HomeGoods for decorative white pebbles.

Meanwhile (brace yourselves), Eve is dressed like your Aunt Helen if your Aunt Helen was also an outer space blanket.

Screen Shot 2015-04-08 at 2.23.08 PM

That is some legitimate fug, even by Days standards. Kassie dePaiva is up there like, “What did I do to deserve this?!” I half-expected Theresa to say that the real reason she dragged her to that clothing drive was to get rid of that hideous blouse and get Eve into a decent shirt.

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20 Comments on “Good Surprise, Bad Surprise”

  1. otherweb1 Says:

    Nooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! No! No! No! No! No! No! No! No! NNNNNOOOOOOO!!!!! OK, I stopped watching about a month ago, for the 3rd time in about a year or so (and I’ve been watching Days for more than 30 years, so that’s quite a testament to how ludicrous the show has been lately.) Well, I picked back up on it today (long story that I won’t go into right now) and wanted to play catch up and see what I missed, rather than start back with this week. And if my initial screams are any indication, yup, I just finished watching The Shaving scene ………….

    Oh … my …. fucking …. GOD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! WHAT in the FUCK was THAT????!!!!!!

    I can’t even begin to post about it ……. I don’t even know what to say. Except that I haven’t laughed that hard, well, maybe ever?????? I’ve seriously never even laughed that hard at Seinfeld, John Ritter, Chris Farley, or when Steve Martin, Chevy Chase, and Martin Short fired their guns for the singing bush inThe Three Amigos!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Not only did I laugh unfucking controllably … for literally about 5 minutes straight,…with tears coming out of my eyes ….. but I think I almost wet my pants. And almost rolled off the couch.

    Oh my fucking good lord. How????? HOW could this scene have even happened???????????!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! The only possible scenario I can even imagine is that it was a product placement for Geicko, except someone in graphics fell asleep and didn’t push the button so that the lizard could come across the screen? Or, maybe this episode was supposed to air on April 1 where Ariana and Shawn were supposed to jump up after and yell into the camera “April Fools!!!” But someone in scheduling screwed up and it accidentally aired March 19?

    I just hope that someone, somewhere, will hunt down and destroy every living online copy, so that if anyone ever plays it again, when the episode gets to that scene, it will just be 3 minutes of snow and then it will skip over to the next scene. All comedy aside, NO ONE else should have to suffer through that ever again!

    On the bright side, The Shave put some other things about the epside into perspective, so now I don’t mind so much Guy Wilson’s ludicrous attempt to pull off blackmail, Serena’s chinchilla coat, Nicole’s skunk coat, or the fact that some dipshit thought it was a good idea for both wardrobe shitshows to actually be shot in the same scene together. In fact, The Shave put a LOT of things into perspective! I mean, honestly, after being a witness to that fucking travesty I would be hard pressed to find ANYTHING about the show to bitch about probably for the rest of my life.

  2. William Says:

    To be fair we DID complain a lot about everyone wearing cocktail dresses day in and day out. This was clearly a compromise on their part. The sad part of that outfit is that THEY SPENT MONEY ON THAT. Ken Corday let a staffer out into the world with a charge card and they brought that back. (And PS we haven’t yet discussed Daniel in the burgundy tie and shirt yet another item from the Club To Be Determined collection I assume) but to think that these items are bought and brought in and people go through fittings scares the hell out of me. Doesn’t anyone ever walk into a fitting and just say “Are the ou fucking kidding me? Did you recycle some 80s prom dress for this?” And also sad is that we don’t have real sets on this show but we have 300.00 cocktail dresses by the storage room full.

    anyway… I believe on today 4/9 it was made clear by Victor that he man is Alexandrovitz or something The writers guessed could pass for Greek. And that he is the son of his brother making him Justin’s brother. Sad because with Sonny leaving in 28.5 months it would be nice for Adirenne (Marlena 2.0) to have another life to meddle in.

    • mykleraus Says:

      It is TRULY HORRIFYING when you put it that way! I hope they kept the tags on (and the store refused to take it back).

      Also, why has Daniel been dressed like a History professor lately?

      I can’t tell if Xander is supposed to be Justin’s brother or a nephew from another branch of the family. This is so stupid. He literally could just be Justin’s son, nothing onscreen would have to change, and there would be way more layers to it. Ugh.

      • Dan Says:

        I haven’t caught this week’s episodes but I love the uproar over this not being Alexander Kiriakis, Justin’s son, but Alexandros Kiriakis, Victor never before mentioned nephew. Paul Tefler is too old to be playing Alexander, and, just like Serena / Sarah, there is no way I would buy the concept that all these characters knew each other in Africa without anyone mentioning it before. I’m okay with Victor calling in an unknown nephew to take care of some business.

        I like Tefler, but I don’t see Alexandros lasting long. I would love to see an Eric / Nicole / Xander triangle. It would definitely be better than this stuff with Serena.

