None of Yo’ Business!

So. This latest DiMera Enterprises board meeting.

Screen Shot 2015-03-17 at 11.57.43 PM

First of all, who are the sick assholes who work at this company and sit on its board? Did ISIS not have any openings? Though I guess it might explain why they seem to be perfectly fine showing up for these meetings where people are constantly staging coups and shouting professional terminology like “You son of a bitch!”

The entire concept of this company never ceases to astound me. “DiMera Enterprises has always been defined by its vision,” says Kate — you know, like building an island that’s an exact replica of an American town, only with some potted palm trees and Tommy Bahama gear and stuff.

And that says nothing about the actual business procedures. Brilliant businesswoman Kate doesn’t do so much as a Google search on the CEO of the company she’s been given a tip to acquire (similar to how her dumbass son, Austin, once bought a company without ever realizing that his ex-wife was the CEO!), and some dude wanders into the room and says Mr. Shin texted him saying it was okay to vote on his behalf, and no one blinks an eye at reinstating an international supervillain — and person currently dodging a warrant for tax evasion! — as CEO. Sure, this all seems remarkably stable and normal.

That said, the history between Stefano and Kate, plus their individual dynamics with Chad and the added element of Victor’s involvement, went a long way toward selling this silliness. A scrappy Kate is a fun Kate, Victor’s going to hold Stefano to their deal, Stefano’s going to have to trust Chad to do some of his dirty deeds… that stuff all works for me. I wish someone had done some research/ever attended a business class to make this all feel a little more authentic, but there are fun layers to it, which is more than I can say for the other 80% of the show. And they actually worked a “It’s good to be back!” into Stefano’s dialogue. Look, I’m easy to please when Serena and Paige are nowhere near my screen!

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10 Comments on “None of Yo’ Business!”

  1. fluffysmom Says:

    The board meeting as well as Victor and Stefano teaming up were some of the best scenes this week.

    Kate deserves to be in the position since she’s clearly not using her brain. She’s a fool when it comes to Clyde. She didn’t even bother to research the CEO of the company she was buying. And she has no idea that Victor teamed up with Stefano. Get your head in the game Kate!

    • mykleraus Says:

      I’m waiting for her to figure out that Victor screwed her over. I thought he did a good job covering up and acting surprised, but Kate going after him for revenge should be great, too.

  2. Dylan Says:

    No clue how anyone runs a business in Salem. It’s all so ridiculous because no one ever goes to work. EJ went to the office like once when he was running DiMera Enterprises, not realizing that he was sharing it with half of Salem.

  3. Dan Says:

    The corporate stuff was great. This is my kind of soap opera. The general storyline doesn’t have to make too much sense, but I have to believe in the actions of the character. My DVR missed Tuesday’s episode. I assume Victor actually crossed Kate and not Stefano, correct?

    The build to the board meeting was excellent. Kate and Victor conspiring together. I would have played a bit of Maggie and Clyde in that to widen the circle, but that was more of a wish than a necessity. I did like the Kate / Chad interplay. Kate almost had a moment where she broke after Chad played the Madelyn card, which will always work for me. I thought the Madelyn story really the best use of Stefano and Kate’s history if you ignore the timeline issue.

    Anyway, I’m curious to see how the rest of this plays itself out. Kate has been betrayed by many of the men she has loved and trusted. Foolishly, this will send her further into Clyde’s grip, which should heighten the tension between all parties and Kate.

    • mykleraus Says:

      As I understand it, Victor got the call from Stefano, agreed to help, and the next thing we saw was him turning around telling Kate that Stefano DIDN’T want her to buy whatever the tech company was. Kate thanked him and bought it, which got her into hot water with the board, so yeah, Victor actually did as Stefano asked, though Victor has led Kate to believe that Stefano fed him the opposite tip knowing he’d tell Kate (hence Kate doesn’t realize that Victor screwed her over).

      I love the dynamics of all this. The Kate/Chad stuff prior to the meeting was terrific. I did find it distracting how flimsy the business stuff was, which happens to me a lot with this show — the sheer generic-ness or lack of specificity about situations like this pulls me out of the scenes. I feel they could’ve done a little more research and work to make Kate not seem like such an idiot (such as saying that the tech company was a startup Shin was in talks to buy/merge with in a non-hostile fashion, or that Kate’s hostile takeover put the kibosh on some other potential partnership for DiMera Enterprises — something weightier than “I didn’t realize Shin was married to the owner”). That said, Koslow and Mascolo can sell just about anything, and I’m really liking Billy Flynn in this role. The fallout should be a ton of fun.

      • fluffysmom Says:

        We also found out that Victor was instrumental in the judge issuing a temporary stay on the arrest warrant for Stefano. That made it possible for Stefano to attend the board meeting in Salem.

        I’m wondering what favor Victor will ask of Stefano. Hopefully they will team up to take out Clyde.

      • mykleraus Says:

        Oh yeah! Thanks for that. And people were already a little suspicious because they know Victor is friendly with the judge.

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