Casting Call: Recast(s)?

Two casting calls recently went out, and at least one of them seems like a pretty obvious recast. Details behind the cut…



The calls are for:

Joey, a “16-year-old, gorgeous Causcasian male” and Elijah a “16-year-old, gorgeous, African American male” who also happens to be a high functioning autistic

“Eli” is obviously Theo Carver — currently played by Terrell Ransom, Jr., pictured above — which makes sense because it was returning head writer Dena Higley who began the story of Theo’s autism. (Higley has spoken publicly about her own son’s autism and what it has meant for her family.) It does strike me as odd that they’d use a code name for that character, who’s way more identifiable from the description, and not one for “Joey” if he is, in fact, supposed to be Kayla’s son, Joey Johnson. Then again, the actor currently portraying Joey appears like once a year and hasn’t been a part of the show the way Ransom has.

I’m torn on the implications of this. On one hand, I’m much prefer characters we know and who are connected to Salem than a bunch of random newbies. JJ and Theresa have been more successful than Jordan, Ben, and Serena, and aging these kids would give Abe and Kayla more to do. But aging Theo without aging Ciara — which I do not want them to do, because Lauren Boles is great as crazy young Ciara — seems weird, since their childhood friendship was played up so much in years past. I suppose “Joey” could be Chase, and they’re going to do a teen scene with him, Theo, and Ciara. And don’t get me started on the insanity of aging Joey (who was born in 2008) ahead of Ciara (who was born in 2006), though I guess Joey’s existence isn’t tied to anything specific in the show’s history, so it might okay.

Regardless, they will both be “gorgeous,” so it’s all good. I was worried!

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19 Comments on “Casting Call: Recast(s)?”

  1. Dylan Says:

    Kayla has a young son? Why does no one talk about him?

  2. Farah Says:

    Well technically Theo is older than Ciara. She was born 07. Theo was born shortly before the Salem Stalker story in 2003. He’s older than JJ (04)! Theo is a peer of Zach not Ciara.

    I mean it’s not as serious as EJ (97) suddenly being older than Abby (92) and Will (95).

    Or Theresa (’90) being younger than Brady (92).

    Or Shawn (88) being the same age as Philip (95) and Belle (93).

    Or Philip being portrayed as older than Stephanie (’90)

    Or the show referring to Brady as Sami and Eric’s older brother.

    I’m generally a fan of SORASing, but sometimes it hurts the head.

  3. Jayme Says:

    If they’re going to age 2 of them, then I say age ’em all. I’d love to see a teenage Ciara and Allie too (imagine Sami returning with a rotten little brat who was just like her back in the day?). Then you’d have an instant teen scene that we’d actually care about, all attached to prominent characters on the show. Makes sense to me. Only problem is, with the exception of Theo, they’re all related. Oh well!

    Question: Is Joey the kid they called ‘Pocket’ as a baby? If so, I VAGUELY remember him getting injected with something as a newborn. Possibly by Stefano(?) Or was that all just a fever dream?

    • mykleraus Says:

      Joey is Steve and Kayla’s biological kid. ‘Pocket’ was Tyler Kiriakis (lol), the kid that happened because Mimi’s egg and Philip’s sperm got used to create an embryo back during the super-realistic storyline of two 22-year-old couples trying in vitro fertilization.

  4. Andie Says:

    I didn’t think Autism is like Herpes outbreaks which come and go; in this case Theo was “normal” for the past 4 years or so and now he reverts back???
    As far as Joey, I suppose it was convenient he was rarely seen. Unless I was missing something I only saw him on holidays. I thought maybe he lived with Steve.
    I think Ciara and Chase would have had to be off-screen longer than a couple of weeks for a SORSA to be feasible. Also, those kids have both played minor roles in some major story lines.
    Honestly, I hope they consider aging Parker next. Please hire an actor who doesn’t look so quirky, doesn’t “ignore” people, and isn’t practically mute. Aside from that we generally go months in between seeing Parker on screen in the interim Daniel and family intetact with Parker on the telephone as if he was 10-12 years old!

    • mykleraus Says:

      They were playing Theo’s autism as recently as Lexie’s death, and they’ve never really ‘de-autism-ed’ him, so I think it’ll be okay. The casting call says he’s a ‘high-functioning autistic.’ I suspect it’ll be something like that kid from Parenthood, where it’s mostly evident in a nonconventional way of communicating with people.

      I don’t think Ciara and Chase would work for SORASing at all. It would really foul up the entire timeline of the Hope/Aiden relationship.

      • Andie Says:

        I suppose I haven’t really noticed much as far as Theo’s mannerisms because he has hardly been on in the past couple of years. I think Theo giving Ciara Sami’s diamond stud and attending EJami’s last wedding were his biggest accomplishments recently. Oh yeah, I can’t forget Theo dressed up like ridiculous looking reindeer this past Xmas. He looked more like a hybrid of a clown and that freaky man/deer thing from Narina. On that note, I’m glad they are aging Theo, it’s Ari’s turn to be “festive” for the holidays. (I doubt Will is going to be any part of that because he can hardly dress himself).

      • mykleraus Says:

        It’s actually shocking how little we’ve seen Abe and Theo the past two years. I still don’t understand why they abruptly dropped the Abe/Maxine thing.

  5. Could Joey be a SORAS’d Johnny DiMera? Given he was born in 2007 it would not be completely out of the realm of Salem’s time-space continuum to show up now as 16. It could certainly be fun to see a raucous teenager roaming through the DiMera M̶a̶n̶s̶i̶o̶n̶ study.

    • mykleraus Says:

      It’s possible. I think they’d be reluctant to age up Sami and EJ by giving them teenagers (since they make such a big deal out of how Sami was a teen mom with Will), though it seems like kind of a waste to bring on Johnny when his parents aren’t around. Plus I want Kayla to have something to do!

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  7. […] like these could be Ciara and Chase, no? Given the casting of teen Joey Johnson and the call that sounds like Theo, it seems likely. I would really miss Lauren Boles as Ciara, but I’d much rather they build […]

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