      • mykleraus Says:

        The thing that bugs me about the Alexander/Alexandros situation is more that I don’t get the point of it. Victor didn’t call him to Salem; he was just like, “Oh, this bad seed nephew is here.” I don’t think Xander will be long-term, so I don’t hate that he’s connected to the Kiriakises — but I would love to have another son for Justin and Adrienne on canvas, as well as a brother for Sonny. I suspect people (myself included) would be less annoyed if they hadn’t ended an episode making it seem like he was Alexander Kiriakis (a character who’s been mentioned pretty recently and has ties on canvas) and then told us the next day he was someone we’d never heard of before. Even just using a different name would’ve been nice! This feels a little like Jett Carver to me, which… blah.

    • otherweb1 Says:

      I’m tempted to say that what’s even scarier is that they paired it with matching bright turquoise bracelet and ring … on the same arm. But instead I’m voting for Nicole’s “cupcake” hairdo as this week’s most fucked up hair and wardrobe malfunction. Although, the trend toward TBD burgundy is of course a close second, especially when more than one non-TBD-employee is sporting it in the same episode.

      • mykleraus Says:

        Eve’s accessories were horrible, too. Ugh. I noticed that.

        Nicole’s hair is almost always a miss. It’s alarming. This is a beautiful woman. Why is she always styled like a prostitute in Orlando?

  3. Erin L. Says:

    XZander… Whatever his roots are I hope they keep him around. Tall, dark and sexy (and evil) with an accent! We needed some of that since EJ left. Yummy.

    Now lets just hope Mel walks in on him shirtless. Plus I think Nicole is always at her best when she is with a bad boy. I’m sick of scene after scene of Daniel telling her she is still in love with Eric, and he wants to be with her but can’t. Move on girl. Orange ain’t your color!

    Also I am starting to develop some sort of disorder where whenever 2 people bump into each other and drop papers, I roll my eyes. And it seems to happen EVERY EPISODE! I really hope they clear up this inner ear infection that has been going around Salem.

    • mykleraus Says:

      He really does seem like the most viable EJ replacement we’ve seen yet. That’s why it would be even better to have him be Justin’s son instead of some random additional cousin. Urgh.

      I am SO SICK of people walking into one another. Look the fuck up! It’s not that hard!

  4. Andie Says:

    Thanks to my hobby (rather obsession) with the family trees on Days, Xander’s Dad died in the late 70s well before we first saw Victor in Salem. I’m guessing Xander is supposed to be around 40. Paul Telfor is 35 still looking sexy and buff as ever (he’s 3 weeks younger than me) 😃 Alexander, Sonny’s half-brother who lives in AZ was born in the late ’80s and he is the product of Angelica Deveaux and Justin’s tryst while him and Adrienne were seperated. I recall bits and pieces of that mess and fall out where Angelica tried to kill Adrienne. I thought the tender, heart felt scene where Hope and Adrienne commiserated about their husbands being gone, actually it was mainly Adrienne venting. Hope was basically an ear to listen and shoulder to cry on. I enjoyed how Adrienne pointedly renarked to Hope “you know more than anyone Justin doesn’t like to be alone for very long.” This reminded me of Justin’s time as a player, his tryst with Angelica, and when he was persuing Hope a few years ago. I’m hoping we see more of s/l Adrienne and Lucas esclates more and we see them more frequently than once a week when Justin returns (since he’s a regular contracted character now).
    Eve looks exactly how I would picture the ladies from the movie “Amazon Women on the Moon” would dress today after they hung up their silver go-go boots.

    • mykleraus Says:

      So Xander’s dad is Victor’s OTHER brother (not Justin’s dad), right? They’re being a little vague about all this. He definitely looks a bit old to be playing Justin’s son, but I think I would buy it if they had made this character Alexander.

      I liked that Hope/Adrienne scene. Lots of history woven in without having to spell it all out. Of course, Adrienne could basically talk to any woman in her age range about what it’s like to have your husband leave Salem and then just abandon you completely…

      • Andie Says:

        Victor has two deceased younger brothers; we have never seen, Alexander and Titus Kirakis. Alexandros aka Xander is Titus’s son so, he’s Justin’s first cousin. Alexander aka Alex, is Sonny’s half brother whom he recently visited in AZ. Alex is Justin and Angelica’s born in the late ’80s. Victor mentioned to Brady that he looked after Xander after Titus passed away. I thought it was hysterical Xander recognized Brady immediately but, Brady didn’t recognize Xander–drugs are bad m’kay…

      • Andie Says:

        I enjoy good catfights but, there needs to be more female bonding too. Why is it that most of the men in town hang out or at least get along (except Ben/Chad/Rafe AND Lucas/Justin) but, there are some women with out any female pals? Virtually every guy in town is friends with Taniel.
        Hope’s friendships with Kayla, Adrienne, Marlena, etc seem genuine to me; Abby’s friendships with Jordan, Melanie, Gabi seem artifical and forced. I think all of the women Daniel has scorned should form a club with Jennifer as the President and Nicole as Sargent at Arms. Kate and Chloe could join too. Chelsea, Carly, and Kristen could form a Europe chapter.

      • mykleraus Says:

        You’re right about friendships. A lot of the men are friends, but the women sort of get shafted there. They’ve paid lip service to this Melanie/Serena friendship, which seems impossibly fake to me. I’m still mad they blew up Nicole and Chloe’s friendship (over Daniel, no less) — that was a very interesting layer to me. I keep thinking it might be nice to see Nicole and Eve become friendly.

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