Happy Easter, Will!

(Anyone else kind of miss those ridiculous “Happy Flag Day, Sami!” commercials?)

Screen Shot 2015-04-04 at 10.14.24 AM

I can’t tell how much of this is influenced by how bored I’ve been by 90% of the show lately, but Friday’s episode — with the revelation of Paul’s paternity and then the public outing of Will’s affair — felt like pretty classic Days, no? I loved Marlena’s creeping horror as she realized what Will was up to and how he really is the spawn of Sami’s dumb ass. I loved Victor’s speech where he said that Sonny and Will’s wedding was a nice change-of-pace because “No one was shot, no one was arrested, no one found out they were pregnant.” I loved the fact that they threw together this impromptu toast for Will and Sonny’s anniversary and yet had the time to get this banner made.

Screen Shot 2015-04-04 at 10.34.12 AM

Actually, the entire fundraiser was great. It was so nice to have that many people swirling around in one setting, and that felt like the right sort of event to hold in the Town Square (as opposed to, say, a gay beer pong tournament or a vow renewal).

I loved how they took the time to give everyone reactions to the affair revelation: Victor officially deciding that Will is no good for Sonny; Adrienne telling Lucas they can’t sleep together again; John deciding that he wants nothing more to do with that homewrecker Paul. These sorts of things work so much better when we get to feel those ripples.

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10 Comments on “Happy Easter, Will!”

  1. Jayme Says:

    God I miss all those epic promos! My favourite was when a major storyline had a name. “Did she jump, or was she PUSHED?! THE KILLING POOL! DAYS OF OUR LIVES!” I’d probably be more invested if they packaged current stories in the same way. “Nicole won’t ignore THE ELEPHANT(S) IN THE ROOM! DAYS OF OUR LIVES!”

    Friday’s episode felt like waking up during a good part in a boring movie. Suddenly all the ho-hum storyline’s began to register with me. Victor basically called Will a slut, Paul and Sonny finally exhibited some real chemistry, Adrienne and Lucas’ relationship is now FORBIDDEN and I’m now anxious for Abigail to pull an Abigail and start thinking with her p*ssy again instead of her brain.

    I had mixed feelings about whether Paul should be John or Stefano’s son. But i think being John’s kid works best as a foundation for the future of the show, pitting Chad and Paul against each other. Plus, we could be in for some good ol’ sexual tension between these two, the same way EJ was with original Will. Or did I imagine that?

    • Dylan Says:

      Yes that all would be great, if they don’t just spend all the air time on dragging out this stupid “jacket storyline” with Eve and this diamond/white pebble BS with Serena.

    • mykleraus Says:

      That’s exactly how Friday felt. I was like, “Oh, this stuff has a point!” Having John, Marlena, Victor, Maggie, etc., all swirling around really adds a lot, even if they aren’t the central focus of the story. It just felt unlike stuff we haven’t seen since maybe Brady and Kristen’s disaster of a wedding.

      I like that Paul will loop John into the stories more. Giving Stefano another kid is like… whatever. I love Stefano, but he’s not around much and he does the same shit with every single kid.

      They were definitely teasing the EJ/Will chemistry during the MarDar period. It started to feel a little cheap because they wouldn’t ever articulate it fully or go anywhere with it, but it was so obvious for a while that the subtext was Will panting after EJ’s dick.

  2. Dan Says:

    The payoff for the affair was decent. Some of the acting is rough by both veterans and newbies alike, but I’m enjoying the work of Christopher Sean and Freddie Smith. The scene in the office was particularly angsty. While I’m not a huge fan of Paul as John’s son, I like how they are shaping this. John has a legitimate reason not to like Paul at the moment unlike the bizarre choice of making Daniel Maggie’s son.

    The banner was a trip especially considering that Sonny’s banners for the event were handwritten.

    I do love how they have accepted Will as the emotional basketcase he has always been since Tomsell has come on. He is a mess; let’s embrace it. Now, I do get why Will wants Paul gone; he really believes he is sloppy seconds. And, honestly, it just might be true.

    • mykleraus Says:

      I think it’s generally working. As you said, you can kind of see the seams in places, but the vibe of the show on days that feature Will, Sonny, Paul, Marlena, John, and Tori lately is so much stronger than the days that center on JJ/Paige or Serena.

      I’m buying Will’s behavior. It’s nutty, but looking at how he was raised, it works. And I think this all ties back nicely to his coming-out and how quickly he got together with Sonny.

  3. otherweb1 Says:

    I’ve been baited and switched too many times before by a seeming actual storyline for John. So I’m not at all buying it that John will actually get some REAL airtime out of Paul being his son.

    Aside from the dreaded Days Deja Vu, I’m actually loving that Chad is scheming to steal Abigail from Cameron, I mean Ben. I’m just waiting though for Kate to come up with some scheme that involves sleeping with Chad. And sorry, but Ben has to go! I don’t care how hot he is, his acting is SOOOO bad that it actually takes away from his good looks!

    I never thought I’d say this, but I’m actually into the Babar story now … thanks to Zander! And OMG just get Daniel and Jennifer back together again to free Nicole up for Zander! They would make an AWESOME couple!

    • mykleraus Says:

      That’s exactly how I feel about Ben. I know he’s attractive, but I feel not an ounce of attraction toward him because he’s so dull. I actually don’t think the actor is THAT bad — he’s green, but not Will- or Tori-level bad. He’s just boring and has had zero material that challenges him to be anything but.

      I just want Nicole to kick Daniel to the curb and get with anyone who’s moderately respectful. Zander, Rafe, Roman, WHATEVER.

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