Two Big Names Return!

Some more casting news pertaining to this fall’s 50th anniversary celebration has arrived, and these are big ones!

The 14th Annual Environmental Media Association Awards

According to Soap Opera Digest, both Peter Reckell (Bo) and Stephen Nichols (Steve) will return later this year!

“Stephen Nichols and Peter Reckell have signed deals to come back for the 50th anniversary,” Executive Producer Ken Corday tells Digest exclusively. “They represent two of the most popular characters in the history of the show.” The NBC soap will turn 50 on November 8, but look for the actors to pop up on screen well before then.

It’s unclear whether either or both of these will translate into a longer stint, but it sounds like this is all more than “Hey, I’m here, good to see you, bye!” My hope is that the 50th anniversary stuff plays the way Alice’s memorial did in 2010; people started showing up two weeks before the funeral to say their goodbyes to Alice, and they had time to get interwoven into the ongoing stories a bit. And hey, Jennifer’s return for that memorial led to her coming back full time a few months later, and Kayla’s led to a few short guest stints that turned into her staying in Salem, as well. And the fact that they’re going after and securing big names like this gives me hope that this anniversary celebration is going to as grand and historically meaningful as it should be.

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11 Comments on “Two Big Names Return!”

  1. D. Parker Says:

    OK, you’ve convinced me to watch again. 😉

  2. Dylan Says:

    Thank goodness Bo is coming back. With an offscreen divorce, it’s always going to feel like something was left hanging until he comes back. Plus it’ll give Hope and Aiden some more interesting story. I wasn’t watching the show back when Steve was around, but if it gives Kayla more airtime then by all means! Then they can resolve two “my husband didn’t text me back, so I’m bravely divorcing him” storylines!

    • mykleraus Says:

      Yes! I don’t want them to just deep-six Hope and Aiden, but there’s a STORY to play here, and I hope they go for it. I wouldn’t mind them saying that Lawrence Alamain is actually alive and has had Bo and Steve captive or something, but I don’t want it to just reset Bo/Hope and Steve/Kayla that easily, either.

  3. wwenxt Says:

    Think it’s officaly time to make another one of these

  4. Farah Says:

    This may show how little faith I have in the show, but I honestly didn’t believe they would get either back. I was fully prepared for the 50th to be Melanie & Brady’s wedding, and everyone gushing about Dan’s contributions to Salem

    • mykleraus Says:

      I’m genuinely surprised by Steve, but Nichols has been out there and not working for a while now. Bo is less surprising because it’s long seemed to be an issue of Reckell getting the money/story/attention that he feels he deserves.

  5. […] the recent news that Steve is returning (at least for a little while), it makes sense to have Joey around, since it’ll give both his […]

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