Mommies Dearest

Things Paige has recently done that I’ve enjoyed:

  • Been called “Peg” by Roxanne.
  • Caused the Chief of Staff — her boss at an internship she is lucky to have — to apologize to her for inadvertently making Paige think of the boyfriend who dumped her.*
  • Stood in front of the walls in the Kiriakis den while they were being spraypainted.

Screen Shot 2015-03-03 at 7.46.53 AMGirl, you are literally blending into the background!

* = “enjoyed”

Meanwhile, Jennifer walking in on JJ and Eve was actual, I’m-not-being-sarcastic, entertaining viewing. I’m just going to ignore the insanity of Jennifer stomping over to Roxanne’s hotel room to confront her about hanging out with JJ, or the fact that Roxanne left her own hotel room because JJ and Eve were annoying her, or basically the way anyone in this story has behaved for weeks/months, because the showdown was so damn fun.

Screen Shot 2015-03-04 at 9.59.24 AM

Trying to smother Eve with the pillow gets her an A+. And, miracle of miracles, she didn’t just let JJ off the hook and blame Eve for the whole thing. Can we have more of this Jennifer Rose?

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8 Comments on “Mommies Dearest”

  1. Farah Says:

    I LOVE JENNIFER’S dialogue. Sure It was self absorbed to think the affair was all about her, but given the way Eve had been behaving (Jen impersonating Eve’s accent!), I could see why she would think it. This story was so half baked, that might’ve been the reason. Although I personally believe it was a mix of lust and self hatred on both parts. Pissing Jennifer off was just added bonus for Eve. I also loved Jennifer’s concern for Paige. I know people groaned about that, but I think she was just trying to make Eve feel bad. Salt in a wound, you know?

    • mykleraus Says:

      It was insanely self-absorbed, but it makes sense given a) how spiteful Jennifer knows Eve to be and b) how Jennifer typically is. I think Eve is drawn to self-destructive behavior and was feeling lonely, and JJ became convinced that he was no better than this, and they were both just writing their own fates. And yeah, lust. The confrontation totally worked for me. I just hope they plow forward and move on from this story, using the fallout in interesting ways, instead of reverting to JJ/Paige as the focus.

  2. Dylan Says:

    Granted, 80% of those things Paige/Peg didn’t actually do herself, but yes I loved when Roxanne called her Peg. Why does everyone worship her? Is she going to be Daniel Jonas 2.0?

    How nice of her to match her outfit with the spray-painted wallpaper in the Kiriakis living room. lol. Anyway, amazing scenes with Jennifer and Eve! The confrontation made the months and months of BS (almost) worth it. I do wish that Jennifer would tell Paige about this, though. Hopefully, now JJ can move on and stop obsessing about Paige and also stop having sex with Eve.

  3. Jayme Says:

    Let’s be honest. The real star of that confrontation was Jen’s ponytail. That thing was whipping around so fast it could’ve put someone’s eye out. It needs it’s own twitter handle.

    Tuesday’s episode was SO satisfying. I expected an epic slap, but jumping on the bed and smothering Eve with a pillow was incredible. And I cringed when Jen threw the keys at her chest. It sounded so painful!

  4. Jennifer had an additional reason to think this was all about her. Eve did nearly the same thing to her when she got Jack to marry her in 1991. She preyed on his self-image as a no-good-rapist in order to get him to join forces with her, and piss Jennifer off in the process. Given that history, it makes sense that Jennifer would have perceived her doing the same thing now with Jack’s son. If only the writers knew that too.

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