Cats, You May Exit Your Bags Now

It’s February sweeps, and Days has actually shown up by having not one, but two big revelations come out this past week.

Screen Shot 2015-02-21 at 1.49.37 PM

Sonny read Will’s article on Paul and remembered what Derrick had told him (the names and Social Security numbers of everyone who has stayed in the hotel recently; what Serena orders for breakfast from room service; that Paul and Will had an affair). I loved the slow trickle of information coming out — they actually took the time to play these beats, and it was all the more delicious for it. Sonny accused Paul of having purposely slept with his husband; Paul was shocked and hunted down Marlena and spilled the whole sordid mess to her. Special shout-out to Deidre Hall for that amazing reaction when Paul revealed he’d slept with Will.

Screen Shot 2015-02-21 at 1.46.53 PM

Short of exclaiming, “Oh my!” and/or gasping loudly, it was the perfect Marlena moment. No screenshot can do justice to her hilarious double-take (believe me, I spent roughly 30 minutes attempting to capture it). Never change, Dee.

And as Marlena explained to Paul that she can no longer see him due to a personal conflict-of-interest, Sonny let Will have it. Will, as big an idiot as his mother Sami, attempted to justify his affair with the counterargument, “You’ve been with other guys, too!” Yes, before he married you. Not that it should be surprising that the specifics of marriage perplex Will, given his lineage, but really! Freddie Smith (Sonny) and Christopher Sean (Paul) were excellent in these scenes, and Guy Wilson (Will) was… also a person present in several of them.

Meanwhile, Aiden finally confessed to Hope what really happened the night his wife, Meredith, died: she caught a four-year-old Chase playing with her gun and drunkenly attempted to stop him, only to have the gun go off and kill her; Aiden, wanting to protect Chase (who does not remember the incident), covered it up to look like a suicide. Kristian Alfonso and Daniel Cosgrove were excellent in these scenes. But now that the truth is (seemingly) out, I’ve gotta say: this thing might have more holes in it than a dress Jordan would wear to work.


Screen Shot 2015-02-21 at 3.09.42 PM

To review…

  • Chase is desperately attached to a cabin he has not been to since he was four years old.
  • Instead of disposing of the clothes Chase was wearing at the time of the shooting, Aiden put them in a bag and hid them behind a clearly boarded-up wall, which never drew the attention of any law enforcement officials or prospective buyers.
  • No one found the tablet containing Meredith’s video for five years. Bree has had a key to the place for five years and never went to look for Meredith’s message until now.

What else? I don’t even know. If Aiden’s story is true, and I think it is, then the gun went off and Meredith was killed. Sure, it would be traumatic for Chase to remember that he was involved in his own mother’s death, but it was entirely an accident. I expected something more dramatic, like Meredith was going to hurt Aiden and Chase shot her to save his father. But this is Days, where we often minimize drama in favor of keeping things neat. I love the potential of Hope now being in on Aiden’s secret, but I half-expect the next climax to be Roman finding out what Hope has been hiding and telling her, “Hope, it was(h)n’t very ethical of you to keep Aiden’s s(h)ecret” and then never mentioning it again.

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13 Comments on “Cats, You May Exit Your Bags Now”

  1. Dan Says:

    Guy Wilson doesn’t seem to be able to handle the responsibilities of male lead. Honestly, I still enjoy him more than Massey, who played Will as a whiny child. Wilson brought a little more to the table in his scenes with Nick, and it’s a shame they decided to kill off Nick. A coma would have been more effective, but that is neither here nor there. Anyway, Wilson would probably do fine if Will was a supporting player, but this is not the case.

    There were a lot of great moments this week with all the reveals coming out: Paul telling Sonny about having slept with Will, Sonny confronting Will about Paul, Paul dropping the bomb on Marlena that her grandson was unfaithful, Adrienne learning about Justin’s “work spouse,” Adrienne and Lucas kissing, and then Will learning Paul and Sonny were engaged.

    Personally, I would throw the dramatic weight on Smith and Sean and write Wilson as a scheming Sami Brady-esque interloper. I might even see if I could get Carrie and Austin back to fulfill the roles of Will’s pseudo parents just to make Will’s change more powerful.

    Daniel Cosgrove really delivered in those scenes, and Alfonso did better than usual. Alfonso, like Reeves, does better with this material regarding children and secrets rather than falling in love with another man. I do believe this was the original plan: Chase killed a drunk Meredith by accident. It explains why he was so protective of Chase and why he had problems with alcohol. In that sense, I appreciate the long narrative arc even if it was choppy.

    With that said, there are additional holes. Bree knew Hope from a Mommy and Me group they belonged to when Ciara was little. If Ciara and Chase are the same age, how long did Bree know Meredith before she died? Even if she met Meredith when she first arrived in Portland/Puget Sound it would have been a fairly short time before Meredith died.

    Also, the newspaper article made it sound like it was at their home in Portland. There was even reference to Aiden’s sister coming to get Chase. This just wasn’t the impression I got from the initial rumblings. I suspect ‘Puget Sound’ was a last minute rewrite.

    • mykleraus Says:

      I hadn’t even thought about the Mommy & Me thing. I guess you could wank it that Bree knew Meredith for 1-2 years, which at least doesn’t defy the laws of time, space, or logic (like most things on this show do). The Portland/Puget Sound thing bugs me, but it weirdly also doesn’t seem to matter — I guess a more remote beach house felt eerier, and that’s why they did it, but Bree popping up there and apparently being a neighbor was super-weird. At least those are the kinds of inconsistencies that, while dumb, I can overlook in the interest of a decent story.

