The Shining: Beach House Edition

Give me a Billboard Music Award and call me Taylor Swift, but I am genuinely shocked that we actually get a set for Aiden’s “beach house.”

Screen Shot 2015-02-03 at 10.38.13 AM

It’s huge! And nice! And oddly accurate for what a beach house in Oregon/Washington (I’m not sure the writers are aware of where or what the Puget Sound actually is) would be, which is really a cabin at the shore where you go and pray that it might stop raining for a few hours.

I don’t have any particular comment on the story yet — more of Aiden acting Ambiguously Sketchy by looking shifty and retrieving an axe, for which I’m sure he’ll have a perfectly reasonable explanation when it comes down to it — but I’m excited both by the appearance of an actual set (as opposed to seeing them in a clearing with some sand, having just left the invisible house) and the commitment to telling a story with it that it seems to imply.

Look at Hope back there. “A living room! You have a living room!” If I were her, I’d move in ASAP. Who cares if he might have killed his wife? This woman hasn’t had a home in three years! She’s been condemned to wander Salem endlessly, moving from the Pub to the Town Square to her office and back again. She has to visit Jennifer every time she wants to sit on a damn couch, and if that isn’t a deal with the devil, I don’t know what is. If I were Hope, you could tell me Aiden strung Meredith up over the damn fireplace and skinned her alive, and I’d still flip over the blood-stained cushions and plop my ass down on that couch for the long haul.

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16 Comments on “The Shining: Beach House Edition”

  1. Farah Says:

    Us Days get excited over such simple stuff like “new set” and “real water used in scene”.

  2. Andie Says:

    Puget Sound is an inlet off the Pacific Ocean in Washington State, I heard of it and how beautiful it was however I’ve never been west of the Rockies. Yes, I agree these writers don’t seem to be up on all their geography, evidently thet think Europe and Africa are small “countries.” 😉 It’s kind of funny that Chase and Ciara would fly from Chicago, make a brief pit stop in Tacoma, and then fly to meet their class on trip in San Francisco, CA. Hope was about to catch a flight to Tahiti and angrily and abruptly returned–flight canceled? Damn it I wanted some “news” on Shawn, Belle, and Claire. I was pleasantly surprised impressed by the cabin set. I feel like I’ve seen it before is it a revamped Horton Cabin OR that place Anna hid Sydney?

    • mykleraus Says:

      My family is from up there, so it’s funny to me that they are talking about having a house at “the Puget Sound” — it’s not really a vacation destination. It would make more sense to be out at the coast. But at least they used a real name!

      Someone on Twitter said it might be a revamped Kiriakis living room, but then I read that it’s a cabin set that has been used for other storylines (Marlena/Alex North, EJ/Sami on the run in 2008).

      • Dylan Says:

        I think it pretty much rains nonstop in the winter in Puget sound, so unless you just love the rain probably February is not the best time to go. I guess they must not know where it is, then. They said they were on some island, so I suppose there are plenty to choose from.

        Anyway, I’m so happy that we actually get to see them on “Puget Sound”. I was afraid they would just go offscreen and disappear for like a week or something.

      • Andie Says:

        NICE! 😃 My husband was one of the people who told me about Puget Sound, he recently got out of the military after serving almost 20 years–you name it he’s been there…We can’t always explain the logic of why people buy “vacation” homes in the spots they do. I know people who owned cabins in very boring, remote parts of West Virginia where they would likely put people in witness protection. My guess, Meredith liked the peaceful outdoors as well as being able to argue with Aiden without the neighbors contacting Portland PD.

      • mykleraus Says:

        LOL yeah. I assume the remoteness had something to do with it. After all, whenever the bridge goes out, you can’t leave for days!!!!

  3. Andie Says:

    If James E. Riley was head writer we would have paranormal activity in that house perhaps a remake of “The Shining” or “Rose Red”. So, Meredith married an axe muderer?

    • mykleraus Says:

      I’m sure it will just turn out that there’s a tree he and Meredith planted together, and he wants to chop it down to make the memories go away or something…

      • Andie Says:

        Yawn 😴 unless Aiden was to dress up like the Brawny Papertowel Man (I think Daniel has a spare plaid shirt) OR like Randy Quaid from “National Lampoons Christmas Vacation.”

  4. Jayme Says:

    Gosh I feel so spoiled! A beach house?! A club?! A blizzard in the park and nowhere else?! I agree and i’m happy that this set seems like a commitment to the story, as opposed to that fundraiser that took place in a broom closet. I just hope they’ll end up painting it over and converting it into Hope’s house going forward. Just no wallpaper, please. Wait, who am i kidding…

    • mykleraus Says:

      It’s more a question of which wallpaper do they have extra sitting around of. The paisley grayish-brown from Paul’s hotel room? That horrible red crap from TBD? Who knows!

  5. Andie Says:

    The “beach house” was immaculate when Aiden and company arrived, not a spec of dust in sight! Also, there are live flowers/plants, who has been by to water them? I thought nobody has been there since Meredith died? 😳

    • mykleraus Says:

      I can justify that because they recently put it on the market and sold it, so I would presume the realtor had it cleaned up before showing it (though I just did more thinking about it than the writers did, I’m sure).

  6. otherweb1 Says:

    PUGET SOUND: Maybe the best excuse they could think of for Hope to get trapped in the house where Meredith died was for a bridge to go out. So I suppose they could have chosen Aiden’s house to be on any island anywhere … but Washington is probably the farthest away place they needed Aiden to be from so that DETECTIVE Hope Brady would not be able to solve the case.

    THE SET: First of all, when I first saw the cabin onscreen my immediate thought was that it’s Victor’s foyer. Which actually could make sense since, like the DiMera living room that suddenly disappeared, the Kiriakis living room did to, and along with it, the foyer, which forced Melanie and Brady to exit the house and slip on the ice during the blizzard (that only happened in the square and out just the window behind Will, and not Kate, at club TBD) from that strange door in the back of the new living room. Second of all, if Days went to all that trouble to actually create another house set, rather than have the whole Puget Sound visit take place on a spot of sand, then my guess is this house is going to see a few months of screen time … possibly because Aiden starts to suspect Hope is on to him and so he binds her up in the basement for a while, or else in the closet with the shovel and the ax. (OK, the shovel is clearly to unbury evidence or a body … but why the ax?) Plus, with Ciara and Chase on a field trip in San Francisco (because every catholic school has that kind of money) and everyone in Salem thinking Hope is far off and unreachable in Tahiti, no one would even question that she has gone missing. Plus, it’s been a few years since Hope has been kidnapped, and it’s been a few months since a Salemite was bound and held captive, so we are due.

    • mykleraus Says:

      OMG. I hadn’t thought about the fact that everyone thinks Hope is in Tahiti! I still don’t believe for a second that Aiden is a crazed murderer, but I would bet something crazy is going to happen before Hope gets off that island. Maybe Bree is part of the setup and she’s going to hold them both hostage?

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