      I defended Wilson for a long time, because he was ‘fine’ in more of a supporting role. He’s not terrible the way Charity Rahmer was. He’s just not strong enough to carry dramatic material right now. The wardrobe is doing him no favors — he honestly looks like Carol Brady some days. It just makes the whole package very unappealing. I do think they could have Sonny get with Paul in the aftermath of all this, and then Will schemes to get him back (especially with Ari in the mix). They don’t have to go full-on psycho with him to pull it off. I do worry that Wilson wouldn’t even be able to play that stuff very well, though…

  2. Erin L. Says:

    Off topic but it has been bugging me for the last couple weeks…A few years ago during the last writer change up, and around the time of envelopes containing old secrets like Stefino not being EJ’s father….At Hope’s house (back when she had one) there was a stack of white envelopes that the camera kept zooming in on as if to lead up to something. I think they eventually got opened and they were bank statements or something. Do you remember if anything ever came of them? I don’t know if it was at a time when I was working a couple days a week during the day and didn’t yet have a DVR or if the new writers just swept it under the rug, but I for the life of me cant remember what ever came of those stupid envelopes. Maybe they were stuffed in Ciera’s backpack never to be found again? I also have some recollection of Julie and Hope’s father taking off on some cruise to investigate the matter and get answers but they never came back. (But that could have been a different story line)

    Do you remember or should I just stop being a crazy person and let it go?

    • mykleraus Says:

      You didn’t imagine that! It was part of that whole thing with Alice’s safe deposit box and Daniel being Maggie’s son and EJ NOT being Stefano’s kid. Alice had been sending money somewhere and it was being deposited in Africa (because, of course), so Doug and Julie went to Africa to check it out. And then we never heard about it again. Completely dropped story.

  3. otherweb1 Says:

    Paul (who in my opinion currently ranks as THE hottest guy on the show) and Sonny should get back together and Will should go back to LA and NEVER return. It was SUCH a pleasure to have Sami finally off the show, I don’t think I can stand having to relive all the Sami BS again through Will! Seriously though, the list is long of reasons I can come up with as to why Will is into Sonny … but what does Will have to offer? Paul is so much more mature, etc! Will is such a child and is starting to show god-awful Sami tendencies. Plus, as was so astutely pointed out, he looks like Carol Brady!

    • Dylan Says:

      I completely agree! I was just thinking the other day that there is no reason for Will to be around again, since Sami is gone and Lucas can’t even buy airtime. I don’t miss Sami at all. Sure, she brought life to the show but she made EVERYTHING about her. Will comes out of the closet? It’s all about her. Eric opens the new school? She makes it about her too. I certainly have no interest in seeing Will turn into this same nightmare. We already saw Will’s childish phase when he was fighting with Sami all the time before he came out. He’s supposed to be more mature now! In fact he seems less mature than a year ago.

      The way they are writing Will (not just the actor) just doesn’t work for me. He’s not even interesting. I cringed when he was trying to stop Sonny from taking off the wedding ring, I mean seriously, he decides whether he wants to be married or not!

      I love Paul. Not only is he totally hot, but he’s kind, tender, caring. He’s not totally wrapped up in himself like Will has become. Also Paul is a thousand times more interesting!

      • otherweb1 Says:

        “But Sonny, YOU’VE been with other guys!!! But Sonny, can’t we just forget the whole thing even happened??!!” Are you freaking kidding me???!!! I assume the set up now is for Paul to come sailing in to help Sonny, and Sonny gradually warming up to him. It’s seems unlikely, but I would love it if Paul got an apartment set. I just hope he’s not planned as a small-time come and go character like Jordan. I hope he’s here as a major front player!

      • mykleraus Says:

        If it makes you feel any better (eek), I think Jordan was *supposed* to be a Sami substitute, but the character flopped horribly. I suspect Paul’s about to be tied to major Salemites, so I’d guess he’s here for the long haul, which seems like a very good thing to me.

      • mykleraus Says:

        I loved Sami BECAUSE she was so ridiculous. They do need to differentiate Will, though — I think the key lies in him (because of his chaotic upbringing) desperately clinging to family but also needing validation all the time. They need to define what makes him the way he is, the same way Sami was so clearly driven by being Not-Carrie. That need for easy love and attention drove her for years and years. I would buy that Will, subconsciously, needs to keep people’s attention on him because he fears being lost in the shuffle otherwise (since Sami and Lucas were always so busy with their own drama and insanity). But they need to dig psychologically, not just have crazy shit happen.

    • mykleraus Says:

      I loved Sami up until the time she became the weeping housewife, so if Will could do a bit of scheming to keep things interesting, I’m all for it. But you’re right — he has VERY little to offer Sonny as a partner. Basically, he ‘controls’ the baby Sonny has fallen in love with.

      • otherweb1 Says:

        WHAT?????!! Jordan was supposed to be the Sami sub? How is that even possible????!!!! She is like light years away from Sami … the only thing they have in common is sleeping with Rafe.

      • mykleraus Says:

        I think they were hoping she’d fill a Sami-sized hole in the canvas. They gave her a romance with Rafe, a rivalry with Kate, and a family, and there’s a whole (flop) story centering around her.

  4. otherweb1 Says:

    Oh, and fighting with Kate. Except the Sami and Kate fights were always highly entertaining. With Jordan, it was basically Kate pounding on her and Jordan just standing there with that insanely annoying weepy look in her eyes trying to come across sounding tough with comebacks.

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